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Which Macworld 2004 Apple product impressed you the most?

1/1: Which Macworld 2004 Apple product impressed you the most?

G5 XServe 469 (16.52%)
XServe RAID 54 (1.90%)
iPod mini 198 (6.97%)
iPhoto 236 (8.31%)
iDVD 18 (0.63%)
iMovie 13 (0.46%)
iTunes 25 (0.88%)
GarageBand 1,305 (45.97%)
Final Cut Express 2 38 (1.34%)
15gb iPod 36 (1.27%)
They're all bad 192 (6.76%)
They're all great 174 (6.13%)
Other 81 (2.85%)
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Which Macworld 2004 Apple product impressed you the most? | 11 comments | Create New Account
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Other == Clustering Software
Authored by: gxw on Jan 06, '04 09:20:20PM

The clustering software is cool. The rest of the announcements? Ah whatever.

Cannot afford an Xserve or Xraid. :-(
Got an iPod already so who cares about the mini pod.
I'm not into music, or photos, so iLife is out. Never have used iMovie or iDVD either cause they cannot work with Mepg 1 or 2 source material. (I know, buy QTime pro & transcode but this soln. is so yuck).

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Other == Clustering Software
Authored by: NeutronMonk on Jan 07, '04 05:36:49PM

Ditto...Xgrid looks really promising.

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Other == Clustering Software
Authored by: finne on Jan 09, '04 05:34:16AM

Yes, I installed Xgrid and it is very cool!

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Other == Clustering Software
Authored by: buddha001 on Jan 14, '04 06:46:17PM

XGrid is the real unsung hero of MWSF 04. While the new iPods were a bit of a disappointment, the Servers were cool and Garageband rocks, Xgrid can revolutionize the mac.

When grumbling started a few months ago many of us saw the true potential. Xgrid along with the news of the Vtech cluster could help apple in the science area. If apple would take the time to help the Film/Video industry apply this technology, that's where the real advantage to Apple will be.

3D Graphics and Visual Effects companies will kill for programs that take advantage of Xgrid. Render farm software is nice, but 10s or 100s of computers in a facility working as one, even a few will make a huge difference.

I just hope apple makes this a free part of the OS, like they did with X11.

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No interest in iLife?
Authored by: kingtj on Jan 16, '04 12:25:33PM

You know, I find it a little humorous and ironic whenever I see people making these types of comments. (EG. "I don't do any music or photography, or make my own videos - so I just don't care about iDVD, iPhoto, iLife, GarageBand, etc. etc.)

There's nothing wrong with that, of course! It's just that Apple has always leaned heavily towards the "creative" types who primarily do these types of tasks with their computer. Sometimes I'm amazed that folks who have no interest in any of this made the decision to purchase a Mac in the first place. (Not because it's not an excellent computer with a teriffic OS, but because Apple still seems to have the mindset that their market is the "creative professional" or "liberal arts student/teacher" crowd.)

Honestly, the thing that sold me on my first new OS X Mac was the ability to work with video editing and burning results to DVD-R disc. I already owned a DV camcorder and was frustrated that it was much more unstable and fickle trying to edit video with it on a PC.

Now, I use my Mac for all sorts of things -- but I just don't think they had strong enough offerings in other software areas to make me switch over if I wasn't already interested in the video production aspect.

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I'm looking forward to the rest of the year instead.
Authored by: macmath on Jan 06, '04 10:25:48PM

It seemed to me that his promise of doing some cool things regularly all year long to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh was more enticing than anything he delivered today. He had some kind of cool things today, most evolutionary, but no real "Wow!" items like last summer. Oh well, its hard to beat an announcement of Panther and the G5's.

I thought it was a nice touch to apologize for delivering the first 1100 G5 dual 2GHz machines to Virginia Tech; certainly not necessary.

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Of course...
Authored by: poenn on Jan 08, '04 07:48:26PM's GarageBand to me, too (Doobedoo :-))

As a musician i had planned to buy Logic but i wanted to wait until i really needed it. GarageBand is exactly the practicing/recording tool i need before that time has come!

If the guitar amps are good enough i might even sell my Combo and play live through my PowerBook, that should really rock! :-)

Well, now it's a very long time till release..... :-)

Happy new year from Germany

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Of course...
Authored by: schneb on Jan 19, '04 12:22:30PM

Now that would be cool, mount an Xserve in a rack and go straight into the mixing board. You could also adapt a ShuttlePro to a footswitch to make settings changes.

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MWSF bests
Authored by: FEAR ITSELF on Jan 14, '04 07:52:08PM

For me personally GarageBand...

Business-wise the G5 server was bigger news...

Actually think it was a good idea to not get in the habit of announcing "NEW" this and that every January...

spread it out over the year and at different places...when Steve is ready...

It actually made it easier for me to go for a 2Ghz G5 because they DIDN'T announce a 3Ghz coming around the corner...(although it probably is...don't know if it would make much difference to me on a day to day basis...).

It was a nice presentation for iLifepeople and businesspeople.


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did i miss something
Authored by: b17bmbr on Jan 15, '04 12:18:42AM

i have had a 15gb ipod for several monnths. it is the exact same one, with touch pad, etc. what is so new? the mini ipods are way cool. but a 15gb? what's up here?

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Authored by: schneb on Jan 19, '04 12:16:40PM

I love GarageBand, but am a little dissappointed with the lack of orchestra instruments. I would have loved to show my son how a symphony is created and how every instrument is used to create the mood, melody and harmony. I wrote Apple regarding this and also wished that I could put a key change in the timeline. They have transpose, but it is difficult to use. However, as a simple multi-track mixer, its great!

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