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1/1: Podcasts...

Addicted to them 111 (6.18%)
Pretty amainzgly cool 260 (14.48%)
Generally a good thing 422 (23.51%)
Not sure yet 531 (29.58%)
Generally not so good 66 (3.68%)
Mostly noise, little signal 265 (14.76%)
Hate the entire concept 140 (7.80%)
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podcast vote
Authored by: darrell on Jun 30, '05 12:15:43PM

i wasn't so sure to begin with, so i voted that way. but since i looked it up on i am much more in favor of podcasting.
(perhaps one day the "i'm not sure yet" voters will be able to revote and have their original vote automatically discounted "yet" implies "so far")

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podcast vote
Authored by: nix on Jun 30, '05 06:20:40PM

I voted 'not sure' too but I've worked in education all my adult life and in common with many teachers, I've observed this - that everyone has been to school so everyone believes they are an expert on teaching. I suspect podcasting is the same. Everyone has listened to the radio so everyone can be a broadcaster. Well maybe, but a good broadcaster?? Maybe not. Having said that, there are jewels to be found among the dross and without podcasting, they might never have seen the light of day. Can I change my vote? I'm heading towards 'generally a good thing'


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Authored by: ClosedGL on Jul 06, '05 06:42:33PM

I'm suprised at the general uncertainty surrounding podcasts even though they are so new. I think we can expect a rapid growth in them over the coming months when those sick of building sites just cobble together templates and host their own rant-shows! All fun!

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Authored by: macgizmo on Jul 07, '05 03:36:07PM

I've yet to see a single worthwhile podcast. As it stands, podcasts are nothing more than a vehicle for people who have nothing to say to spout off for the sake of hearing their own voice.

Furthermore, the recent "craze" of podcasting simply amazes me, as streaming audio has been around for years, and that's all podcasting is. This is one technology I hope dies quickly.

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Authored by: rootpoot on Jul 10, '05 03:31:19AM

Podcasts aren't streaming audio...

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Podcasts are a nice diversion sometimes.
Authored by: gxw on Jul 07, '05 08:59:23PM

Finally I can get to listen to CBC's Querks and Quarks. The radio show is broadcast Saturday Afternoon IIRC. I never listen to the radio Saturday. With Podcasting I can listen to the show during my commute to work. It's sometimes a nice change from listening to music all the time. Another Podcast that seems worthwile is the NASA science podcast.

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Authored by: Han Solo on Jul 19, '05 11:39:27PM


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Not yet found one that didn't suck.
Authored by: PeteVerdon on Jul 24, '05 01:15:11PM

All the ones I tried were boring, sometimes offensively so.

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Not yet found one that didn't suck.
Authored by: thellum on Jul 27, '05 12:45:21PM

Try this for great indie music:

<shameless Canadian plug>

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