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With what you know now, which machine is your next planned personal Mac purchase?

1/1: With what you know now, which machine is your next planned personal Mac purchase?

MacBook - current model 39 (0.86%)
MacBook - next revision 532 (11.70%)
MacBook Air - current model 18 (0.40%)
MacBook Air - next revision 253 (5.56%)
MacBook Pro - current model 95 (2.09%)
MacBook Pro - next revision 1,177 (25.89%)
Mac mini - current model 38 (0.84%)
Mac mini - next revision 291 (6.40%)
iMac - current model 134 (2.95%)
iMac - next revision 383 (8.42%)
Mac Pro - current model 63 (1.39%)
Mac Pro - next revision 291 (6.40%)
Some not-yet-announced Mac model 283 (6.22%)
No purchase plans at all 359 (7.90%)
Purchase at least 12 months out 543 (11.94%)
Other? 48 (1.06%)
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With what you know now, which machine is your next planned personal Mac purchase? | 25 comments | Create New Account
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Next MBP
Authored by: cycomachead on Sep 13, '08 08:38:26PM

It's very likely that it's more than a year away, but I'm pretty sure what I need next. I like tablets and I'd love one, but a MacBook Pro makes much more sense for me.

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Need something new
Authored by: leamanc on Sep 13, '08 09:13:14PM

I'm pretty well equipped across a wide range of Apple's current offerings. I need something new and different to make a new Mac purchase.

I almost chose a new model of Mac mini or MacBook Pro, but if trends continue, I wouldn't buy one. They look the same as they did three or four years ago (counting the PowerBook G4s having the same case as MBPs).

Sure, they're faster and have a few new features here and there (trackpad gestures, etc.), but I want Apple to blow me away with a new, innovative hardware design. It seems like they have been milking some great designs for just a little too long.

Alternately, like robg and many others, I would be happy with a non-flashy minitower. Something like what Psystar offers, but with Apple's style and grace in the design department.

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Re: Need something new
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 15, '08 06:09:43PM

I'd like to see something like the rumoured Amiga "Walker" concept from about 1995. A base machine, with a set of upgrade ports on the bottom. Sit it on top of a series of upgrade boxes: graphics, storage, second optical drive, iPod dock. Third parties could get in on the act to produce devices that conform to the same form-factor: film scanners, graphics cards, 5.1 surround, etc. Upgrades without opening cases, and without cables.

The base machine would be fairly low spec and cheap to produce. The profit is made on options.

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New Mac Pro
Authored by: steveb98 on Sep 13, '08 09:20:25PM

I just killed my old Powerbook with spilled coffee so will be buying a new Mac Pro when once I see what the new ones are like after they come out in about a month.

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My Next Mac
Authored by: macfan001 on Sep 13, '08 09:35:55PM

I bought my current one in March this year (MacBook Pro) after they were revised so, being a student, I'll be keeping this one for at least 2 years. The next one will hopefully be a MBP with a new design.

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My rule of thumb...
Authored by: Mark Barton on Sep 13, '08 10:04:58PM

is to upgrade when the new model has twice as much of everything (memory, disk, GHz) as the one I have. That's worked out about every three years for the last 15. Mind you, now that processor speeds have mostly plateaued, maybe I can't get another MacBook Pro until it has 4 cores.

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missing model
Authored by: Alnitak on Sep 14, '08 01:04:58AM

I want a modest spec desktop machine that doesn't have a built-in screen (iMac), and that isn't either so small you can't expand it (Mac mini) or so over-engineered that it costs a fortune (Mac Pro).


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Mac Mini for Home Entertainment System
Authored by: VesperDEM on Sep 14, '08 02:25:33AM

I am currently using my 2006 MacBook as a Media Center PC. However, I would live to replace that with a Mac Mini. Of course I would also love it if Apple would allow Mac's to rent HD movies too.

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Just can't afford a new Mac atm :(
Authored by: r0n on Sep 14, '08 02:31:48AM

Gonna need two faster Macs soon - for my workstation and home office, still scratching along with triple-digit clocked G4s. But buying new ones are out of my budget so I'm thinking about getting either used G5s or maybe (don't slap me) fiddling together a Hackintosh for the office box.

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Second hand Mac Pro
Authored by: Florrie on Sep 14, '08 02:53:56AM

I am too in the market for a modest, screenless but expandable Mac minitower, but I don't think something like that will be shipped from our friends in Cupertino anytime soon. So I voted for the current Mac Pro, but I really meant that I probably will replace my single 1.8 GHz PowerMac G5 tower with a second hand Mac Pro (4 core 2.66). That way I can combine a really good screen with a machine filled with storage space and a decent GPU.

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MBP 4 me, BUT
Authored by: TvE on Sep 14, '08 06:27:15AM

I voted for a new MBP - but ONLY if it does NOT have flat keyboard keys (like the current external keyboards as well as the current MB).

I fear that I might have to opt in for the current model (after the intro of the new models and following pricecut ;-)

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iPod touch meets EeePC...
Authored by: rbrough on Sep 14, '08 01:25:07PM

Some not-yet-announced Mac model

I am waiting for the "iTablet" that is rumoured, except I am hoping it is not a tablet! I want the "Apple makes an EeePC" - the ultra portable second machine that I was hoping the Air would be. How does a 9 or 10 inch screen, and a matching second touch screen with virtual keyboard sound? In other words, iPod touch meets EeePC.

Oh well, I can dream...


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Nothin yet.
Authored by: outZider on Sep 14, '08 07:38:00PM

Apple doesn't currently have anything I'm looking for. I'd like a 11-12" laptop with at least 1280x800 resolution, if not more. I would also settle for a 14 or 15 if it had 1680x1050 resolution, but I doubt it.

My last Mac was my lemon Core Duo MacBook, after Apple repeatedly told me nothing was wrong and held on to it for a week at a time to do 'system diagnostics', otherwise known as AHT. I am now quite happily using a ThinkPad with very high resolution, and admit to hackintoshing it to get the right operating system. Come on Apple, make your hardware actually stand above your competition. I need more the aluminum to sway me.

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Nothin yet.
Authored by: mario_grgic on Sep 30, '08 10:36:53AM

What you are describing is Macbook Air. Personally, PC could never replace a Mac for me. I want to have a UNIX workstation that can run Photoshop, and Mac is the only UNIX variant that does that.

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Mac Mini for Media Centre
Authored by: mmulhern on Sep 15, '08 04:44:03AM

Looking at buying a Mac Mini to hook up to my new Sony Bravia and use it as a media centre.

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Something new
Authored by: robogobo on Sep 15, '08 06:05:56AM
I have an old Powerbook, which I got when I needed portability. Last year I picked up a 4core 2.66 Mac Pro, because I didn't need portability, I needed performance and expandability. That should take me well into the next decade as long as processor upgrades and memory remain affordable.

Now, I don't need, but would like a little portability. Believe it or not, my iPhone almost does the trick. Almost. But I'm wondering what will happen when I need to actually do something on the road. So, I'm hoping for a 12" capable subnotebook. I mean like the 12" Powerbook was. That was a great machine, save for the graphics. What I don't want is something with a 15" footprint that claims to be 13", and can't do much more than an iPhone, ie MBA.

Oh, and also a new display when they're refreshed and have LCD backlights.

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Waiting, and still waiting
Authored by: gizmo on Sep 15, '08 10:06:24AM

I've been using a 12" PowerBook as my main computer for over 4 years now and it has been perfect for my needs. If I need more power then I would jump on my upgraded G4 or the recent PC I built back in the spring. What I would really like to buy from Apple is an updated version of my PowerBook. Something in the small 12-13" form factor but with specs close to the 15" MacBook Pro. Until then i will probably stick with my PowerBook and be happy. Even with more people buying Macs and switching, I can still stay a little different with my little computer.

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Small but powerful...
Authored by: Panjandrum on Sep 15, '08 02:09:02PM

Like many others, I await a smaller portable which has pro-level power. No true 3D video chipset in their smaller notebooks continues to be a deal-breaker for me and for many others. 15" = Too Big, No 3D = No Sale. Since my 12" PowerBook G4 will certainly need replaced soon I hope Apple gets on the ball and produces what I need. Otherwise, I too may be forced to go the "hackintosh" route.

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Mac Mini HDMI???
Authored by: MixMasterMatt on Sep 18, '08 09:40:52AM

We can all admit that the Mini is a wonderful niche machine. So, why can't Apple admit the same?

Slap HDMI outputs on it, put in a Blu Ray player, update the processor/RAM capability, and call it good. The Mini is perfect for home theater and home automation. If Apple would own those feature sets, then they could own those market niches.

Yes, I voted for next gen Mac Mini...still waiting....

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Current MBP
Authored by: DoctorJ on Sep 22, '08 10:15:52AM

My 'Road Warrior' 12" PowerBook G4 has been dropped enough that it's no longer very reliable. I will have to replace it in the next year - i'm going for the Pro version simply because i like the illuminated keyboard, i really don't need high power. OTOH, i simply won't settle for anything with lousy Intel onboard graphics.

Long term, my G5 desktop is presumably going to be obsolete when Snow Leopard comes out. If Apple doesn't release a mid tower by then, i guess i'll be forced to look into a Hackintosh.

Using a rusty Amiga 4000T & a shiny Mac PowerBook G4

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cannot upgrade
Authored by: 4miler on Sep 29, '08 05:19:34PM
I cannot consider upgrading my white iMac with matte screen, because the current iMacs only have glossy screens.

Polls online show that around 40-50% of people prefer matte screens.

Do these google searches:

"refuse to buy" glossy imac
"will not buy" glossy imac
"cannot buy" glossy imac
"cannot stand glossy" imac
"will not get" glossy imac
"won't buy" glossy imac

"hate glossy" imac
"glossy sucks" imac
"do not like glossy" imac
"dislike glossy" imac
"detest glossy" imac
"cannot use a glossy" imac
angry glossy imac
shit glossy imac
"glossy crap" matte imac
"cannot stand glossy" matte imac

"I prefer matte" imac
"I like matte" imac
"bring back matte" imac
"I need matte" imac
glossy matte livid imac
"eyes start to hurt" glossy matte imac
"eyes hurt" glossy matte imac
"get a headache" glossy matte imac

I am not a pro graphics user, and so the loss of the matte screen will not push me up to the MacPro. I am style conscious, and don't want this whopping big PC-like MacPro box. So I am forced down to the Mac Mini.

I stare at a screen for around 16 hours a day, mostly word processing and email, so even though the gloss screen looks cool, pop and snazzy, I cannot buy one.

I was forced to buy the best run-out matte screen imac there was, and cannot upgrade annually, even though I could do so for tax purposes. I will not buy a gloss screen.

I am willing to pay a premium for a matte screen, if that is what it takes.

The following poll is from

What type of screen do you prefer on the MacBook (Glossy or Matte)
Glossy 32.31 % (10007)
Matte 44.04 % (13639)
Don't Know 23.65 % (7324)
Total votes: 30970

86% preferred matte. according to this Ars Technica article:

Sure, many people like gloss screens because of its pop colors, but there are many who like matte. Please give us the choice.

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Something upgradable
Authored by: mspangler on Sep 29, '08 06:45:31PM

I'm not buying until Apple has an upgradable desktop for less than $1500.

So either a minitower (like my 6 1/2 year old quicksilver)
A couple of Express card slots in an iMac.

USB 3 is not that far out, and I'm not buying a machine that can not be upgraded to support it.

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Something upgradable
Authored by: Magnus Dredd on Oct 13, '08 03:31:42PM

Or a used Mac Pro for under $1000 on craigslist....

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Already have Mac Pro and 24'' iMac
Authored by: mario_grgic on Sep 30, '08 10:28:19AM

but my next purchase is MacBook Pro 17''. It's kind of pricey (it costs as much as Mac Pro, but Mac Pro is 4 times faster), but I need to have a mac on me everywhere :D.

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Refurb G5 tower
Authored by: Phosphor on Oct 14, '08 10:13:21AM

Refurb G5 tower.

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