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Including Spotlight, how many things do you keep on the right side of the main menu bar?

1/1: Including Spotlight, how many things do you keep on the right side of the main menu bar?

0 - I disabled Spotlight! 127 (2.31%)
1 41 (0.75%)
2 33 (0.60%)
3 80 (1.46%)
4 144 (2.62%)
5 229 (4.17%)
6 333 (6.06%)
7 456 (8.29%)
8 541 (9.84%)
9 534 (9.71%)
10 560 (10.19%)
11 461 (8.38%)
12 455 (8.28%)
13 336 (6.11%)
14 315 (5.73%)
15 245 (4.46%)
16 167 (3.04%)
17 110 (2.00%)
18 86 (1.56%)
19 or more... 245 (4.46%)
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Including Spotlight, how many things do you keep on the right side of the main menu bar? | 66 comments | Create New Account
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8 items
Authored by: Graeme_Smith on May 12, '08 07:48:53AM

Only eight items here: Spotlight, Users, Clock, Input Menu (the little flag), Airport, Time Machine, Menumeters RAM usage and processor activity.

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Menubar icons
Authored by: tcsdoc on May 12, '08 08:08:20AM

I have Evernote, Typinator, Quicksilver,YouControl Tunes, Hazel, MagicMenu (Stuffit), ProShutdown, Little Snitch, MenuCalendarClock, iChat, MenuMeter Network Activity, MenuMeter Disk Activity, Spaces, Apple Remote Desktop, Time Macine, Volume Control, and Spotlight. I turned off Pathfinder and Applescript. I really don't need the Volume Control since I use the keyboard (thanks Quicksilver!).

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Menubar icons
Authored by: dbs on May 12, '08 08:18:09AM

You probably also don't need the iTunes control since QuickSilver will do that as well!

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Hide some of them...
Authored by: marook on May 12, '08 08:19:07AM

I Have:
Spotlight, MenuCalendarClock (iCal), Volume, Airport, Bluetooth, AppleVPN, iSync, AppleScript, InterMapper Control, Contour Shutlle, Shimo (Cisco VPN), Salling Clicker, BluePhoneElite & MoodBlast.

Hidden is at least:
QuickSilver, TelePort, Qmaster, Growl, Plaxo Sync, and all other Apple ones


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My Icons
Authored by: Millard73 on May 12, '08 08:19:48AM

From Right to Left: Spotlight, Users, Clock, Bluetooth, Battery, Volume, Airport, Displays, iSync, TimeMachine, and Last.FM

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My icons
Authored by: michelle_eris on May 12, '08 08:31:53AM

Airport, iSync, Time Machine, iChat, Monitors, Audio, AppleScript, Keyboard, Date/Time, User, Eject, Spotlight

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Authored by: eddy_k on May 12, '08 08:33:54AM

12 including sound, monitor, bluetooth, airport, charge, isynch, modem, applescript, spaces and Time machine, input (international), clock (and also Fast user switching!)

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19 or more...
Authored by: siliconman on May 12, '08 08:35:11AM

spotlight, x-assist, fast user switching, date/time, keyboard, bluetooth, battery, volume, airport, displays, keychain, scripting, .mac, time machine, semulov, coconut wifi, weatehr dock, marco polo, and adium

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Authored by: astrosmash on May 12, '08 09:10:29AM

Menu Meters, Google Notifier, Coversutra, and my own Quick Launch/Hot Key tool, among others, in order of when they first appeared on my menu bar.

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unfortunate clutter
Authored by: deef on May 12, '08 09:16:58AM

If it were up to me, it would be 0....unfortunately some features and apps (scripts menu, jumpcut, cover sutra, shimo among others) require it. I resisted this clutter for several years after switching to a mac but have finally succumbed.

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how to manage
Authored by: tmoswift on May 12, '08 09:28:45AM

I would be interested to know how folks with lots of menu bar icons manage them. Two problems I find:
1) Left menu takes over right menu hiding left most menu bar icons (especially on a small MacBook screen with a big menu like FireFox)
2) Some apps insist on putting functionality only in menu bar icons. App developers: thank you for making menu bar shortcuts, but please give users other ways to access your application if we don't feel we need ready access it to it all the time.

I would love to see the control strip come back to life. Some menu bar items are great enough to always live in the menu. Others, I'd love to have around... but just don't have the space.

How hard a project do you think it would be to make a collapsable customizable menu the plays well with the current menu bar item plugins?

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how to manage
Authored by: rampancy on May 12, '08 09:42:19AM

Actually, there is a collapsible menubar add-on which I use: Butler - a lot of secondary functionality that would otherwise take up even more menu bar space have icons that I've instead replaced with icons and functions from within Butler that I've put in Butler's docklet (i.e. the Fast User Switching menu). I have it anchored to the upper right of my screen and I have Accordion Mode enabled, so it quietly stays out of my way until I mouse over it.

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i love menu bar gadgets
Authored by: caesurae on May 12, '08 09:36:11AM

from right to left...

01 spotlight
02 fast user switching
03 date/time
04 script menu
05 menu meters cpu stats
06 menu meters disk stats
07 menu meters memory stats
08 menu meters network stats
09 keychain menu
10 little snitch network monitor
11 smcFanControl
12 himmelbar
13 quicksilver

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19 or more....
Authored by: rampancy on May 12, '08 09:38:12AM

Ugh, I have:

AFPstatus, iAlertU, CoverSutra, SofaControl, Isolator, Mozy, ClamXAVSentry, Typinator, VirtueDesktops, Plaxo, MarcoPolo, Hallon, LogMeIn, SMCFanControl, MainMenu, Network (MenuMeters), Memory/Temperature/Bluetooth/Date (iStat menus), SoundSource, Volume, Displays, AirPort, Battery, Keychain, Input Menu, Spotlight and MenuCalendarClock for iCal.

Believe it or not, I actually had more...

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Lost Spotlight and can't get it back...
Authored by: the_webmaestro on May 12, '08 09:44:59AM
I lost my Spotlight menu and can't get it back...

I don't know how I removed it... I probably [Cmd-Dragged] it off the bar accidentally...

Any idea how I can fix it?

BTW, I've got [sheepishly]23[/sheepishly], but most of those are from iStat Menus.

Father of Jeremy & Elliott

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Lost Spotlight and can't get it back...
Authored by: robogobo on May 12, '08 03:03:42PM

Really? if you figure it out let us know. I'd love to get rid of it.

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Lost Spotlight and can't get it back...
Authored by: the_webmaestro on May 21, '08 09:12:18AM

I don't know how I got rid of it... But it came back...

Father of Jeremy & Elliott

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My Laptop's L to R
Authored by: CyborgSam on May 12, '08 09:55:04AM

URL Manager Pro
Process Wizard
MenuMeters Memory
FUS (icon only)
MenuCalendarClock 4 iCal

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Clearly too many!
Authored by: jaysoffian on May 12, '08 10:00:34AM

Quicksilver, Mailplane, Anxiety, WeatherDock, Growl, smcFanControl, Security, TimeMachine, iSync, Airport, Displays, Energy Saver, Bluetooth, International, Spaces, Day/Time, iChat, Script menu, Fast User Switching, Spotlight

This is clearly out of control and I need to get rid of a 1/4 of these at least.

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16 current status icons
Authored by: PCheese on May 12, '08 11:36:58AM

1. Spotlight, 2. Fast User Switching, 3. Date & Time, 4. Input menu,
5. Battery, 6. Volume, 7. AirPort, 8. iSync,
9. Time Machine, 10. Displays, 11. Keychain Access, 12. Script Menu
13. Growl, 14. Skitch, 15. iScrobbler, 16. Adium

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Authored by: kkL on May 12, '08 12:30:34PM

RemoteBuddy, JumpCut, TextExpander, Teleport, MenuMeters × 4, iScrobbler, and popular ones alredy mentioned

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Authored by: fyngyrz on May 12, '08 01:06:19PM

Spotlight, day/time, volume, wifi, bluetooth, time machine, displays, faxmodem, alarm clock 2, iKeys, adium.

2.8 GHz 8-core Mac Pro w/ 8 GB RAM, 1 Terabyte HD (2, .5 TB drives), dual displays (1 landscape and one portrait), lots of external stuff via USB and firewire.


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Only 9 on Mac Pro (more on PowerBook)
Authored by: CarlRJ on May 12, '08 01:19:14PM

For me it's: Psi, Skitch, Google Notifier, SMARTReporter, Sophos, Keychain Access, Bluetooth, Date/Time, Spotlight

(Psi is a Jabber client, Sophos is an AntiVirus app; mandated at office)

If anyone else is interested in what comes up most often, here's a scorecard for things getting two or more mentions (so far):

13 : Spotlight
11 : AirPort
10 : Date/Time
9 : Displays, Fast User Switching, Time Machine, Volume
8 : MenuMeters
7 : Bluetooth
6 : iSync
5 : Battery, Keychain Access, Script Menu
4 : Input Menu, MenuCalendarClock, QuickSilver
3 : Adium, AppleScript, CoverSutra, Growl, iChat, SMCFanControl, Spaces
2 : Google Notifier, International, iScrobbler, JumpCut, Keyboard, Little Snitch, MarcoPolo, Plaxo Sync, Shimo, Skitch, TelePort, Typinator, WeatherDock

Looks like MenuMeters is the most commonly used non-Apple Menu Item, followed (a ways down) by MenuCalendarClock and QuickSilver (I use QuickSilver, but don't see the point of putting a tool for avoiding mouse use... in the menubar).

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MenuMeters vs. iStatMenus
Authored by: ajlevine on May 12, '08 02:00:32PM

I'm surprised everyone uses MenuMeters vs. iStatMenus. I find iStatMenus more useful and better looking. Am I missing something?

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MenuMeters vs. iStatMenus
Authored by: spicyj on May 12, '08 02:33:39PM

I use iStatMenus; it seems to work great for me.

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MenuMeters vs. iStatMenus
Authored by: CarlRJ on May 13, '08 11:03:41AM
I've used MenuMeters on occasion, but never heard of iStat Menus -- I initially thought everyone meant "plain" iStat, which is uninteresting (to me) because I never have that much unused screen space, but iStat Menus looks kinda cool, and is here: iStat Menus.

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MenuMeters renders details better, shows disk activity
Authored by: kkL on May 23, '08 03:41:31PM

iStat can't show disk activity in menu icon, you have to click it to get graph. MenuMeters' aqua diodes are very nice and as good as floppy diodes on Amiga :)

iStat's CPU graph is wrapped in a border and has 2-pixel padding on top and bottom. That's pretty wasteful for such tiny graph. MenuMeters uses entire available space.

Memory Pie Chart has rendering glitch – a bit on the left is cropped (my OCD can't stand this)

iStat beats MenuMeters in quality of dropdowns and has temperature and RPM meters, but for me these aren't more important than disk activity and icon rendering.

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From left to right
Authored by: devlogic on May 12, '08 02:08:22PM

Coversutra, Quicksilver, MacFusion, NetworkLocation, SlimBatteryMonitor, Applescript Menu, Time Machine, GeekTool, SynergyKM, Bluetooth, Airport, Fast User Switch, MenuCalendarClock, Spotlight. Phew!

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I have 11, but it's actually 10
Authored by: dille on May 12, '08 02:30:17PM

Google notifiers (gives me two icons, calendar and gmail)
Network graph (MenuMeters)
iSync menu
Bluetooth menu
Spaces menu
Keyboard menu

Actually, I think I'll toss out Spaces, since I never use the menu to access it... =]

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My Bar
Authored by: dangr on May 12, '08 02:35:31PM

iStat Menu Date and Time
Time Machine
Battery (either SlimBatteryMonitor, or, if it's not working, the built-in one)
Google Notifier

I have hidden:
TotalTunes Control

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24 or more
Authored by: robogobo on May 12, '08 03:01:40PM

I stopped showing mounted volumes on the desktop, and instead show them in the menubar using Butler, so the number can change a bit.

Left to right Wetherdock, Growl, Missing Sync, Airfoil Speakers, Ejector, Little Snitch, 5 volumes, Butler, iChat, Time Machine, iSync, UPS level, BLuetooth, Displays, Soundsource, Volume, Keyboard layout (German/English), time/date, Spotlight.

I probably only need half of those.

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Control Strip
Authored by: luhmann on May 12, '08 04:16:19PM

There really should be some way to manage these better. I miss the old "control strip" in OS 9...

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Ouch, there are 9!
Authored by: Uncle Asad on May 12, '08 05:31:48PM


Spotlight, X-Assist, Fast User Switching, Clock, Battery, Input Menu, Volume, AirPort, Script Menu

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Mine =
Authored by: gxw on May 12, '08 05:34:06PM

spotlight, asm, time. volume, wireless, isync, script menu, workspaces (v-desktop pager), bluetooth, timemachine, clamXav sentry

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What's the deal?
Authored by: asmeurer on May 12, '08 08:15:36PM

It seems like every poll here fits a nice bell curve except for the highest extremity. Are people just showing off or what?

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Let's see...
Authored by: cnet128 on May 12, '08 11:46:52PM
It seems like every poll here fits a nice bell curve except for the highest extremity. Are people just showing off or what?
Well, it seems pretty self-explanatory to me that an "or more" option wouldn't fit the bellcurve pattern, since it essentially encompasses a whole host of options above and beyond those explicitly represented...

At any rate, I did have exactly nineteen, but I've just cleared out a few, so I now have sixteen. From right-to-left:

Hotspot Shield (for when I simply must convince a website I'm in the US ~_~)
User Switching
Keyboard Layout (in addition to my usual British layout, I often have to type in Japanese, and the symbols in US Extended come in useful from time to time)
Gmail (email only, calendar disabled)

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my 6 cents
Authored by: tobyvoss on May 12, '08 11:57:59PM

right-to-left: spotlight, input menu, weekday/clock, airport, keychain access, gmail notifier.

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Authored by: skyhawkmatthew on May 13, '08 02:42:13AM

Spotlight, FUS, Clock, Input Method, Battery, AirPort, Displays, Bluetooth, CPU temp, RAM usage, modem, disk activity, fan speed, Time Machine, iSync, Network activity, CPU usage, Mail Unread Menu, iiUsage, Anxiety, pthVolume, Adium, CoverSutra.

MacBook (Black) 2.0GHz, 2GB RAM, 200GB HDD, 10.4.10.

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Only 9
Authored by: aGr[j5(6WU on May 13, '08 05:46:22AM

From right to left:

Battery Indicator
Volume - Hmm, though maybe I don't need it?
Keychain Access
Modem (for my HSDPA 3G access)

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Authored by: UberFu on May 13, '08 01:56:27PM

Spotlight is there 'cause I don't have much choice_ I know there are hacks to kill it - but am lazy_

Anyway the magic number is 12_

Time Machine
Fuzzy Clock
MenuMeter's CPU
MenuMeter's Memory

Up thru Tiger the menuMeter stuff was done by Unsanity's CeePeeYou App - but as yet they still have not released even a Beta for Leopard and the current version breaks_

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My 19 Items in Menu bar
Authored by: horkstow on May 13, '08 02:42:42PM

Spotlight, Input keyboard(flag), Ink, Displays, Applescripts, Airport, Bluetooth, SoundSource, Spaces Prefs, Time machine, Dot Mac synching, Time/Date/Day of week, MainMenu, Eject, SoonR Agent, Gee, Skype, CopyPaste, X-Folder

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More than I need really
Authored by: asmeurer on May 13, '08 08:50:53PM

I should probably get rid of sound and displays. I never change my display resolution now that classic is dead, and I use the keyboard for sound. I never really run any Apps that push into my icons, so I will probably never deal with it.

From right to left:
Accounts (probably could kill that one too)
Keyboard Input
YouControl iTunes
The Unread

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More than I need really
Authored by: asmeurer on Jun 05, '08 09:15:12PM

I just got a new MacBook Pro, so now battery, bluetooth (which I will probably get rid of), and Airport are in my menu. Total of 17.

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Too many...
Authored by: tommyw on May 13, '08 11:37:49PM

Right to left

- Spotlight
- Fuzzy Clock, love this.
- Menu Calendar Clock for iCal, bought and paid for, excellent.
- Bluetooth
- keyboard
- battery (MBPro...)
- Airport
- Sync
- Script Menu
- Spaces icon, I use this for a quick visual only
- .Mac Menu (a free useful little access to all of .Mac from infinite nexus
- Time Machine
- Soundsource
- Intego Netbarrier
- Lil Snitch - prefer this, I should disable Netbarrier
- textexpander, fantastic
- Twitterific, the addictive...
- Default Folder, I like a small Dock and chose to have this here.

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18 Items
Authored by: Hodag on May 14, '08 10:28:46AM

Right to left...
Fast User Switching
Keyboard Selection
Battery Status
Display Manager
Menu Meter - CPU Load
Menu Meter - Network Traffic
Little Snitch
GMail Notifier
HotKey Remote

Adam C.

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I have
Authored by: atchius on May 14, '08 01:00:53PM

Spotlight, Fast User Switching, Clock, Volume, International, AirPort, Bluetooth, Displays, iSync, iChat, Spaces, Time Machine, Alarm Clock 2, Growl, and Quicksilver

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Authored by: xtremepado on May 14, '08 03:39:31PM

spotlight menucalendarclock volume battery airport menumeters(memory) input(language) bluetooth ichat TimeMachine Butler

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14- no, 15
Authored by: sf addict on May 14, '08 09:41:39PM

Left to right:
QuicKeys (does anybody else still use it?)
PopChar (for quick access to odd characters like "☞" and "✔," not to mention "⌘.")
Time Machine
Modem (for the USB720 broadband wireless device)
Battery + Charge (MBPro)
Day & Date
iClock (active applicaton icon
I don't really use the AppleScript icon, but I keep it there to remind me to someday learn more about it.

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nobody uses Monocle ?
Authored by: zo219 on May 14, '08 11:26:44PM

what you are missing:

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nobody uses Monocle ?
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on May 15, '08 01:47:23PM

Well I had never heard of it... but since I'm going to view searches in my web browser anyway, why not used that little search thing in Safari?

G4/Digital Audio/1GHz, 1.5 GB, Mac OS X 10.5.2 • • www.myspace/davidschwab •

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13 items
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on May 15, '08 01:10:27PM

From right to left...

01) Spotlight
02) Fast User Switching
03) Clock
04) Input Menu
05) MenuMeters CPU Menu Meter (in %)
06) MenuMeters Disk Activity Meter (read/write arrows)
07) MenuMeters Memory Meter (Used/Free Totals)
08) Little Snitch Network Monitor
09) WeatherPop
10) Stuffit Deluxe 12 MagicMenu
11) Default Folder X menu
12) Calendarclock 1.0
13) PTHPastboard

And not shown in menu bar until used... LaunchBar

G4/Digital Audio/1GHz, 1.5 GB, Mac OS X 10.5.2 • • www.myspace/davidschwab •

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My Icons
Authored by: luigi193 on May 17, '08 05:49:25PM

I have 15:

Skitch, TextExpander, Visor, Caffeine, Clipper, Grabup, The script menu thing, upload/download speeds, Memory usage, CPU usage, AirPort, Volume, Battery, Time, Spotlight.

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Would you believe 26?
Authored by: OJB on May 18, '08 01:38:28AM

I seem to have 26!

Here they go...
Quicksilver, TextExpander, Isolator, Growl, iChat, Universal Access, Sync, Time Machine, PPPoE, Airport, Bluetooth, Network, Sound, Eject, Displays, Lock, Spaces, Users, International, Disk activity (iStat Menus), Memory use (iStat Menus), Network activity (iStat Menus), CPU use (iStat Menus), Time and date (iStat Menus), Battery, Spotlight.

Just the basics!


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Authored by: wordsofwisedumb on May 19, '08 08:53:27AM
No one uses Meteorologist?

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15 Items
Authored by: MuffinDCC on May 19, '08 09:56:49AM

From Right - Left:

Spotlight, Battery, Clock, Volume, Aiport, CPU, Modem Connect, Fan/Temp, Zoom, TextExpander, Memory, QuickSilver, Skype, Linkinus

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My setup
Authored by: madamov on May 24, '08 02:18:56AM

I have 19, but if you count all the items from iStat menus as one then it is 13.

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My setup
Authored by: mbrna on May 26, '08 08:04:03AM

I voted 9, but realize I have 10.

Keyboard Pallette
Airport Status
Bluetooth status
Display Config'r
Workspace switcher
Time machine


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Authored by: sebastianlewis on May 27, '08 09:32:58AM

1. Quicksilver
2. Jumpcut
3. smcFanControl
4. Sync
5. iChat
6. Airport
7. Battery Status
8. Volume
9. Clock
10. Input Menu
11. Spotlight

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5 now
Authored by: sebastianlewis on Jun 02, '08 05:53:06PM

1. Quicksilver
2. Jumpcut
3. WiFi Status
4. Battery Indicator
5. Clock

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3, if Clock counts
Authored by: Urtho on May 29, '08 07:57:49AM

I guess I am an oddball here, but I only have Volume, the Clock and Spotlight. I dont think I ever use Spotlight, and volume only rarely. The crazy thing is I have another clock on my desk anyway, so given how much I use the other two I could have 0, and that would be beauty indeed to me.

[ Reply to This | # ]
3, if Clock counts
Authored by: sebastianlewis on May 30, '08 09:18:59AM
You can just command drag the other 2 off, but Spotlight needs to be disabled via some hidden preference, I forgot which one it is but it's documented somewhere on this site.


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12 for me
Authored by: redclawx on May 29, '08 04:34:14PM

Microsoft My Day, Wakoopa, Growl, Keychain, Apple Remote Desktop, AppleScripts, iSync, Time Machine, Sound, Date & Time, Multi-user, Sherlock

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18 items
Authored by: qubex on May 31, '08 01:21:48PM

Nokia Multimedia Transfer, Growl, Processor Prefs, iSync, TimeMachine, Spaces, Keychain Access, Modem Networking, Remote Desktop, AirPort, Bluetooth, Displays, Volume, Battery, International Keyboard, Fast User Switching, 24-hour digital clock with seconds, Spotlight

Place me in the company of those who seek Truth, but deliver me from those who believe to have found it.

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9 items
Authored by: pres on Jun 03, '08 05:56:22PM

Keyboard Menu
Time Machine
.Mac sync
Script menu
Little Snitch

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Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 04, '08 07:29:21AM

Aside from the usuals, I have Menu Calendar Clock, four from Menu Meters (cpu, memory, disk activity and network activity), Uptime in Menu Bar (uptime and load averages), Mac Fusion (for fuse-sshfs), and Aion (family timezone info).

Where relevant, I've customized the font to use American Typewriter 13 pt: a highly readable condensed font; because I have a PB G4 with a 1280x960 screen. If I could only change the menu font and the Apple suppled menu extras, I'd have many more menu extras up there!

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Authored by: S on Jun 05, '08 12:20:35AM

Isolator, Jumpcut, Mail Unread Menu, Caffeine, MainMenu, Script Menu, Network (iStat), Memory (iStat), CPU (iStat), Spaces, Time Machine, Airport, Volume, Input Menu, Date & Time, Spotlight

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