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What are your purchase plans for the Intel Macs?

1/1: What are your purchase plans for the Intel Macs?

Buy the first available, any model 58 (2.82%)
Buy the first available desktop 72 (3.50%)
Buy the first available iBook 100 (4.86%)
Buy the first available PowerBook 338 (16.42%)
Wait for the second generation 613 (29.77%)
Too early to say for sure 501 (24.33%)
No plans to buy within two years 281 (13.65%)
No plans to buy ever 65 (3.16%)
Other? 31 (1.51%)
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What are your purchase plans for the Intel Macs? | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Other option
Authored by: r0n on Nov 28, '05 01:00:55AM

Buy a used G5 PPC of the first intel-switcher for cheap ;)

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Other option
Authored by: digiglyphics on Dec 11, '05 04:36:09AM
Couldn't agree with you more. If you're not in the market for a new machine then a switch to Intel chips is no reason to rush out and buy a new MAC. When my current stable of machines needs to be replaced if the intel machines are the successors to said machines, then they will be purchased. Now if Apple says that there will be $1000 tucked inside the empty Hard Disk bays in all Intel/Mac desktops, then I'll line up with the rest of you. ;)


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Depends on $...
Authored by: TrumpetPower! on Nov 30, '05 08:46:13AM $, of course. I'm sure Apple's prices will be comparable to what they are now.

But money has been a bit short for me recently. If I'm flush with cash when they come out, I'll probably buy a 12" Intel PowerBook a few months after they come out (assuming no show-stoppers, of course). But, on the other hand, I could easily see hanging on to my 1 Ghz 12" PowerBook (my only workstation) for a number of years if finances never pick up.

Either way, I'll be fine, really. Sure, I'd drool over the latest and greatest, but I've already got a complete mobile graphic design / photography studio in my backpack; what more do I really need?



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I'll hope the dual dual-core G5 goes on sale
Authored by: surfingmarmot on Nov 30, '05 05:01:02PM

The G5 is a darn good processor--Intel chips run hot, drain a lot of power, and benchmark miserably against AMD chips. Intel's architecture is 'tired' not 'wired'. Now if Apple had gone with AMD dual-core, I'd be more interested earlier. But as it is, once the Intel line comes out, the G5 line will offer the better value I hope. Sure eventually, when the line has been Intel for several years, I'll have no choice but Intel. But for my next purchase cycle, it will be PPC. And not just because of hardware costs--I am sure there will be a big software cross-grade 'tax' for all Intel development for the apps I use: Photoshop, Lightwave, Final Cut Studio, MS Office, and others. I am not anxious to pay that tax any earlier than I have to. And I am pretty sure emulation-mode performance will absolutely suck for Final Cut and Lightwave rendering.

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Intel 2006 looks more promising
Authored by: frank nospam on Dec 07, '05 01:06:00PM

You're describing the P4 series. The expected chips for Macintel are improvements on the Pentium-M, which is pretty competetive with AMD.

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Not Ready Yet
Authored by: scottkitts on Nov 30, '05 11:32:59PM

My last PowerBook lasted 5 years and was replaced with a 15 Al PowerBook as soon as they came a couple of years ago. It really isn't time for me to buy a new Mac yet, no matter what processor it has in it.

Funny, ever since they announced the switch, everyone suddenly seems to think PowerBooks are dog slow. I've got a 1GHz G4 with 1.25GB RAM and PhotoShop and 3D CAD sail along faster than I can tell it what to do. Guess I must be a slow mouser.

At least my laptop doesn't sound like one of those leaf blower equipped Dells trying to keep it's Intel iron cool.

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Not Ready Yet
Authored by: Wizzard Prang on Dec 03, '05 03:30:50PM

Couldn't agree more! Have switched from a Dell laptop to a 12" iBook, can't fault the Mac for speed, stability, everything. All with a "slower" chip than my Dell.... and the battery lasts longer, and the wireless is better..

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more about the software
Authored by: NeutronMonk on Dec 05, '05 12:25:26PM

I going to bet that the Intel hardware is going to be real sweet... however, until the big mission critical apps (Photoshop, Final Cut, Logic, etc.) are running natively, migration could be slow. Picture an OS9-to-OSX like adoption curve.

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Last Available PPC
Authored by: Wayne_S on Dec 06, '05 10:50:03PM

I plan to buy the last available PPC-based PowerBook - whatever the top of the line model is at that point. My 800 MHz PB is still going strong after almost 4 years. I think a new PB will last for a good while longer - at least until all the bugs are worked out of the Intel-based line.

Every rule has an exception. Especially this one.

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Intel Mac or plain Intel Box, depends...
Authored by: fredshome on Dec 07, '05 06:17:15AM

Mostly depends on whether Linux finally works flawlessly on laptops (i.e. support for the exotic undocumented hardware manufacturers insist on putting in those machines).

If it still doesn't work, I'll probably go with a Mac laptop whenever my current iBook reaches its end of life in 3 years or so. I bought it mostly because it was a cheap mostly Unix-like laptop, not especially because it was a Mac. I would have bought a Sun laptop had it been priced similarly.

It's still a bit early to say for sure what I'll do in a few years though...

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I'm ready for a laptop
Authored by: Bookman on Dec 07, '05 09:24:53AM

Although my 15" G4 iMac has served me well (except it's in the shop getting the display inverter replaced), I am REALLY ready for a laptop as my main computer. Laptops are just so convenient. The iBook line is very attractive, price-wise, but I really prefer the graphical power of a PowerBook, with some of the games I like to play. I am squirrelling away my longevity bonus from work, which I will be saving to buy a laptop in 2006. I know it will be a struggle to keep my saliva in my mouth when the new Intel PowerBooks are released. Maybe they'll be able to go back to titanium with the lower heat generation of the Intel chips?

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Wait and see...
Authored by: stealthgeek on Dec 08, '05 09:44:42AM

I plan to keep my actual PB as long as it is willing to do its job... Then I'll buy whatever Apple laptop that makes the most sense for me to buy at that time. Therefore I'd vote "too early to tell"!


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I'm looking for the best fit for me, regardless of processor brand.
Authored by: duffster on Dec 08, '05 05:00:22PM

I don't use Macs for speed.

I use them because they're a joy to use.

And when I buy my next Mac, I'll be looking for the best Mac value for my dollar. Unless I hear user reports one way or the other, the processor brand should play little or no role in the purchase.

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confluence of factors
Authored by: DC Watts on Dec 11, '05 06:00:40AM

Currently still using a November 2001 dual-USB iBook (600MHz, max'd RAM, 10.3.9) as my only machine; and have recently developed a stronger interest in digital photography. So in my case, the confluence of factors like
-haven't shelled out the $ for Tiger
-dependent solely on an aging machine
-new interests making a bit o' speed desirable
-yet current machine still "adequate" (can afford to wait if necessary)
... all seem to add up to my purchase of an Intel iBook if/when they become available in early 2006.

What interests me more is the preponderance of respondents who state that they will wait for the second generation of Intel machines. Granted, on first thought this seems prudent. I wonder, though, if such caution is supported by Mac history aside from the anecdotal experiences of an unfortunate minority.


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Just got a G5
Authored by: themacnut on Dec 13, '05 12:26:28AM

I just bought a Power Mac G5 at the beginning of this year. Therefore I won't be in the market for a new Mac for at least the next three years or so, unless the G5 dies prematurely (after the marranty period)

I may get a MacIntel Powerbook in the next couple of years though, if I can spare the cash.

The MacNut
Owner, ClarisWorks/AppleWorks Email List

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Intel mini missing
Authored by: steli on Dec 14, '05 05:36:48AM

I'll buy the first Intel Mac mini to use as a HTPC. Nice, low cost (I hope) way of trying out the Intel Macs.

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