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How many items are in the Places section of the Finder's Sidebar on your Mac?

1/1: How many items are in the Places section of the Finder's Sidebar on your Mac?

0 135 (3.24%)
1 30 (0.72%)
2 55 (1.32%)
3 79 (1.89%)
4 339 (8.13%)
5 309 (7.41%)
6 338 (8.10%)
7 398 (9.54%)
8 404 (9.69%)
9 319 (7.65%)
10 323 (7.74%)
11 to 15 655 (15.70%)
16 to 20 184 (4.41%)
21 to 25 73 (1.75%)
26 to 30 32 (0.77%)
More than 30 84 (2.01%)
What's the Sidebar? 414 (9.93%)
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How many items are in the Places section of the Finder's Sidebar on your Mac? | 19 comments | Create New Account
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Depends on mounted servers
Authored by: dille on Jan 01, '09 04:22:34AM

Right now it's 15, but that could be more as I mount servers.

It's mosty the standard stuff in there, with the addition of the Pictures folder and Dropbox. I think stuffing a ton of icons in there is not gonna help with finding what you need quickly, so not too much stuff makes it in there.

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Authored by: S on Jan 01, '09 04:57:53AM

14, but 16 if you count the two applications I stuffed in there are separators.

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14 and I use it constantly
Authored by: Hodag on Jan 01, '09 05:32:20AM

I have 3 as various sub-folders of my main Documents. Applications, Utilities, and another 2 sub-folders for speciality Applications and the standard ones. I removed all the time based sidebar folders as I found I never used them.

Adam C.

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Wasted space to me
Authored by: pete on Jan 01, '09 07:13:24AM

I added a couple folders to it, but I rarely use it. I pretty much use LaunchBar to get where I want to go. The ability to push it all the way to the left out of the way like we used to be able to do would be great. Or at the very least, a preference to get rid of the sidebar, but keep the toolbar!

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Eight but
Authored by: gxw on Jan 01, '09 07:15:34AM

Almost never use the sidebar.

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Never use the sidebar
Authored by: simsamsep on Jan 01, '09 08:20:30AM

Actually I have two items in the sidebar, Home and Applications, but I voted "0" because I never use the sidebar. I keep both Sidebar and Toolbar in Finder windows hidden at all times. With the way I use the Finder I have no use for them and for me they are only a waste of space.

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Never use the sidebar
Authored by: baltwo on Jan 01, '09 11:27:34AM

I use the toolbar, but detest the sidebar. Too bad there's no way to delete the latter without deleting the former.

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Authored by: asmeurer on Jan 01, '09 10:30:10AM

I use the sidebar all the time, especially in open and save dialog boxes. I have 33, though I only really use the top 10.

Here's an interesting poll suggestion: what method do you use to open folders not in your sidebar or otherwise easily aliased (e.g., if you wanted to open the folder "/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreData.framework/Resources/English.lproj/" as a random example of a deep folder almost no one has a shortcut to)? Do you use the column view, do you just double click through, the go to menu item, or maybe "open /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreData.framework/Resources/English.lproj/" in Terminal (this is what I use).

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Authored by: billr on Jan 01, '09 01:53:04PM

I use column view all the time to get to deeply-nested folders for which I have no shortcuts.

Only nine items in the sidebar -- I too removed all the time-related ones as being of no use to me. I put a new item there for a subfolder I know I'll be using more than once or twice that day.

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Want keyboard shortcut to get to Sidebar
Authored by: billr on Jan 01, '09 01:57:39PM

I would find the Sidebar even more appealing to use if there were a way to create a keyboard shortcut to set the focus to the Sidebar, instead of having to use my MacBook Pro's trackpad to move to and click the item I want. Anyone have a suggestion as to how to do this?

I suspect there must be some way to get QuicKeys to do it, but I haven't yet thought of one.

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Want keyboard shortcut to get to Sidebar
Authored by: robg on Jan 02, '09 09:17:58AM

As far as I can tell, the sidebar is 100% keyboard-proof. I've submitted this as a bug on a couple of occasions, but so far, no action has been taken on it. It's the only area of the Finder that doesn't seem to understand that some people enjoy using the keyboard more than the mouse.


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On the sidebar
Authored by: baltwo on Jan 01, '09 11:24:53AM

I have one, but really would like to find out how to eliminate the sidebar from all opened windows, since I find it a useless bit of eye-candy that just takes up space.

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On the sidebar
Authored by: astack on Jan 21, '09 07:02:42AM
As far as I know, there is no way. I too consider the sidebar a waste of space that could easily be done by the toolbar. I've spent considerable time in trying to remove the sidebar and getting the toolbar to act like it did in 10.2 and before. I was only been partly successful, here's a hint that shows how to make the toolbar act more like it did in 10.2.

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Rarely Used - only 7
Authored by: macfan001 on Jan 01, '09 05:36:07PM

I don't use it much, I prefer the command-shift-H, command-shift-D, command-shift-A, etc. I only use it when I am dragging files around.

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Authored by: marksch on Jan 02, '09 10:34:48AM

3 items plus the standard stuff.

I believe the question is not clear.

Have your own custom software created

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Authored by: David Allen on Jan 02, '09 11:28:05PM

I do not think this poll is working out because from the comments many folks are not understanding that the question wants to know how many items one has listed under Places in a Finder window Sidebar, and instead think that the question wants to know how many things one has in a Finder window Sidebar.

David Austin Allen
Monterrey, NL, MX

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Places portion is crucial to my workflow
Authored by: lrivers on Jan 05, '09 03:41:08PM


For one thing, I have a folder "CurrentProjects" in my Documents folder. I have the most frequently accessed folders in CurrentProjects in my Sidebar. Also, Downloads, Applications, Library, plus many others, significantly, my /Library/WebServer folder.

If you DON'T use this feature, try it out, it's great to have these accessible in the Finder as well as Save/Open dialogs.

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Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jan 11, '09 10:25:04AM

I have 22. Besides the usual stuff; pictures, movies, etc., I have commonly used folders and even a text document.

I find the sidebar to be very handy. I almost never access anything directly on my desktop for instance, since I usually have several applications open. It's much faster to click on the Finder icon in the Dock to bring up a finder window, and then go where ever I want from there.

I also find it to be a big waist of time to burrow through folders to get where I want to get.

For general launching and access I use a combination of the Dock for the most used apps and the downloads folder, DragThing for 8 tabs of my usual apps, and LaunchBar for everything else.

G4/Digital Audio/1GHz, 1.5 GB, Mac OS X 10.5.6 • • www.myspace/davidschwab • •

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poll error
Authored by: baltwo on Jan 29, '09 02:14:22PM

Sorry, clicked zero, but meant 1, since you can't remove the label. Correct your results, appropriately. BTW, I find the sidebar an intrusive eye-candy item and want very badly to remove or at least close it ala Tiger.

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