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Panther arrives on October 24th ... you will own it when?

1/1: Panther arrives on October 24th ... you will own it when?

0ctober 24th 901 (36.67%)
Less than a week later 413 (16.81%)
Less than two weeks later 122 (4.97%)
Within a month 213 (8.67%)
Before the end of the year 322 (13.11%)
By March 2004 130 (5.29%)
Sometime after March 2004 77 (3.13%)
Never going to upgrade 15 (0.61%)
Panther sucks, I'm switching to XP! 60 (2.44%)
What's Panther? 18 (0.73%)
I already have the beta, why bother? 186 (7.57%)
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Panther arrives on October 24th ... you will own it when? | 11 comments | Create New Account
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Buying Panther
Authored by: robarmo on Oct 14, '03 08:43:24PM

I'll order it as soon as the first update (10.3.1) becomes available, whenever that may be. Especially considering the recent 10.2.8 problems.

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Authored by: gdsimms on Oct 15, '03 02:54:43PM

Where is the "When my company's IT department verifies that it will run our VPN client" option?

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ProTools won't let me
Authored by: digi002 on Oct 17, '03 05:04:19PM

With the audio interface I'm using from ProTools I apparently won't be able to upgrade until they make a patch or upgrade to the PT LE software itself. I read all the stuff I could find about the future setbacks I would have with this particular setup. With my machine (17" PB) I can't easily dual-boot, I can't use another version of ProTools (like FREE or HD Accel), and I can't leave 10.2.6 because it is not supported by PT LE 6.0.2 (which is made expressly for this particular firewire interface). I don't know if any of the other ProTools systems will be or are soon going to be compatible with Panther. They haven't mentioned anything about it on their website so far. If anyone has any info concerning this I would be most appreciative. What a bummer.

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sure you can dual-boot a 17"!
Authored by: weefle on Oct 20, '03 11:48:43AM

I have been dual-booting (Jaguar/Panther DP) a 17" PB for a few months now without any trouble at all. Any time I do an erase & install of a new Panther developer preview on my "Play" partition, I simply make a symbolic link on the Panther partition to my home directory on my "Work" partition, like this:

$ cd /Users
$ sudo mv clayton clayton.old
$ sudo ln -s /Volumes/Work/Users/clayton

Easy as pie, and it's been working like a charm since 7a202.

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sure you can dual-boot a 17"!
Authored by: stewby on Oct 20, '03 11:59:26AM

Just as a warning, that sounds like a pretty iffy procedure to use across major releases. It assumes that Panther doesn't use any preference files or caches from ~/Library differently than Jaguar. I would be very careful about allowing Panther to write to any system files that you need to have working later in Jaguar.

I've used that system when testing minor updates (10.2.x), and it's great for that. I'd just be careful of depending on that system to always work for testing a different major release (even if it has been working so far).

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Here's Why You Bother
Authored by: pmolaro on Oct 20, '03 05:45:14PM

As for the why bother option in this survey...

We have 2 new dual G5s here in our office and quickly found out that the Panther Beta will not install on them. It even has a custome error message when you try.

So, you will have to wait until Thursday G5ers!

Phillip Molaro

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How Bout People With Panther Already
Authored by: buddilla on Oct 20, '03 11:34:21PM

By the grace of Friends in the ADC Panther Has Become avialable to me for free a month early. So what about a spot for people that have the full gold version or final version.

aim: buddilla

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How Bout People With Panther Already
Authored by: wtmcgee on Oct 21, '03 10:16:03AM

i think they were asking when you were going to legally acquire it though.

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Authored by: 153957 on Oct 21, '03 06:45:08PM

Got it, legally, beta, don't use it .... Lots of Developers won't upgrade their Software until 24th or later, when they have Panther for them selves...

I might go n just buy the box, because it looks so cool, place it somewhere in the room and just work with the seed....

153957 - TheNumberMan - MacFreak

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Forgotten option?
Authored by: wayneyoung on Oct 21, '03 08:11:12PM

What about
"Apple doesn't support Panther on my machine, you insensitive clod!"?

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compatible with printer
Authored by: tiho on Oct 22, '03 03:22:38AM

When I bought iMac I had to switch from Samsung laser printer to a Lexmark E320 which is a small office printer and was extra Cdn$200.
Reason is that salesperson did not know that printer is working only with 10.1 and not Jaguar.
Update came I think couple months later.
So I think I have to wait until there is a driver for my printer ready for download.
Then I will be ready for new cat.

Kravata (tie) origin is in Croatia.

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