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Roughly how many hours a day do you use your Mac? [SETI etc. do NOT count!]

1/1: Roughly how many hours a day do you use your Mac? [SETI etc. do NOT count!]

Less than 1 hour 49 (1.33%)
1 to 3 hours 391 (10.65%)
3 to 5 hours 622 (16.94%)
5 to 7 hours 563 (15.33%)
7 to 9 hours 525 (14.30%)
9 to 11 hours 593 (16.15%)
11 to 13 hours 355 (9.67%)
13 to 15 hours 243 (6.62%)
15 to 17 hours 124 (3.38%)
17 to 19 hours 40 (1.09%)
19 to 21 hours 11 (0.30%)
21 to 23 hours 11 (0.30%)
Sleep? Nah! 23+ hours 79 (2.15%)
None, I don't yet own one 66 (1.80%)
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Roughly how many hours a day do you use your Mac? [SETI etc. do NOT count!] | 9 comments | Create New Account
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7 to 9 hrs
Authored by: rgovostes on Feb 09, '05 05:55:28PM

Ah, currently we have a 3-way split. I get home at around 3 and I use my computer until 10 or 11, taking a few breaks for homework, dinner and so on.

Interestingly (to me, anyway), I have lately stopped watching TV almost entirely to use my Mac more. Much more entertaining!

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7 to 9 hrs
Authored by: sighup9 on Feb 26, '05 05:30:27PM

I use 2 different Alumbooks for 9+ hours a day - one at home and the other at work. I prefer keeping stuff on two different computers (yes, I employ AES encrypted disk images on both).

Not bad for a ~2.5 year ago switcher eheheh. I'd say the average number of hours was higher on Linux, Solaris and winblows systems in the past - so there is more marketing fodder for Apple - OS X: spend less time on your Mac(s) than in multi-platform H E- doubletoothpicks ;)


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11 to 13 hours
Authored by: bbumgarner on Feb 10, '05 11:31:34AM

I am a graphics artist by trade and work on a Mac (at work) 7 to 8 hours a day. At home in the evenings, my personal Mac is almost always in use one way or another (iApps, games, personal finances, freelance work, etc.) I'd pretty much be lost with a Mac and Adobe software/fonts.

Brad Bumgarner, CTA

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Authored by: Jwink3101 on Feb 10, '05 11:43:06AM

I use mine so much because i am asudent and i take all my notes on my mac. I also then use it at home. Finally, if i am watching TV i am on my notebook

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11 to 13 (and that's probably a low estimate)
Authored by: babertocci on Feb 10, '05 01:26:10PM

During the week, I'm on either my PowerBook or my PowerMac at least a good 12 hours a day. I usually have my laptop out during class for notetaking, random googling, etc., so that's 3-4 hours a day. I'm usually at work for 5 hours or so, and I tend to bring my laptop in rather than use the 750 MHz P3 they gave me. Then at home, there's a few hours for WoW and a few more for homework.

Oh, the life of a computer engineering and computer science major. Thankfully there is the weekend, or I may just go insane.

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Only when asleep, eating or arguing
Authored by: grolaw on Feb 12, '05 07:18:00PM

Save for that list and the normal aspects of a married life - this attorney uses his Macs all day, every day.

I use my 12" pBook for just about everything from drafting and electronically filing lawsuits to legal research, drafting letters, reading and sending email, and keeping my 10 gig 2nd gen ipod, 40 gig 3rd gen ipod and new ipod shuffle full....

I listen to depositions and use the voice note features on the 3rd gen ipod, keep audio books on the 2nd gen and just music on the shuffle.

I use DVD Studio Pro & video depos to cut and burn depo testimony to DVD for use in settlement packages and in CLE presentations.

Keynote is in use at every trial.

This site is crucial - I've spent less time dealing with shared iCals / address books thanks to tips here.

Just got the second release of The Missing Sync for my T3 and hope to be able to return it to the level of function I used to enjoy.

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Authored by: giaguara on Feb 14, '05 06:08:18PM

Currently: wake up between 5 and 7 am, get online .. get to work, be online all day, come home, go online, go to sleep.
Considering I need 8-10 hours sleep a day, and sleepi in average 6, I'd say 15++ .. currently around 18.
As an excuse - since my love is on the other continent, the only way to talk with him is in chat...
But one of my roomies is worse.


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anti social geekness
Authored by: badronnie on Feb 15, '05 02:29:54PM

i feel like this poll is a measure of how pathetic i am....

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Well I see I'm one of the few 17 - 19 users..
Authored by: inemo on Feb 24, '05 05:10:28AM

I get up about 7ish, 12"pb is already online, i'm on the net till about 8 then i get ready and rush to college for 8.30.

pb is used in every lesson so thats about 5 hours on average.

get home, online by 3.30 and then i'm on the computer till about 1.30ish (normally 2ish).

I second what someone said about not watching TV over using mac. Thats mainly due to the lack of decent programs on british tv atm. but even when I do watch a decent program on TV, the pb is sat there on the sofa next to me with adium open..

Oh the joy of being a college student in love with the internet. Strangely enough, i'm addicted to reading the Mac OS X Hints forums.... ;)

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