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Of the 'Big Three' operating systems, which are in regular use at your home? In this poll, 'Unix' represents any Unix variant, other than OS X...

1/1: Of the 'Big Three' operating systems, which are in regular use at your home? In this poll, 'Unix' represents any Unix variant, other than OS X...

Mac OS only! 1,311 (42.28%)
Mac + Windows 792 (25.54%)
Mac + Unix 427 (13.77%)
Mac + Windows + Unix 505 (16.29%)
Mac + something else 22 (0.71%)
None of the above (i.e. no Mac!) 44 (1.42%)
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Of the 'Big Three' operating systems, which are in regular use at your home? In this poll, 'Unix' represents any Unix variant, other than OS X... | 14 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: wolfy on Apr 20, '05 10:37:09AM

My main box is OS X, but I work remotely on Unix systems, and occasionally have to fire up Virtual PC to test out web pages in a Windows browsers.


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Authored by: DoctorJ on Apr 20, '05 07:27:40PM

Um, somebody forgot the Amiga?

Using a Rusty Amiga 4000T & a shiny Macintosh G4 PowerBook


Using a rusty Amiga 4000T & a shiny Mac PowerBook G4

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Authored by: kalisphoenix on Apr 24, '05 10:56:51PM

-- Um, somebody forgot Amiga...

Not yet, but you'll have to give us an "A" for effort...

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Linux Mac and Windows
Authored by: juz10mac on Apr 21, '05 07:40:31AM

At my house my brother and I are the only Mac users. I have an iBook G4 and he has my old iBook G3 (I sold it to him when the iBook G4 came out). I have a KnoppMyth machine (a Linux distribution used for TV recording and PVR features), and I have a Mandrake Linux server. All the other computers at my house are PC's running Windows 98, NT, Me, XP-home and XP-professional. In total my household has about 10 working computers at any given time (and there are only 6 of us living here!). I have to be fair, though; my dad needs a lot of computer equipment for his work, He's a freelance video editor and four of the computers are his. If we got two more computers there would be two computers for every person in my family! Initially, we had to decide whether or not to setup a physical LAN or to use wireless. We only had a few computers we wanted to connect to the network at first, so we started out by running a couple of wires through the attic. By now, though, wireless would have made things so much easier... but that's another story. At my house I'm the computer-guy, I'm sure a lot of you can relate. I know that if it weren't for me, we would not have so much computer stuff. I love setting things up, especially computers for specific tasks (like a server or PVR for example).

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Could we redo this poll next for "at work"?
Authored by: mmulhern on Apr 21, '05 05:16:17PM

The results are interesting, but what I would like to see is this poll run again, with the same options, but for at your place of work. In my case I would go from "Mac OS only" to "Mac + Windows".

My TiBook800 is one of but a handfull of Macs running in a sea of Windows.



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Stay tuned!
Authored by: robg on Apr 22, '05 01:01:32AM

You've guessed our next poll :)


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Something else...
Authored by: RideMan on Apr 23, '05 12:59:40AM

What? No option for GS-OS 6.0.1, DOS 3.3, or Lisa Office System 7/7?

(although the Lisa hasn't actually been turned on in a while...)

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Authored by: stephenpen543 on Apr 23, '05 04:12:15PM

bout 99% of time use Mac OSX,
but for them terrible days, I sometimes have to use Virtual PC, and a rubbish Windows XP downstairs (luckily, them days don't come that often)

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All three, too...
Authored by: yakirz on Apr 23, '05 05:40:19PM

though I try to avoid booting into Windows (mostly for my wife, she doesn't know anything about Linux and isn't interested.

My OS X machine is a grape 266 iMac, and I don't use it much because it's so limited (no dvd, no cd-r, slow, etc.). Eventually I'll have an iBook ^^

Right now I run a Knoppix HD installation on my Dell laptop.

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OSX, WInders and Unix
Authored by: Cerberus on Apr 28, '05 03:59:15PM

OSX Server on a G5 DP2.5, Powerbook G4 running TIGER, Winders of many flavors (XP and 2000) and a Linux 2.4.29 for my firewall (

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The Darkside
Authored by: masjones on Apr 29, '05 12:36:43PM

My wife is firmly in the grasp of the Darkside, help me save her......

I use an 867/G4/PB12


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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Apr 30, '05 12:25:20AM
I live in a house full of geeks... we have 5 macs (granted 3 of them are mine) and countless Windows PC's. In the "Server Closet" I have a Smoothwall firewall, therefore, my house runs all 3 platforms. :)

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OS X only
Authored by: PeteVerdon on May 01, '05 12:58:26PM

And I'm fortunate enough to work in an all-Unix department too (originally mostly Sun, now almost entirely replaced with Linux). The only time I get involved with Windows machines is when my Mum's or my Dad's goes wrong.

That does seem to be fairly often, though...


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Does it count...
Authored by: Wayne_S on May 02, '05 12:38:42AM
... as using Windows "at home" if I am running Remote Desktop Client on my Mac at home but connecting to my Windows box at work? Technically it is running at work but being accessed from home.

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