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For my computer gaming needs, I *primarily* use...

1/1: For my computer gaming needs, I *primarily* use...

My Mac, of course! 787 (27.78%)
A Windows PC 339 (11.97%)
Nintendo GameBoy Advance 44 (1.55%)
Nintendo GameCube 252 (8.90%)
Sony Playstation 24 (0.85%)
Sony Playstation 2 406 (14.33%)
XBox 257 (9.07%)
1990s console (3D0, Saturn, ...) 38 (1.34%)
Atari 2600 21 (0.74%)
Apple Pippin (liar!) 46 (1.62%)
A Linux gaming rig (?) 25 (0.88%)
Games? Who plays games?!? 530 (18.71%)
Other ... what's left? 64 (2.26%)
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For my computer gaming needs, I *primarily* use... | 23 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: KRC on Apr 21, '04 07:10:12AM

I don't own many Mac games yet so the next best thing for me would be Microsoft's XBox ... perhaps the only Microsoft Hardware I own. It's either that, or I play on my brother's home-built PC.

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Authored by: pete on Apr 21, '04 08:50:33AM

I too have an Xbox. The ONLY hard/software by Microsoft that I use.

The "other" is my Palm Zire71. I use this constantly - even more than my iMac now! Read books, keep track of all kinds of data, and of course - play games! Simple, time-wasting games seem better for my brain than most in-depth games.

If someone stole my Xbox or iMac - oh well... but if my Zire71 disappeared - LOOK OUT! :)


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Authored by: jhaffner on Apr 21, '04 03:22:24PM

Well, my "gaming" consists of Klondike with an occasional foray into Risk. (Yes, that one is quite ancient, but runs just fine in Classic!)

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Authored by: Eukaryote on Apr 21, '04 09:07:29PM
Risk? In *gasp* Classic? That is old...

Check out iConquer, from KavaSoft...

It's Risk, but in a beautiful Aqua interface, with downloadable maps, and network play! It's got a free trial, but I spent the 12.99$US to get the full version...

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re: Risk
Authored by: bhaveshp on Apr 28, '04 11:45:00PM

For Risk in OSX you've got to try iConquer - Awesome rendition of Risk with online play as well

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Go, Gamecube!
Authored by: Makosuke on Apr 21, '04 04:49:09PM

Gamecube all the way for me (gotta love the controller), though I also have a PS2, and if I really wanted to play a FPS game or some classic arcade emulation (or classic Tristan pinball!), I also have my Mac with a beefy graphics card.

I never seem to have time for games anymore, though. Kinda sad, in a way, though my wife enjoys some time with Mario on occasion.

I can't believe any self-respecting Mac user (or anybody who cares in any way about the future of gaming) would actually use an XBox. I don't care whether it's got decent games (not if you ask me) or worthwhile hardware, it's MS's 2 billion dollar attempt to force us all to give them control of yet another area of our lives.

Sure, they sell the hardware at a loss now, and are willing to buy game companies left and right (I'll never forgive them for Rare or Bungie), and to take billion-plus dollar hits on advertising, but once they've kicked Nintendo and probably Sony as well out of the market, how long to you think that'll last? They intend to make a profit at some point here, and when that starts, it'll be $400 for a Word processor all over again.

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Go, Gamecube!
Authored by: Krazy on Apr 21, '04 10:04:23PM

>I can't believe any self-respecting Mac user would actually use an XBox.
I prefer Sony's consoles, owning a PS1, and occasionally playing on a friend's PS2.

>Sure, they sell the hardware at a loss now
Yep, and this is the reason I own a second-hand Xbox.
"Linux" was the first and only game I installed ;-)

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Xbox? Why not...
Authored by: pete on Apr 22, '04 01:42:29PM
I can't believe any self-respecting Mac user (or anybody who cares in any way about the future of gaming) would actually use an XBox.

I bought the Xbox cuz I figured if a gaming console was going to make it - MS would lose millions to keep it in the lineup. Looks like that is the case. I'm happy with it - although I am no hard-core gamer, I do like hauling it around to play games.

Besides, I was looking for a cd and dvd player for my stereo system. I figured a gaming console would be OK too. It is the only MS thing I own.

You are right though, about Bungie (and other softeware developers) - I wish MS would leave them alone!

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Go, Gamecube!
Authored by: PasteEater on Apr 28, '04 12:36:48AM
I can't believe any self-respecting Mac user (or anybody who cares in any way about the future of gaming) would actually use an XBox

Why? Who cares who makes it, it's a superior machine. Isn't that what being a Mac user has always been about: using a superior machine? No one *has* to buy an XBox. I'm a die-hard Mac user, but I own a Windows machine too. Sacrelige or pragmatism? Macs just don't have the large amount of games Windows or consoles have. That's a fact. I'm all for tons of games on the Mac platform, but most people do not use Macs for gaming because they are much more useful for other purposes. I think we can all agree on that =)

Besides, as a previous poster mentioned, you can mod the heck out of the XBox. I've used mine to run the XBox Media Center, and couldn't be happier!

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Mac Gaming
Authored by: mflender on Apr 21, '04 07:27:52PM

I like the fact that all Macs come with a graphics processor with dedicated vram. I play multiplayer Halo with PC friends and their PC's with Intel "Extreme" Graphics shows the characters outfits in the color grey. Sometimes they shoot their team mates because they can't tell what color the person's uniform is. I play Halo, Unreal Tournament, UT2K3, UT2K4, Jedi Academy, Quake III Arena, Medal Of Honor, Etc.. All on my Mac.

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Dreamcast Lives!
Authored by: sethd on Apr 21, '04 08:16:52PM

I don't think it's fair to lump this in the "1990s consoles" category, since it hit its brief stride, if you can call it that, after the decade. Some beautiful creative games unlike anything else anywhere. Samba de Amigo anyone?

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Unreal Tournament 2004!
Authored by: dzurn on Apr 23, '04 10:11:25AM

I've just tried out the demo version of UT2004, and it works great on my 1.8GHz G5. The demo is a free-but-huge download. This has sample maps for 6 or 7 different game modes, all are lots of fun.

The demo is a great way to try it out on your setup and practice before taking the plunge on $$$ and the embarassment of n00b13 multiplayer collapse. The Mac DVD box version is only $19.99 after rebate at!

I really enjoyed single-player games like Tomb Raider, but haven't bought one for my Mac in a long time. Sold my PS 1 a long time ago. Too busy doing useful work I guess ;)

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Dreamcast does live!!
Authored by: olwylee on Apr 23, '04 09:24:57PM

At least here it does. I have always been of the opinion that desktop computers are not toys, but my kids wanted something better then the old pong console I let them use. :) Our first console was a Sega Genesis. We bought a Dreamcast when they first came out and we just bought a PS2 before last christmas.

We have 50 Games for the Dreamcast and 20 for the PS2. My kids actually still prefer the Dreamcast over the PS2, but that might just be because we have more games for it. In any case, they both get used everyday and I don't have to worry about our computers being messed up with games.

BTW: More often than not the kids have to battle dad for a console. I'm a Crazy Taxi and GTA fanatic. At 43 I'm still a kid at heart

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Dreamcast does live!!
Authored by: viscaria on Apr 27, '04 11:05:57PM

The DC is the best console ever. Tops even the mighty SNES. I have a lot of consoles, and have played even more, but I can't get tired of Jet Grind and all the other great SEGA titles. Sure, most of them are on other consoles now, but they are scattered around between them, with many of the biggest titles getting XBox exclusives.

Nothing short of Shenmue 3 could persuade me to buy an XBox.

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I'm still stuck on my ][+
Authored by: andrengo on Apr 25, '04 08:57:02PM

Archon, Ultima II, Drol, and Montezuma pretty much make up my gaming. (And no, emulation just isn't quite the same.)

Barring that, it's risk on the PS1 or Jupiter lander on the C64...

Yeah, I'm a retro grouch, what of it?

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Anybody remember the Atari Jaguar?
Authored by: ruebenschuss on Apr 28, '04 04:20:38AM

Does anybody remember the first 64-bit game-console? It was built by Atari (last thing thy did before decaying) in 1995 and had a CD-ROM and Modem to play network games. I regulary play the original "DOOM" and "Alien vs Predator" on it. Even the old Arcade-like Games like "Raiden" are still fun.

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Anybody remember the Atari Jaguar?
Authored by: tsugaru on Apr 28, '04 04:43:18AM

The Jaguar sucked. And it really wasn't 64bit. It was 2 32bit chips. They marketed it as such though. That's like saying a dual G4 is 64bit (don't say it could be 256bit cuz of Altivec).

But Raiden is an awesome game. Very fun on the old PSone.

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Authored by: yellow on Apr 28, '04 04:04:13PM

To play, I mostly use my PS2. But I spend more time and play more games on my Mac. But I moonlight as a beta tester, so it doesn't quite count.

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Dance Dance Revolution
Authored by: Dephex Twin on Apr 29, '04 01:01:47PM

The only game I play is Dance Dance Revolution... I get about an hour in each day in workout mode... it's great exercise! For that I have a Playstation, although just recently I got a PS->USB adapter, so I plug my iBook into my TV and run StepMania which works perfectly.

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No DC! How dare you!
Authored by: ihafro on May 02, '04 07:06:34PM

How could you have left out the Sega DreamCast!?! I'm appalled at your lack of respect for this venerable machine ;)

Seriously, I mostly use my DreamCast followed closely by a tie between my Super Nintendo and the Playstation. Although, the Playstation is mostly running re-releases of emulated SuperNES games... Does that even count?

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Glider Pro Lovers, Unite!
Authored by: JesseW on May 04, '04 12:51:46PM

While I answered the poll with the "Games? What are games?" catagory, the shameful truth is this: I am a Glider Pro Lover.

Glider Pro is, in my humble opinion, one of the Mac world's unsung killer-apps. I'd played it back when it was black and white on my next-door neighbor's computer, then in color at a computer camp somewhere, and finally, when I got my very own Mac for college, it was the first thing I downloaded.

It's just such a great game. You play a little flying paper glider, that can only move forward or back, and has to be lifted by air vents, otherwise it will hit the ground, and die. Oh, and you can fire rubber bands, or use batteries to go fast, or helium to go up(if you can find some...) There are hundreds of levels available for download off the internet, and it comes with a gigantic level called Slumberland that even now, I havn't successfully beaten. A great wonder of a game. I just had to post this little Glider Pro rant. Hope you all enjoyed it.

(I also posted this comment at my blog) Feel free to continue the conversation here or there...)

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Mac gaming...
Authored by: kms007 on May 04, '04 03:29:15PM
...for me consists of forays into "Snowball Run", "Burning Monkey Mahjong Solitaire" and other arcade / adventure games. I love the side scrollers - wish there were more choices for those of us that want to play such games on our Macs. Krishna

Creator of "The PC Weenies" Cartoon

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Dreamcast STILL ahead of its time
Authored by: jason_f on May 04, '04 09:19:13PM

You have to admit, it hit a sweet spot that people have been trying to catch up to for 5 years now.

- ethernet adapter
- modem
- great looking graphics! Many direct ports from arcade systems, some look better than the arcade (SoulCalibur) and others are just perfect ports (SF Rush, etc).

A great system, with excellent longevity - still compares favorably to my $2k gaming system.

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