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What's the most interesting new iTunes 7/Music Store feature?

1/1: What's the most interesting new iTunes 7/Music Store feature?

Gapless playback 893 (23.43%)
640x480 video resolution 358 (9.39%)
The new UI 248 (6.51%)
3D album art browsing interface 982 (25.77%)
iPod games for sale 75 (1.97%)
iPod movies for sale 77 (2.02%)
The download manager 110 (2.89%)
iPod management screens 206 (5.41%)
Album Artist field 64 (1.68%)
Skipped song fields 51 (1.34%)
Built-in backup feature 120 (3.15%)
Album artwork download 482 (12.65%)
Something else 145 (3.80%)
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What's the most interesting new iTunes 7/Music Store feature? | 23 comments | Create New Account
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Get Album Artwork
Authored by: fds on Sep 19, '06 07:50:04AM

Okay, so where's the choice for the new "Get Album Artwork" function?
That is clearly the most exciting and useful new feature in iTunes 7 for me - and I'd guess many others, looking at the number of hints concerning it.

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Get Album Artwork
Authored by: RussellK on Sep 19, '06 09:34:57AM

I second this motion. "Get Album Artwork" is a great feature...though it's not perfect and can't find artwork for quite a few of my albums for some reason. In most cases, this is either my fault (erroneous album titles in my tags?) or the result of ITMS not having relatively rare albums "in stock."

The UI features are glitchy and already wearing thin on me.

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Get Album Artwork
Authored by: lestmak on Sep 19, '06 09:44:31AM

With so many hints about this, how did Rob miss this in the poll? :P

By far the best feature for me

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Get Album Artwork
Authored by: robg on Sep 19, '06 09:58:16AM

Sigh. Added now. I blame our youngest, who is still learning the definition of "night," it seems. I've added it now, sorry to those who missed out on it...


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Get Album Artwork
Authored by: lestmak on Sep 20, '06 05:10:46AM

Thanks Rob, you're a star!

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Get Album Artwork
Authored by: dmmorse on Sep 19, '06 11:34:18AM

But one of the best features of this new feature is that you can select multiple songs, then tell iTunes to fetch the artwork, and walk away or do something else while it gets all the available artwork for the selected songs.

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Oooo Crashy
Authored by: anakin on Sep 19, '06 07:57:28AM

My favorite feature, is when I go to play a file and it crashes my system.

Now I know how to say power down in so many new languages.

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Oooo Crashy
Authored by: Alrescha on Sep 25, '06 08:41:50PM

Yea, I'm in the slow/crashy department.

I uninstalled iTunes 7 and will not let Software Update have it's way with my machine again for a long, long time...


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Authored by: callefjant on Sep 19, '06 08:22:57AM

How come that I can just see the result but not vote myself?

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Voting is on home page
Authored by: kkL on Sep 19, '06 08:56:37AM

RSS includes link to results :/

Go to front page - you'll find poll on right hand site, bottom of page.

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Authored by: Graeme_Smith on Sep 19, '06 09:57:26AM

You can enter your vote on the right of the page, at the bottom.

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Authored by: Graeme_Smith on Sep 19, '06 09:59:18AM

Oops, didn't see someone had answered already

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None of the above
Authored by: billbarstad on Sep 19, '06 09:02:22AM

Not much I like about iTunes 7.

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Purchased iTunes tunes
Authored by: AndyMogendorff on Sep 19, '06 11:52:47AM

I'm particularly enjoying the fact that my iPod will no longer play anything I have purchased from iTunes - old and new. They play in iTunes itself but not on the iPod. Nice feature!

I'm waiting to hear back from Apple support, having followed all the support suggestions, so I hope they have a fix.

Anyone have any ideas on what's up?

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Missing one important new feature
Authored by: mm2270 on Sep 19, '06 02:00:15PM

I think this poll is missing one new important feature in iTunes 7. Namely, the built-in ability to now sync your iPod contents to another authorized Mac.

This at least partially eliminates the need to use 3rd party tools like Senuti and the countless others to get your music and other files off your iPod and on to another Mac. I don't think this is as full featured as some of those utilties, but I welcome this addition nonetheless.

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I Love Gapless Playback...
Authored by: bbumgarner on Sep 20, '06 08:38:36AM

FINALLY, I can listen to "The Wall" without reverting to the CDs. For the first time I've been able to listen to the entire album without gaps where they don't belong and without the need to change CD's midway through. The Beetles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Bruce Springsteen and more classical works (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc.) make use of blending one "track" into the next one. Now we can listen to them without reverting to the CDs or other trickery within iTunes.

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So many choices
Authored by: harperska on Sep 20, '06 09:12:21AM

I think the gapless playback is the most useful, but least _interesting_, which is what this poll is asking. IMHO, gapless playback should have been there since version 1 (or at least version 4 when I imported The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon), so I see it as more of a bug fix than a feature.

The feature I find most interesting is the 3d album art browser. This is a significant UI enhancement, and has a pretty big impact on how I use iTunes. After installing iTunes 7, I couldn't help but go and find all the album art for all the albums missing it, even though the lack of artwork hadn't bothered me for the 2-3 years all those tracks have been on my computer.

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It would be gapless playback, but...
Authored by: grossman on Sep 20, '06 01:40:39PM
Gapless playback doesn't really work on my 15" aluminum Powerbook G4, or it would definitely be my favorite feature -- I'm one of the myriad people who are experiencing weird "hiccups" between tracks that should work perfectly (like in an opera, say). Check out (154K MP3 file) for an example of how it mangles the ends of almost every track in my library that should work fine. (That's the end of one track into the next, recorded with my internal microphone; sorry for the poor quality, but it gets the point across -- you hear the final chord cut off?)

Both of those tracks are ripped as Apple Lossless in iTunes 6.0.4, and I've confirmed the audio in the files is still there, and correct (i.e., when I paste the two files into one big audio file, the transition is seamless). Obviously, you hear the hiccup as iTunes cuts out the very end of the first track -- it's AWFUL! This is not an isolated phenomenon: it it consistent throughout my library, especially evident in operas, where the action continues across tracks all the time.

As many people have already noted, nothing changes whether or not you have checked the "Gapless Album" box (this CD currently has that box checked, but nothing changes with it unchecked). Crossfading is off.

I've posted this on Apple's forums, and nobody's had any ideas. I tried reimporting an opera (twice: once replacing the tracks in the library, once duplicating them) and nothing happened. Any genuises here have an idea?


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actually some of the new stuff...
Authored by: UberFu on Sep 21, '06 10:19:37PM

seems kinda bloated_

I like what they did with the iPod interface and I like the new view options for the files_

But they've reorganized the menus [which I don't like] and they also disabled several keyboard commands - such as -1/-2 to toggle between the iTunes Main window and the Equalizer_ I'm stuck having to goto the menus for stuff and - there are no longer keyboard shortcuts - at least they could have added in custom functionality_

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All of them
Authored by: xSmurf on Oct 04, '06 11:16:24AM

I like all of them, but the one that strikes me the most is really the UI. I know it is somewhat futile, but the fact remains that iTunes (and Mail) have been previews of Aqua's improvement (well I like to see it that way, maybe you don't ;o) for a while now. Thus, it seems like such a bold move to iTunes UI might reflect an interesting change in 10.5 Leopard. Albeit I (as others) could be wrong and this change could have for single purpose to better match the Mac/PC versions of iTunes. But I'm no marketing person so I'm unsure how this would bring anything to iTunes/Apple's market share.

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Authored by: Gnarlodious on Oct 12, '06 06:33:01PM

Wonder why the new visuals were not mentioned in the list. THEY ROCK.
Yeah, Apple programmers really stretch their minds on the iTunes visuals. Love it!

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Authored by: DoctorJ on Nov 10, '06 12:56:15AM

I miss the button on the bottom of the window to turn the visualizer on. I know i can reach over to the keyboard and use the hotkey, but it's less convenient. I usually want to start the visualizer right after double-clicking on a song, so mousing to the button was handier. Dunno why they got rid of it, it's not like they're running out of room down there.


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Authored by: ZoneIII on Oct 22, '07 06:02:18AM

What is truly amazing is that so many people here can actually get all giddy about such unimportant stuff. If these things can get you excited and you feel that they are important to you, then you really do need to think about getting a life. It's actually sad how silly so many people have become when they think that gapless playback is very important to their lives. Very sad!

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