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What type of mouse do you use with your Mac?

1/1: What type of mouse do you use with your Mac?

No mouse, just the built-in trackpad (laptops) 448 (15.35%)
Some other non-mouse device (ShuttlePro, tablet...) 128 (4.39%)
Apple's one-button mouse 423 (14.50%)
Apple's Bluetooth mouse 192 (6.58%)
Non-Apple one-button mouse 5 (0.17%)
Two-button mouse 366 (12.54%)
Three-button mouse 632 (21.66%)
Four-button mouse 123 (4.22%)
Five-button mouse 333 (11.41%)
Six-button mouse 52 (1.78%)
Seven-button mouse 85 (2.91%)
'Too many buttons to count' mouse 131 (4.49%)
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What type of mouse do you use with your Mac? | 29 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: rgray on Dec 30, '04 09:41:21AM
Trackpad with Sidetrack.

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Authored by: turnerm5 on Dec 30, '04 09:40:39PM

Yeah, I just installed... the registration thing is annoying, but I have to see if I want to keep it. I would recommend actually for anyone bothered by not being able to scroll.

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Authored by: Guntis on Jan 06, '05 06:09:13PM

Before I got my PowerBook I bought MS Bluetooth mouse, knowing that trackpads are not very good (3 year experience on different PCs). I expected to have good mousing with MS Bluetooth mouse. However, when I got my PowerBook G4, I found out that its trackpad is so good that there is no need for additional mouse. Yes, Sidetrack is wonderful thing, why Apple could not integrate it into trackpad by default (and separate scrolling area on the trackpad)?

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Authored by: Jwink3101 on Dec 30, '04 12:17:56PM

I votes the three button assuming thta the scroll wheel was not a button.

I wish i could vote twice because i use my laptop and, at home, i hook it up to a studio diskplay and a keyboard and use it as a desktop with a three button mouse

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Go trackball!
Authored by: friedmaj on Dec 30, '04 02:42:20PM

Putting in a plug for the trackball. I use the Kensington Expert Mouse Pro (it occurs to me now that that isn't the best name, since it isn't a mouse) trackball. I have found it to be at least a accurate as a mouse and it has lots of room for lots of buttons (10 plus a clickable scroll wheel). It requires less desk space than what's needed for a mouse. It's not optical, but it also doesn't get dirty. Finally, I can take the ball out and play with it.

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Go trackball!
Authored by: mbenchoff on Jan 03, '05 09:24:13AM

I whole-heartedly agree! I've been using a trackball (Kensington at home, Logitech at work) for 7 or 8 years now and I never plan on buying another mouse. I can get much finer control than I do with a mouse, plus I don't need an extra square foot (or so) of desk space.

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One button is king!
Authored by: _merlin on Dec 30, '04 03:50:37PM

I have a Logitech three-button w/scroll wheel that I pull out when I'm using an X11 application that needs all three buttons. But most of the time I use the trackpad in my PowerBook or the puck mouse with my G4 tower. One button rocks! It just feels so much more natural.

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LogiTech's MX510
Authored by: pete on Dec 30, '04 06:52:54PM

I never liked Apple's one button mouse. I always needed one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard. I bought Macally's iOptiNet mouse which was cool, but was given a LogiTech MX510. I looked at it and laughed - 8 buttons? You gotta be kidding! But it is kinda cool. Fits better in my hand than Macally's.

Yes - all button are programmed, and I use them all the time!

I am completely lost at friends place with their one button mouse!


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LogiTech's MX510
Authored by: tsanders on Jan 02, '05 02:17:01AM

Wish it was possible to fully program all the buttons on the Logitech MX900... I really miss having an on-mouse Back, Shift and "Close Application" buttons. I have buttons 6, 7, and 8 mapped into Expose functions but it's not the same.

It's REALLY annoying that Apple doesn't provide for full mouse-button programability... I mean, it's obviously seeing the buttons because I can map them to Expose functions but can't seem to map them to *anything* else.

I love the MX700/MX900's for their weight and feel though and I just about refuse to use any other mouse since I first tried the MX700.

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LogiTech's MX510
Authored by: pete on Jan 03, '05 12:42:15PM

Does LogiTech not include their software to program the mouse? Mine is odd - it is a prefpane that calls up their app. Why bother with both when one will do?

Seems odd you can't program all the buttons!

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LogiTech's MX510
Authored by: yeidel on Jan 04, '05 10:21:07PM

I have buttons on my Logitech MX510 programmed for Hide App, Close Window, Cmd-Click (for opening web links in a tab). I used the Logitech "control center" app (available from their website).

For Hide App, I used to program the keyboard shortcut Cmd-H; but at least one app I use has a different function for that. So I used Butler (the great!) to set up opt-X as Hide, then the logitech "control center" to make a button do opt-X. Slick for all apps!

-- Joshua Yeidel
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Washington State University
Pullman, WA, USA

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LogiTech's MX510
Authored by: magir on Jan 11, '05 06:05:34PM

The logitech driver works with MX5x0 and MX700 but not with the bluetooth MX900 - this mouse doesn't really work at all, the responsiveness is very crappy. The MX700 compared to that is GREAT - I really love that mouse and I can program all 8 buttons without bigger problems - works like a charm. The only thing I'm missing are application specific settings.

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Missing Option - Microsoft Mouse
Authored by: gxw on Dec 30, '04 09:48:58PM

I use a Microsoft Mouse on my iMac. <grin>

Specifically, A wheel mouse optical
- gotta have two things:
1. right-click in the finder
2. a scroll wheel.

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Logitech MX Laser
Authored by: yuppi on Dec 31, '04 06:13:02AM

I like Logitech, One of the rare swiss companies in this field. I think they were brave to start competing with the "big" ones only with mice.
And this laser system is much more accurate than the optic ones.
I use all my buttons, I could do with a 3D mouse.

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Authored by: powerbookg3user0 on Dec 31, '04 01:42:53PM
Like Sidetrack, uControl does emulate scrolling in trackpads, but it only works for Mac OS X versions up to 10.3.5

Takumi Murayama

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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Jan 04, '05 07:44:51PM

i just want point out 2 things:

first of all, uControl's scrolling feature requires that you hold down a modifier key, and then it takes over the entire track pad. I know this because i used uControl before i used sidetrack

second of all, the author of sidetrack also contributed the scrolling code in uControl. we'll just call uControl the proof of concept while sidetrack is the final result.

third, i was both disappointed, (i liked while it was free) and pleased (i along with many others suggested that it should be shareware) to see sidetrack go shareware. i payed for it before i even installed 1.0 :)

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I should have done this years ago
Authored by: thecub1122 on Dec 31, '04 08:17:19PM
After my carpal tunnel surgery, I traded in my old hockey puck for a five button Kensington mouse. Not only does it fit my hand much better, but I can also customize the buttons for each application with USB Overdrive X. Using this mouse is so easy, I can't believe I didn't do this a long time ago!

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Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0
Authored by: alienfetis on Dec 31, '04 11:00:01PM

Two words: Tilt Wheel

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Authored by: j|m on Jan 01, '05 06:49:54PM

Gyration Ultra wireless/optical. The thing works in midair, too! Definitely the best peripheral I've ever had. (

(of course, nothing more than a satisfied user)

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Apple and Kensington.
Authored by: ehurtley on Jan 02, '05 01:03:18AM

My 'primary' (in terms of amount of time spent at) mouse is the trackpad in my 12" PowerBook when I'm on the road. When I'm home, I use an Apple Wireless Mouse with it. (And, if I know I'm going somewhere with a table or desk for an extended period of time, I'll bring it with.)

My main 'workhorse' machine at home is an eMac, with original Apple Wired Mouse.

I also dabble with the BSD side of OS X on my Beige G4 (was a Beige G3 until about an hour ago when I installed the Sonnet 500Mhz G4 upgrade) and use a Kensington Wireless Studio Mouse with that. (Three buttons plus the scroll 'area'.)

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Logitech MX700 cordless mouse
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jan 02, '05 11:33:23AM

Logitech MX700 cordless mouse. 7 buttons and a clickable scroll wheel... all controlled by USB Overdrive :)

G4/466, 1 GB, Mac OS X 10.3.7

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MacMice BT
Authored by: DC Watts on Jan 02, '05 06:51:51PM
Coincidentally, just ordered MacMice Bluetooth 2-button mouse.

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Kensington TurboBall
Authored by: echo on Jan 04, '05 05:35:27AM

I've been a devote TrackBall user for many years. I never understood why I hear more recommendations for mice, while for me, it's no contest - pushing, dragging a mouse around compared to rolling the ball with a finger. The TurboBall has great ergonomics, as you can rest the outer edge of your hand on the desk and drape your hand over it.

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Exposť & Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0
Authored by: blurryrunner on Jan 04, '05 01:55:30PM

One of the coolest thing I have ever done and will recommend to everyone is to get the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 and put the Exposť activation on the two thumb buttons. This quickly improved my ability to quickly navigate through windows without a hitch. I was using Desktop Manager for a while before I got this mouse, and now I removed it and rely on this solely. You got to try it!

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Microsoft Trackball Optical 1.0
Authored by: raider on Jan 04, '05 02:16:42PM
With three extra buttons mapped to Expose.

Trackball > mouse.

I tried the MacMice BTMousePro but it was WAY WAY WAY laggy and jumpy.

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Re: MacMice BTMousePro
Authored by: sjk on Jan 10, '05 08:51:55PM

Your problem with BTMousePro performance sounds like a complain I read about a month or two ago that has supposedly since been fixed.

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3 button mouse = 2 button with scroller?
Authored by: osxpounder on Jan 05, '05 05:10:39PM

I'm assuming that a lot of the 3-button votes were, like mine, really meant to describe a two-button mouse with a scroll wheel. I didn't see an option that fit my mouse, but it's a really common mouse arrangement: 2 buttons and a scroll wheel in the middle. Technically, the wheel is a button, too, but it's more than just a button ....


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3 button mouse = 2 button with scroller?
Authored by: carsten on Jan 10, '05 01:05:41PM
2 buttons with middle scroll-wheel/button
middle-click: Exposť Application Windows
option-middle: Exposť All Windows
command-middle: Exposť Desktop

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Two button mouse
Authored by: DeathStalker13 on Jan 10, '05 11:08:15PM

I was alright with the no button mouse, but I found a neat little mouse from it has two buttons and a wheel and feels almost like the no button mouse. I have had a few problems with the cursor "coasting" but it easily fixed by unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in. Overall, I think it's a good choice for anyone who likes the no button mac mouse but wants a little more.

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