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If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, which statement best describes the programs on your phone?

1/1: If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, which statement best describes the programs on your phone?

Completely stock; unmodified 542 (53.45%)
Using third party apps 472 (46.55%)
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If you own an iPhone or iPod touch, which statement best describes the programs on your phone? | 11 comments | Create New Account
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Not about unlocking...
Authored by: robg on Nov 06, '07 09:39:48PM

Note that this poll doesn't relate to unlocking the iPhone's SIM card, just modifying it such that you can run third party apps (i.e. via the AppTapp installer).


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Calendar and SSH
Authored by: sharumpe on Nov 06, '07 10:26:17PM

These two things were enough to make me "hack" my iPod touch: OpenSSH/Term-vt100 for the ability to do SSH from my iPod, and the Calendar .plist modification for the ability to create calendar events on the iPod.

Now if I can just work out some code to download my Google Calendar events directly to the iPod without having to Sync... :)

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used to have mine hacked
Authored by: pascalpp on Nov 06, '07 10:52:52PM

But when 1.1.1 came out I quit trying to hack it. I'll wait for the SDK next year before I start adding third party apps again, unless some killer third party app comes out in the meantime.

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Authored by: oliverlangan on Nov 06, '07 11:40:25PM

If you have children, I highly recommend the Sketches app. it was amazing to see my (2yo) son's face light up when he realized that he could draw just by touching the screen. The iPhone (or something similar) will almost certainly be his 'first computer' and may end up being the interface with which he feels the most comfortable. (It worked that way for me and the Mac 128 my dad bought when I was 14.)

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Authored by: emsix on Nov 07, '07 12:50:07AM

This poll also doesn't take into account the reasons you did the jailbreak for, assuming you did.
I personally don't care much for most of the apps out there – most of them are either alpha- or early beta-stage now. But some hacks are really quite useful, if not essential. Like the Taskbar Notifier, showing your unread messages. Or the Russian keyboard that Apple didn't care to develop even for the supposedly localized and international iPod touch! Web and e-mail are kinda lame if you can't write in your language. And yes, I'm in the States, on AT&T.

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Authored by: robg on Nov 07, '07 04:28:02AM

The comments are for just that -- explaining why you might have done what you've done :).


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Third party apps
Authored by: michelle_eris on Nov 07, '07 05:47:43AM

The poll omits ringtones; they're not totally stock, but iToner is not run on the iPhone.

I had a number of third-party apps before the upgrade to 1.1.1, but I'm waiting for the official SDK to be released and third party apps provided through them. With 1.1.2 coming out within the next few days, I'm reluctant to use third party apps right now; it will probably break them.

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Mostly Apple's
Authored by: jfschultz on Nov 07, '07 05:53:38AM

The "third-party" apps that I loaded on my iPod are the "background" types (Community Sources, BSD Sybsystem, and OpenSSH). There is the calendar patch. The main added apps are some of Apple's iPhone apps (Mail, Notes, and Maos).

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Not my iPhone…
Authored by: cycomachead on Nov 07, '07 06:42:24AM

Does it count if I took an iPhone in an Apple Store to I did it and downloaded the installer app. But I couldn't get further than that because there was a password.

Yeah it's extremely easy to use And in the case of the Apple store, pretty darn quick.

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The iTouch is pretty useless unhacked
Authored by: joh on Nov 07, '07 06:54:55AM

Really. As an iPod, it's less than optimal because it has no hardware buttons for volume and such. As a PDA or an internet tablet, it lacks email and a calendar you can actually use to add things to. But jailbreak it and install and Notes and Maps, and fix the calendar, and install the Terminal and ssh, and the eBook reader -- and you have a great internet tablet and PDA and Unix server that fits in every pocket. And it can play Music and Movies, too!

Besides, for quite a time now jailbreaking it was the only way to be able to fix the TIFF exploit in CoreGraphics. Every iPhone and iPod touch that was *not* hacked is vulnerable to a remote root exploit.

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Adding apps is a must
Authored by: mmulhern on Nov 08, '07 12:49:08PM

Until Apple supports adding my own apps to either of these devices, I'm just not interested.

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