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Knowing what you know now about the recently released iPhone, how would you rate it on a scale of 0 to 10?

1/1: Knowing what you know now about the recently released iPhone, how would you rate it on a scale of 0 to 10?

0 - Not worth talking about 182 (3.82%)
1 9 (0.19%)
2 - A badly flawed product 56 (1.17%)
3 28 (0.59%)
4 53 (1.11%)
5 - Completely average 139 (2.92%)
6 82 (1.72%)
7 252 (5.29%)
8 - Good product with some flaws 2,167 (45.45%)
9 1,490 (31.25%)
10 - Perfect! 310 (6.50%)
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Knowing what you know now about the recently released iPhone, how would you rate it on a scale of 0 to 10? | 14 comments | Create New Account
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Quick impressions
Authored by: SeanAhern on Jul 03, '07 09:54:52AM

Here's an email I wrote to my brother, detailing my first impressions of an iPhone after playing with one on an airplane (no radios turned on):

I was on an airplane from Dulles to Knoxville yesterday morning, and I got to play with a guy's iPhone at about 9 am. He was sitting next to me, and had barely turned the thing on, having only purchased it yesterday evening (obviously). I actually knew more about it, since I had watched the flash movies and had played with the 20 minute walkthrough that Apple provide a week or two ago.

Some quick impressions: This thing is a cool phone! It definitely has the Apple fingerprints on it, as everything is easy to use and intuitive. The guy asked me how he could email a photograph. I didn't know, but figured it would be easy. It was. I go to Photos, choose the photo, then tap the little icon that looks like a picture with an arrow leading out from it. A dialog appeared which asked me whether I wanted the picture as wallpaper, emailed, or as a contact photo. Everything else on the phone was similar. It just works. It's like the intuitiveness of the normal iPod interface, multiplied by 10 to cover everything that a "smart phone" needs.

I was most concerned about the lack of tactile interfaces, like you and I talked. So I played with the Notes application. It's interesting. Yes, it's a bit difficult to type on. You really do have to pay attention to where your finger is hitting. If you're off, you very easily hit the adjacent key. Now, the key magnifies when you hit it, so you know very quickly what you hit. One really cool feature is an automatic correction dictionary. When you type something incorrectly, just keep going. When you get to the end of the word, the iPhone fills in what you meant. But you can easily teach it new words. Just back up and type the end of the word again. After like two times, the iPhone stops correcting you. But I still found it somewhat difficult my first time. Dunno if I'd really want to type more than an instant message using that interface.

Now, what I really wanted was for the iPhone to allow me to flip to landscape mode while typing. You can do the landscape thing when looking at pictures, watching movies, flipping through albums, viewing web pages, etc. You just turn the phone on its side. But you don't get it with the keyboard in text messaging, notes, or email. And the main problem is that a full QWERTY keyboard has to fit in the width of the interface. It seems a no-brainer to drop into landscape mode. I think a landscape keyboard, when you need it, would dramatically improve the keyboard interface on the thing.

The headphone port really sucks. It's so far embedded in the device that even pretty thin 1/8" stereo headphones won't fit in enough to make contact. Forget any plugs that have a 90 degree turn. I've heard that people are starting to make short adapters for like $40 – the iPhone halo effect has started. But this is something Apple should have gotten right from the get-go. No reason to have it so difficult. Bundle the adapter with the phone, darnit.

Let's see... Multitouch rocks. I can't tell you how intuitive it is to manipulate pictures that way. Browsing through playlists, songs, artists, etc. in the iPod portion was WAY intuitive. If you want to browse a long way, just "throw" the list faster. It flies along, and then slows. Depending on how fast you throw it, you go farther distances. I imagine that phone/email contacts behaves the same way. Possibly Safari as well, though I didn't get a chance to play with that.

We were on an airplane (and I had the iPhone in "airplane mode", a feature I had to show the guy), so I wasn't able to play with YouTube or Google Maps. Well, I played with Google Maps a bit, but it was only with cached data (not much). But the multitouch interface with the maps was really refreshing.

I won't be buying one right now, but maybe when the next version comes out. Some of the things I've mentioned can be fixed with a software update. But some can't. I'm really looking forward to the phone that also has:

* 3G
* Better keyboard (as mentioned above). Heck, full interface rotation in EVERY app would be cool.
* 3rd party support (SDK). And more than AJAX, which is a cop-out.
* Flash in Safari
* SD slot for expansion.

We'll see what happens...

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Decent device but cannot stomach AT&T!
Authored by: gabester on Jul 03, '07 10:46:20PM
I was interested in the iPhone until I learned it would only be available from SB^H^H "the new" AT&T. I despise AT&T's corporate policies, like turning consumers' information over to the National Security Agency without warrants, their efforts to wipe out net neutrality, the close-to-100% Republican giving of their new chairman, and lousy customer service record including forcing "upgrades" during the old AT&T Wireless->Cingular takeover (yes, much less egregious than the previous threats to our national liberty!)

Once I can get an iPhone and use it with someone other than AT&T I'll be much more interested in the device.

Sign the petition to unlock the iPhone from this evil company:

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Excellent product tied to a phone service I will NEVER use
Authored by: ottonomy on Jul 04, '07 03:18:23AM

I don't have any political issues with AT&T, though I probably would if I studied them long enough. I have just been disgusted with their customer service for over two decades. Neither did I like Cingular, before they were further soiled by AT&T. I'm sure that Apple will be quite successful with the iPhone even if they never spread the love to those of us who prefer CDMA, but this is one Apple fanatic who will not own one unless or until that day comes.

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Decent device but cannot stomach AT&T!
Authored by: wealthychef on Jul 04, '07 08:23:00AM

I agree with wanting more choice, but your petition is a waste of time. Apple is committed to a five-year exclusive deal with AT&T, isn't it? What do you expect them to do for you? It's too late.

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Petition Is Too Late?
Authored by: PGB on Jul 04, '07 10:24:05AM
The petition is late, but it still might serve a purpose. Apple could take the results to AT&T to argue how many more folks they could sign up if AT&T would just improve its terms of service, et cetera.

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Authored by: RepAirlineCapt on Aug 09, '07 01:05:58PM

And the moon landings were fake, 9/11 was planed by Bush and Clinton never had sex with that women....
P L E A S E... Get over yourself

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Authored by: psandiford on Jul 04, '07 10:36:41AM

The corporate culture at AT&T does not understand the importance of customer care. They seem fanatical to a flaw about the short term "what is good for the company is good enough for the customer;" they don't understand that, in the long run, customer loyalty is better than company policy. (Especially when the company's policies cause so much customer dissatisfaction)

It seems they thought they could buy Apple's loyal customers, and it may have worked so far, but those customers will bail on AT&T at the first chance unless AT&T changes the very genetic code it is built from.

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Authored by: FenrisUlf on Jul 05, '07 01:47:28PM

Indeed. I hated Cingular's arrogant predatory practices, SBC's insistence on trying to force antiquated phone setups on most of their customers because they didn't want "competition".... and their "award winning" customer service is like a Soviet Gulag, without the scenic view. (And fewest dropped calls? My eye. They obviously haven't been 3 feet outside of any major city...or IN some of them...)

The insistence by Apple on going with AT&T has made the iPhone a no-go for me. Sorry. I don't care if the thing makes toast and predicts the future, when Jobs & Co. chose AT&T, that was the last I cared about the iPhone.

Not that other wireless services are any better, but they could've at least picked a carrier that wasn't actively trying to revive the old monopoly! :)

Who are you that walk across the graves of giants at this late hour?

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Authored by: mpress25 on Jul 06, '07 08:05:05AM

From what I've read, Jobs & Co. went to Verizon first. Verizon turned them down. (Verizon is, afterall, tied to the MSNetwork which tries to inhibit Mac user experience on their websites.)

AT&T was not a first choice.

I am wary about AT&T, but I have to say -- this phone is just too AMAZING!

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Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Aug 02, '07 08:36:19PM

From what I understand, ATT was the only company that allowed Apple near total control over what the iPhone's interface was going to look like. I hope it doesn't turn out that was the only bargaining chip they had to offer.

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No 3G, it's archaic.
Authored by: qubex on Jul 31, '07 04:33:46AM

How can it be anywhere near perfect when it lacks the most basic building block of them all: UMTS/"3G"? What's the point of implementing all these bandwidth-hungry applications if you fail to include a fallback connectivity solution for when there are no WiFi networks available?

It may look good, but it is simply archaic, and the simple truth is that it was obsolete before it even hit the shelves.

I hate my Nokia N95, but it simply bets the crap out of iPhone at this point.

Place me in the company of those who seek Truth, but deliver me from those who believe to have found it.

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Doesn't take a lot
Authored by: Fairly on Jul 31, '07 02:29:29PM

It doesn't take a lot of experience to understand this is a great device. And FWIW: this would be impossible - and a total kludge - if they tried to do this with anything other than Openstep. Windows wouldn't work and MacOS wouldn't work either. If anyone needed any further proof of just how ahead of the field Openstep is, this is it and they should now be convinced.

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Authored by: Fairly on Aug 05, '07 11:47:17AM

As a hardware device it's brilliant. As an implementation of OS X it's great. But its security model sucks. I can't believe the same geniuses who designed it and wrote it work under the same roof as the reckless suits who left it unprotected.

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An 8
Authored by: Fairly on Aug 13, '07 02:48:03PM

I'd like to give it a 10 because I think the technology is a 1000 but they really shot it down with bad security so I still can't give it better than 8.

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