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Do you personally plan to buy a new desktop PowerMac this year?

1/1: Do you personally plan to buy a new desktop PowerMac this year?

I already did 232 (11.34%)
I bought a laptop instead 322 (15.75%)
No, but I plan to buy a laptop 229 (11.20%)
Yes, but only if they ship PPC970 machines 651 (31.83%)
Yes, regardless of what the next chipset might be 69 (3.37%)
Some other choice not listed above 68 (3.33%)
No, I won't buy a new desktop this year 474 (23.18%)
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Do you personally plan to buy a new desktop PowerMac this year? | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Operator error!
Authored by: robg on May 15, '03 12:49:48AM

It seems I left "No, I won't buy a new desktop this year" off the poll for the first 100 or so votes - so I'm assuming most of the "other" responses would've fallen into that bucket had it existed! Sorry about that.


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Last year
Authored by: Fanglord on May 15, '03 04:54:56PM

I bought one last year...

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I need to upgrade
Authored by: a1291762 on May 15, '03 11:47:56PM

My iMac DV 400 is getting a bit old... That G3 just doesn't cut it anymore. If Apple doesn't release a PPC970 this year I'll probably get a PC (not Windows though).

At least, that's what I was thinking until they updated the eMac line... I don't like the lack of upgradeability of my iMac and the eMac is certainly no better. I have managed to use my machine for 5 years though. I can get a 1Ghz eMac for less than my iMac cost me 5 years ago...

Maybe I won't get a PC. I still want a PPC970 if they come out. Unless Apple overcharges for them.

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I need to upgrade
Authored by: Morgoth on May 16, '03 03:00:42PM

If you are like me and thought to use your Mac for productivity, games, email and web (I also do software development) then you will likely derive little or no benefit from a PowerMac Desktop.

One advantage they have is expandability and most PCI vendors don't make stuff for Mac (TV tuners for example). On the other hand the dual processor PMacs offer significant power over all other Macs.

I can only see a PowerMac being a necessary purchase for someone doing multimedia productions that require high-end PCI devices (which are, very often, made for Mac).

The ability to pick and choose the display you use is a significant benefit, but the box itself is so expensive that it limits your choices if you aren't wealthy. I suppose the Apple displays would look excessively expensive if the PMacs were priced competitively (US$800, US$1400, US$2000 respectively).

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I need to upgrade
Authored by: krove on May 19, '03 10:40:41PM

I haven't priced a PC lately, but I seriously doubt $800 will get you:

FireWire 800
802.11g Wireless-ready
Gigabit Ethernet
Plus a great case (that frankly hasn't been matched by any of the big PC makers, IMHO) -- it is not without fault though (lack of bays and PCI slots)

Plus all the other features which are pretty standard...
add to that the many extras that are expected with PPC 970s (900 MHz FSB, dual-channel DDR400, etc), and Apple wouldn't touch the $800 price point with a 10-foot pole. Stop dreaming and remember that Apple is a niche-market company with higher margins that Dell et al.

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Authored by: mahze on May 17, '03 03:16:23PM

What is it?

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Authored by: robg on May 18, '03 07:52:00AM
The PPC970 is the "PowerPC 970," a new PowerPC chip from IBM. Basically, it's scaled down from a high-end server CPU, and then has Altivec support added in. Ars Technica has a couple great articles (1, 2) that provide much more info on the chip.

But the most interesting reading about the PPC970 and Macs is probably on MacBidouille, a French Mac site. They published some rumored benchmark results from early PPC970-based Macs. Whether they're true or not, of course, is complete speculation. Nonetheless, they make for interesting reading.


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Laptop instead.
Authored by: imacusr on May 24, '03 09:26:18PM

We bought a desktop last year for OS 9 bootability (rarely used, but nice to have) and to hold us over until the second or third-generation 970 Macs ship (to work out all the bugs).

I'm going to buy a new laptop this year, though. Come on, 15" AlBook!

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