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How many Apple iPods of any sort (including iPhones) do you own?

1/1: How many Apple iPods of any sort (including iPhones) do you own?

None 820 (10.85%)
1 1,828 (24.19%)
2 1,770 (23.42%)
3 1,306 (17.28%)
4 747 (9.88%)
5 479 (6.34%)
6 203 (2.69%)
7 124 (1.64%)
8 57 (0.75%)
9 37 (0.49%)
10 29 (0.38%)
11 13 (0.17%)
12 9 (0.12%)
13 5 (0.07%)
14 2 (0.03%)
15 to 19 12 (0.16%)
20 to 24 2 (0.03%)
25 to 29 9 (0.12%)
30 or more 106 (1.40%)
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How many Apple iPods of any sort (including iPhones) do you own? | 25 comments | Create New Account
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Easy to resell
Authored by: NovaScotian on Feb 11, '08 07:31:35AM

Why keep more than you can use -- they're easy to resell.

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Cumulative total: 11. Current total: 2.
Authored by: azguy on Feb 11, '08 07:41:26AM

I count 11 from over the years...

...but currently my wife and I only have our iPhones. Indeed, we sell the ones we no longer have a need for.

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Why I don't resell?
Authored by: adrianm on Feb 11, '08 07:55:34AM

I have 3:

One of them is an iPhone and my daily device for music/phone/web.

One if them is an iPod Nano (1st gen) and is so much lighter than the iPhone so more usable in more places (gym, aircraft run by paranoid airlines, etc), and I can plug in any standard headphones.

One of them is a 3rd gen (pre clickwheel) hard disk based iPod with firewire interface. I use it as an externally bootable OS X disk for times when a Mac won't boot, or if I need to use special tools on a Mac's own book disk. It was very handy when my Mini's HD failed a while back.

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5 iPods for 2 people
Authored by: dj_feare on Feb 11, '08 08:06:25AM

For the 2 of us, all 5 are in pretty regular use. Our iPhones are never more than 15 feet away from our persons, but get only secondary use as media players. My 2nd gen nano is my main music player, as is m'lady's pink mini. My original 5GB iPod is still running on its original battery and occasionally steps in as a backup when other iPods haven't been charged.

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Authored by: skigil on Feb 11, '08 08:07:27AM

Who has 30+ iPods? Do you really keep them all?

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3 iPods a few people.
Authored by: cycomachead on Feb 11, '08 08:44:54AM

I've got me 80GB 5.5G iPod. I use it for my photos and videos and music. I got it in Sept of 07 on the deal where my sister got her MacBook.
My sister has a 4GB 1G nano which was almost free when I got my MacBook (July 06)
And I have 20GB 4G (monochrome) which has a cracked screen. I still haven't gone on ebay to buy a new one. When I do it'll go to my mom-probably. I really like the 4Gs, so it's sitting on my desk and looking a bit sad. I still can't believe it took an 8ft drop to tile floor and only the LCD cracked.

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Authored by: astrosmash on Feb 11, '08 08:50:58AM

My 3+ year old 4G iPod was my first Apple product (since the 80s) and is still my primary music player.

I swore I wouldn't bother with the iPod touch until the 3rd party software issue was sorted out, but then Google released their cool iPhone-specific web pages, and I couldn't buy a Wii, so I got the touch.

I gotta say, if the touch was nothing more than a portable Wi-fi browser it would probably still be worth it. It's a great little device. (And Touch Touch Revolution is terrific).

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Authored by: figz on Feb 11, '08 09:30:45AM

I still have the original (first) iPod and I love it. It still gives me 8 hours or more battery life on a full charge! I recently got a G2 Shuffle for running which I like too.

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A good mix
Authored by: rspress on Feb 11, '08 11:54:52AM

I have a 5th Gen iPod Video 30gigs to put all my media on. 8Gig iPod Touch for a mix of audio-visual, net surfing, email reading delights. 1st Gen 512K iPod Shuffle I picked up from Apple on a close out deal for 30 bucks. I use it for a lot of stuff I would not use the other iPods for like listening to Pizizz naps or if I don't want a full size ipods weight. All my iPods, earbuds, iTalk Pro, iTrip Pro, adapters splitters, chargers all fit into my Monster iCase.

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my ipods
Authored by: mike3k on Feb 11, '08 12:51:47PM

I currently own 3 - an iPhone, 80Gb iPod Video, and an iPod Shuffle (2G). I previously owned a 2G iPod 10GB, a 60 GB Color iPod, and a 1G Shuffle.

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I *have* had
Authored by: robogobo on Feb 11, '08 01:59:43PM

I have owned seven, but only two at a time, and I've done iPod surgery more times than I can count, taking parts from non-working and making a frankenstein 'pod. Although as of month ago, I have no working iPod (it's possible), I'm totally hooked on the 3G (it's the red lights), so I'm looking for another. Rob, I'd gladly buy yours if you're selling it. But if the time is right and I'm properly seduced, I may get either a 160GB or a touch.

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Authored by: asmeurer on Feb 11, '08 05:45:19PM

I'm in the none category. I use iTunes for music at my computer and the radio in my car. Other than that, I don't really have a need for one. I like to run without one. I'm almost afraid to get one because the interface pales in comparison to iTunes, and I use iTunes pretty much to its full potential.

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One too many
Authored by: Snowgen on Feb 11, '08 06:38:09PM

Seeing that the folks at Nike/Apple decided I'm not allowed to run with my 30 gig 5.5 Gen iPod, I'm "forced" to also own a Nano (2nd gen aluminum 2 gig) that I only use with my Nike+ sensor.

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Authored by: n1mie on Feb 11, '08 09:50:36PM

I own four (one old one in bedroom on speaker stand, one in bathroom on speaker stand, a nano for jogging/workout, and a Touch for normal use in auto). My wife owns one. My younger son has two (an old shuffle and a new video). My older son has three (my original 5GB, a nano that came free with his computer, and a video).

I can definitely see owning more than one, but I also have more than I need. Two or three would be just fine. Four is a little overkill.


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Nice distribution
Authored by: TGV on Feb 12, '08 12:38:56AM

Wow, that's a nice distribution. Straight from the text books. But it amazes me that some people have so many iPods (I just bought my first, and I hope it'll last me quite a few years).

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statistical control
Authored by: rkchang on Feb 12, '08 06:00:19AM

It seems people are responding not only with how many they personally owns, but how many the household owns. If we wanted a poll that was a little more statistically accurate (e.g., per capita iPod usage), we may want to try to control for size of household.

(been reading a few too many research articles)

"I have seen the evils of procrastination, and I vow to change my ways tomorrow."

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Authored by: sykocus on Feb 12, '08 08:53:23AM

I have a 10gb 2nd gen that doesn't hold a charge in a box somewhere. I got a 60gb video as soon as it came out. Also, I have an 8gb 2nd gen nano I use for working out, in other words: not very much.

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2 2G Shuffles
Authored by: joelseph on Feb 12, '08 05:05:39PM

I own two shuffles.... even though I only have one in my possession. I bought the 2nd after leaving the first behind when traveling out of state. That's the trouble with really small devices and really disorganized people.

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Authored by: giaguara on Feb 18, '08 04:08:35PM

20 GB, from early 2003.
I had a pink mini, but I gave it to my sister.
I got a shuffle from 1st gen and then of 2nd gen from work.
And I'm using a housemate's first gen nano.
I do want a new nano for my own...
Someone once calculated the total for the house. It was over 20.

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A few
Authored by: legacyb4 on Feb 24, '08 06:49:52PM

Started with a 3G (yes, I waited that long before getting one and still have), had an original Shuffle for a short while before selling it to upgrade to the first gen Nano (still own), and got a Touch over Christmas.

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Got 2 in Our House...
Authored by: themacnut on Feb 27, '08 05:16:55AM
Got two in my household, my 30GB iPod video, and my youngest stepson's 4GB Nano. I want an iPhone, but can't justify it since I already have a perfectly good Razor....

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Authored by: stonefingers on Feb 28, '08 02:47:50PM
I just recently purchased my first iPod - got the 80G Classic. Could have counted the numerous pods my kids have (or have had) but in fairness to the (because they've all moved out...FINALLY!)

iMac 2.33 GHz C2D; OS X 10.5.1

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Authored by: atoms on Mar 04, '08 12:01:41PM

I'm holding out for more functionality: specifically radio and recording. I know there are hacks or add-ons to get some of this working, but why bother when there are cheap non-Apple alternatives which come stock with this stuff?

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Authored by: S on Mar 08, '08 08:11:35AM

Because you know the iPod will work and last.
Apple are a brilliant hardware company.

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Authored by: S on Mar 08, '08 08:13:58AM
Sorry that should be "Because you know the iPod will work and last unless you fall in a reservoir with it."
Speaking from experience here.

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