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How many things are listed in the Other category of your Mac's System Preferences program?

1/1: How many things are listed in the Other category of your Mac's System Preferences program?

0 63 (2.40%)
1 127 (4.84%)
2 241 (9.19%)
3 319 (12.16%)
4 346 (13.19%)
5 305 (11.63%)
6 234 (8.92%)
7 185 (7.05%)
8 202 (7.70%)
9 102 (3.89%)
10 111 (4.23%)
11 71 (2.71%)
12 71 (2.71%)
13 40 (1.52%)
14 30 (1.14%)
15 31 (1.18%)
16 27 (1.03%)
17 23 (0.88%)
18 11 (0.42%)
19 or more... 84 (3.20%)
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How many things are listed in the Other category of your Mac's System Preferences program? | 30 comments | Create New Account
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14! More than I thought.
Authored by: las_vegas on Jun 06, '08 07:43:23AM

Includes: APE, Archives, DivX, Flip4Mac, Front Row Trailers, Google Desktop, Growl, Hibernate, iStat Menus, MediaCentral, Perian, SANE/TWAIN, SwitchResX & Version Cue CS3.

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20 and I use them all
Authored by: _tom_ on Jun 06, '08 08:20:20AM

AutoPairs, BusySync, DivX, ExtFSManager, Flip4Mac WMV, Growl, Hazel, HotBox, iStat Menus, MisFox, MySQL, Perian, PlugSuit, Secrets, Shades, SmartSleep, Startup Sound, Tex Distribution, TextExpander, Witch

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20 and I use them all
Authored by: rpyle on Jun 06, '08 08:41:56AM

I have heard of a few of these, but where can i see descriptions and download infor for these (and other) preference panes?

Roger Pyle

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finding prefpanes
Authored by: sojourner on Jun 08, '08 11:06:19AM
you can browse the selection at . not all listed are prefpanes; some are apps.

you can also search have google search for prefpanes: 'prefpane'.

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8 here
Authored by: mbenchoff on Jun 06, '08 08:22:06AM

A Better Finder, FinderPop, Flip4Mac, GeekTool, KeyAccess, Mouseworks, Perian, & Sophos Anti-Virus

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Authored by: k88dad on Jun 06, '08 09:02:32AM

If you have Flip4Mac and Perian, do you need DivX?
Speaking from a read-only viewpoint, of course.

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Authored by: unforeseen:X11 on Jun 06, '08 04:54:36PM

If you have VLC and/or MPlayer, you don't need DivX. Not sure about Perian, but Flip4Mac is a WMV-Plugin, not a DivX.

this is not the sig you`re looking for.

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Screenshot of my Preference Panes
Authored by: halbtuerke on Jun 06, '08 09:03:00AM
Here you can see all of them: Screenshot

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You are just too lazy to type... (nt)
Authored by: hamarkus on Jun 06, '08 09:20:10AM


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You are just too lazy to type... (nt)
Authored by: halbtuerke on Jun 06, '08 11:22:28AM

You're absolutely right… ;)

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3 "others"...
Authored by: studyzone on Jun 06, '08 09:07:27AM

I have Flip4Mac, LaCie Shortcut button (which I have yet to use) and SANE (which allows me to use my unsupported scanner).

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Authored by: asmeurer on Jun 06, '08 10:26:57AM

I have 32. Probably need to do some house keeping…

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Just Five
Authored by: alextm on Jun 06, '08 03:16:16PM

ExtFSManager, Miredo, Flip4Mac WMV, NTFS for MacOS X, Perian
(ext2 fs driver, IPv6 tunnel, . . . . . . . . . . , Paragon NTFS,

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Authored by: lowbatteries on Jun 06, '08 03:41:08PM

I have 16.
9 that are a MUST:
AppTrap, DoubleCommand, SmartSleep, teleport, Perian, MySQL, Growl, Flip4Mac, Default Apps

3 I hope to use someday:
DSW (DoSomethingWhen), PlugSuit, Desktoptopia

4 I just deleted cause I never use them:
Disctop, MenuMeters, Warp, Divx

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Authored by: unforeseen:X11 on Jun 06, '08 04:59:01PM

Really needed: 6
Flip4Mac, GeekTool, GnuPG, iStat Menus, SteerMouse, TeX Distribution

Nice to have: 5
Archives, MySQL, Perian, SmartSleep, teleport

Just noticed that I can delete: 4
DivX, Hazel, MenuMeters, MZoom (MouseZoom)

this is not the sig you`re looking for.

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Authored by: VRic on Jun 06, '08 07:35:11PM

β€” Useful
iKey, because I'm too lazy to port my shortcuts to Butler

β€” Not as useful as in the old days
FinderPop, out of nostalgia, mostly

β€” Somewhat useful
Secrets, because I managed to grab the database before the server went poof
Flip4Mac, who should really reconsider the stupid useless extra clutter they insist on installing in my *censored*ing Application folder

β€” Not really useful
Disk Images
Remote Wonder Control, no seriously ATI, nobody needs a "Remote Wonder Control" prefpane showing nothing but a big fat button to launch a bloody external "Remote Wonder Control" application, come on, and I don't mean we only need you to clutter our Utilities folder; quite the opposite, really

β€” Still testing
SneakPeek Pro

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Authored by: ο£ΏS on Jun 07, '08 02:05:13AM
AppTrap – Automatic uninstaller, not yet used/tested.
Archives – Archive Utility's preference pane.
Default Apps
Diablotin – Organises Library folders.
Disk Images – DiskImageMounter's preference pane.
DSW – Looks strangely like launchd, not yet used/tested.
Flip4Mac WMV – Plays WMVs in QuickTime.
iStat Menus – System info in menu bar.
MenuMeters – Not sure why I still have this...
Perian – Not sure what this is, but I installed it for a reason...
PlugSuit – Makes more sense than SIMBL.
Screenshots – May no longer necessary, see next one.
Secrets – Change hidden settings (the server's back up!).
Startup Sound – Adjust the volume of the startup sound.
SteerMouse – Really pointless preference pane. Just a big icon in the middle to launch the application.
Warp – Spaces thingy.
Widget Manager – Strangely enough, this manages widgets.

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Authored by: sebastianlewis on Jun 07, '08 03:13:54PM

Perian is a Quicktime Component, although they recently added a PreferencePane as well... you can see every codec it supports at


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Authored by: knarley on Jun 07, '08 01:56:49PM

Flip4Mac, Perian, Growl, MenuMeters, SteerMouse, TextExpander

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Just 4 so far
Authored by: sebastianlewis on Jun 07, '08 03:12:23PM

1) Flip4Mac WMV
2) Growl
3) Perian
4) Secrets


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Authored by: OJB on Jun 07, '08 08:52:12PM

I have 16, two neat rows of 8!


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Authored by: ZZamboni on Jun 08, '08 08:34:46AM

I have 15: Application Enhancer, AppTrap (very useful), Logitech Control Center, Default Apps, DiVX (I should remove it), Environment variables (never used, it, probably should delete it), Flip4Mac WMV, Growl, Perian, PlugSuit, SmartSleep, Startup Sound, Symantec Auto-Protect, Symantec QuickMenu (Symantec is required at work) and TeX Distribution.

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Authored by: Peganthyrus on Jun 09, '08 07:20:44PM

A Better Finder (which, upon examination, seems to do nothing for me but to serialize A Better Finder Rename)
DivX (which I could probably delete, given that I've never touched it)
DoubleCommand (to turn my laptop's \ key into a forwards delete)
Flip4MacWMV (same as DivX)
GamePad Companion
Hibernate (which I could probably delete as I just shut my machine off when I take it on trips nowadays)
Little Snitch
ShapeShifter (I still use 10.4 so it still works)
Spy (CPU/network load in the menu bar, now unavailable but still works fine)
Wacom Tablet
XBox 360 Controllers

I just deleted the Better Finder and Hibernate panels, and now have two nice rows of icons instead of those lonely two at the bottom. Thanks, OSX Hints!

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unlucky 13
Authored by: ether on Jun 10, '08 03:48:09PM

Logitech Control Center (old version before it started totally flaking out)
DivX (probably don't need this any more)
Flip4Mac WMV
MouseWorks (travel wireless mouse)
PTHPasteboard (indispensable and free again!)
TextExpander (tend not to use in favour of TypeIt4Me)
Textpander (ditto)
TypeIt4Me (can't live without it, I have over 400 abbreviations!)
Witch (also indispensable)

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9 in the list, could probably nuke half
Authored by: VxJasonxV on Jun 11, '08 04:24:42PM

ASM, DivX, Flip4Mac WMV, FruitMenu (can probably get rid of this), GeekTool (this too), GnuPG (and this... maybe), Growl, MenuMeters (haven't ever touched this), Perian

ASM... appears to not even load, I can probably chuck this.
It goes without saying that DivX isn't a <em>system</em> preference, it doesn't need to be there, but oh well.
Flip4Mac is very helpful.
FruitMenu... I don't even remember what the crap that is. Something about Menu Skinning or something? I've never touched it, probably got it at some tweakers recommendation. And apparently it doesn't work on Leopard anyways, ha. Total trash.
GeekTool looked interesting, but I haven't found a personal use for it.
I prefer command line interfaces to GnuPG (and SVN, but that's not in my sysprefs :P, so we don't have a problem).
Growl is <3
I used MenuMeters once, but I really don't care to continue to look at those stats, so they've long since been disabled.
Perian is also insanely helpful. But, if I have it, can't I kick Flip4Mac to the curb? Hmm, maybe not. I guess it gets to stay, <em>for now</em>.

So I nuked ASM, guess I got used to knowing my active App without the cute icon in the GMB, and FruitMenu, gooooooooooood riddance.

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Authored by: pres on Jun 12, '08 12:50:28AM

3Dconnexion, Default Folder X, Flip4Mac WMV, Hazel, Perian, Synergy, USB Overdrive, Version Cue CS3, Wacom Tablet.

Version Cue and Hazel are disabled, but still sitting there. Hazel at least is useful...

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Other Choice
Authored by: n1mie on Jun 12, '08 08:43:18AM

There should be another choice for "I have no idea" because I view in alphabetical rather than category ... yes I know how to change it ...



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Authored by: gerstenlaub on Jun 12, '08 10:39:48AM

Default Folder X

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Authored by: pcurtner on Jun 18, '08 08:58:48AM

DefaultApps, Deja Vu, DivX, FilePathCM, Flip4Mac WMV, Font Reserve (ew!), iStat menus, Little Snitch, TextExpander (BEST PREFPANE EVAR), VC CS3.

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12, probably more soon!
Authored by: caesurae on Jun 20, '08 09:45:52AM

Default Apps, DivX, EDIROL UA-25, Environment Variables, Flip4Mac WMV, GarageRemote, Google Desktop, Growl, growliChat, MenuMeters, NuFile, Perian

yes i have DivX along w/ Flip4Mac and Perian... I paid for DivX pro. *shrug*

iMac 20" (Early 2006), 2GHz Intel Core Duo, 1.5GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, ATI Radeon X 1600, 128MB VRAM, Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.3 (9D34)

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