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How many Macs (working or not) do you own?

1/1: How many Macs (working or not) do you own?

None 65 (1.68%)
1 651 (16.83%)
2 825 (21.33%)
3 764 (19.76%)
4 553 (14.30%)
5 381 (9.85%)
6 247 (6.39%)
7 145 (3.75%)
8 111 (2.87%)
9 56 (1.45%)
9 69 (1.78%)
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How many Macs (working or not) do you own? | 48 comments | Create New Account
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6 machines, all alive
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 14, '03 01:48:02PM

My machine-park is all up and running on Mac OS X. A
Cube, PowerMac G3 350, iBook rev A, iBook Keylime, iBook
500 CD and my PowerBook G4. Rob says; (quote) "what a
bunch of wackos mac users are, imagine any p.c. user
owning NINE machines!" you should know that rob has
himself a small machine-park too!

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Authored by: robg on Apr 14, '03 01:51:27PM

Well, I don't consider one desktop and two laptops a machine park ;-), but it does seem that the Mac users I know, in general, "collect" more machines than do my Windows-using friends. It's just something about the hardware; I'd still love to add a 10th Anniversary Mac and a Cube to my house. I have no practical use for either, but they're both very cool looking pieces of hardware.


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Authored by: crarko on Apr 19, '03 10:40:55AM

Hehehe; We've got over 30 Macs and about a dozen PC's (and 4
Newtons) in various states of operation, dating back to a true
beige 512K model.

We get them from customers when they upgrade. Some of them
are only good for parts, but most still run if the PRAM batteries
are replaced.

Currently 6 of the Macs and 3 of the PC's, plus 1 Newton and 1
Handspring Visor, are in active use.

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Only 2 Macs, but...
Authored by: RideMan on Apr 23, '03 12:07:53AM

Dual G4 Mac, plus an LC-III sitting under the desk running Localtalk Bridge. That's it for the Macintoshes. But the rest of the computer collection includes...

  • My Apple IIgs which was my primary computer until very recently
  • An enhanced Apple //e with a flaky hard drive controller
  • An older Apple ][e set up to control a toy Ferris wheel
  • Another IIgs that I am hoping to use as a terminal for the G4
  • An Apple Lisa 2/5 that hit the "Y2K" problem in 1997

I think there is another Apple ][ around here someplace not accounted for in this list...the Amiga is pretty much dismantled at this point.

--Dave Althoff, ][

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6 machines, all alive
Authored by: digitol on Apr 28, '03 05:46:52AM

I have over 500 machines Last I check they all work. :)

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Company Owns them!
Authored by: RichB on Apr 14, '03 02:00:14PM
I don't own any! My company has purchased all the Macs I have at my disposal full-time. My "Mac Park" consists of 9 Macs including 4 at work and 5 at home ranging from dual 1.4 G4 with 2 GB RAM down to a 6500/275. All are powered up and still working fine!

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"Only" two right now...
Authored by: babertocci on Apr 14, '03 03:55:30PM

But I'm hoping to double that by the end of the year. I currently have a TiBook 500 and a Cube. I'll be getting a new Powermac whenever the 970 is released. That is assuming I don't give into temptation and spend the money I'm saving on a 12" Powerbook. Must... resist... uber-cool... laptop.

I'm also trying to pick up a cheap older G3 Powermac to mess around with OpenBSD and Linux on. For once, Macs holding their value has come back to bite me in the ass. Hopefully I'll find a good deal from a company or school upgrading to new systems and pawning off the old ones.

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"Only" two right now...
Authored by: rodhagen on Apr 28, '03 10:26:35PM
He hears a distant voice crying hypnotically "--------get the PB 12 ---- get the PB 12 - get the PB 12-------" They really are very, very fine little machines. Cheers Rod

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Only two, but I'm new...
Authored by: DaveD on Apr 15, '03 02:30:40AM

I only have two, but I have an excuse, as I only got my "first
mac" a month ago. Got a Bondi blue iMac (currently running
Gentoo PPC) and my new 12" Powerbook, running OS X.
Mmmm...yummy. Yeah, you could say I'm liking it here in
MacLand. My 12" PB never leaves my side and I don't think I
could ever go back.

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6 machines, all alive! bis
Authored by: drdna on Apr 15, '03 07:46:20AM

In fact five of them using OSX and the older one OS 7.5! my very first Duo, used as a simple fax machine!
I am waiting for the N° 7 to come, a 17" PowerBook. as long as I haven't set the root password it isn't mine, is it?


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2 now, but 3-4 at not long ago
Authored by: jecwobble on Apr 15, '03 10:06:40AM

I only have two now- iMac FP 800 and an old PPC (Performa 6200 CD I think). I gave away the SE30 and Quadra 650. I have a split personality- like Rush's old Hemispheres- my heart wants to buy every used Mac I come accross and load it up with everything I can get my hands on, but my mind reminds me that I have no practical use for another one. I use the FP and the kids use the PPC.

Now that I think about it, I might have 4 now if you consider that the 'spirit' of the 650 lives on in emulation on two PCs......

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2 owned 2 from work
Authored by: sjonke on Apr 15, '03 11:11:48AM

I own 2 macs, a 450 MHz iMac G3 hooked up to my stereo and
an old 6100 with a NewerTech G3 upgrade that is currently in
storage. My primary Mac, however, is a TiBook 667 Mhz which is
currently in the shop (victim of a fall) and so I'm currently using
my backup machine, a 366 MHz indigo iBook. Both of these are
work machines so the answer is that I own two Macs, but also
use two others not owned by me.

--- I hate Microsoft and I vote

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My horde...
Authored by: bluehz on Apr 15, '03 12:02:04PM

7 Total :)
1x G4/400 (AGP)
1x iBook 2001 (DualUSB)
1x iMac 350MHz
1x Powerbook 1400
1x Performa 6400
2x MacPlus 512k (original with sigs inside)

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Authored by: lestmak on Apr 15, '03 05:23:54PM
I have a Performa 400 4/40 hanging about in my attic. Ahh, brings back the memories. Imagine having just 4 MB memory and a 40 MB hard disk now =)

I also have a trusty PowerMac 5500/275 (the trusty Black Mac with TV card), and my PowerBook G3/400, which has 384 MB of memory and 6GB hard disk (plus a 120GB Firewire HD and a 20GB iPod giving me lots more space). Haven't things come along?

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i own 7, i've possessed 9
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Apr 15, '03 05:42:54PM

i voted for 6, then i remembered the 8150 server.

i marked machines i no longer posses with a * - ranked from
oldest to newest:

Mac 128k (bad floppy drive)
Mac 512k (i don't know if it is an e, but i'm planning doing a
floppy transplant, one of these days)
Mac SE/30 (works fine)
Performa 638* (it was an ok machine, with a low
RAM limmit)
WorkGroupServer 8150 (it i got it second hand, and i didn't use
it for verry long until i made my beige G3 be my server)
Perfomra 6320* (a "faster" PPC version of the 638 - about the
same speed as the above)
PowerMac G3 (300 MHz Beige - a good workhorce that is still
ticking away
in the closet)
PowerMac G3 (i purchased my 350 MHz Blue & White G3 on
clearance for $300 over three years ago - and it's still ticking
away on my desk upgraded to a G4/550)
PowerBook G4 (my TiBook - never leave home without it)

i think there was one more, i just can't think of what it was...

vacuums do not suck. they merely provide an absence that allows other objects to take the place of what becomes absent.

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Over 20
Authored by: aogail on Apr 15, '03 06:04:12PM

I've collected over 20 Macs in the past couple years. Unfortunately, I'm in college and they're back at home, so I can't give out a real list. Here's what I remember:

  • iBook (16MB Radeon) 700MHz; 10.2.5
  • Sawtooth 350MHz; 10.2.5
  • Rev A. Beige G3 MT 233MHz; 9.2.2
  • Rev B. Beige G3 MT 333MHz; 10.2.4
  • 2 UMAX C600x, one 280MHz, one 240MHz; n/a and Gentoo 1.4_rc5, respectively
  • UMAX C500 200MHz; YDL CS 1.2
  • 2 PowerMac 7500
  • PowerMac 6100
  • A few LC IIs
  • LC III
  • Quadra...something
  • 2 or 3 All-in-One 5200s
  • Mac IIsi
  • PowerMac 7300
  • Performa 5260CD

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6 for me plus 9 for the rest of the family
Authored by: Power Factor on Apr 16, '03 01:13:06AM

I also have 1 PC with XP (YUK) just for a few games.
The macs range from a G4 dual 500 down to a classic (most are
B&W G3s)
my brothers have

2 dreamcasts
3 Atari ST
4 amiga
It will take too much to list them all.

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Too Many!
Authored by: Sre5gor on Apr 16, '03 09:17:38PM

17, i'm not sure how this obsession started?
but here goes;
Apple //e with koala pad,floppy drives, soundchaser keyboard
Apple //gs with 5 and 3.5 inch floppies
SE FDHD, imagewriter //
Color Classic with Presto ethernet card upgrade
Lc 475 with ethernet card, color one scanner,300 cd rom drive,
Stylewriter //
Performa 550 upgraded to a 6100 power pc
Performa 6230, 2400 Stylewriter
iMac 350 maxed out
Flat panel iMac, 15 in, wacom tablet, fw imax scannner, epson
1250 scanner,epson 890 photo printer, sony dyesub printer
Apple Portable
Apple 160 portable
Apple powermac 2300c portable
Apple 3400c portable
G4 Cube with Studio Flat panel
Apple Newton 2100
and a related NEXT Color slab,monitor and laser writer

All connected with Apple talk network or Ethernet network
Way too many cables!

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Wow...never stopped to count
Authored by: NetCurl on Apr 16, '03 09:34:47PM

We have (newest to oldest):

1Ghz TiBook w/ 1 GB RAM
FP iMac 800
Power Computing Power Center Pro 210 w/ G3 upgrade (What a great machine)
Performa 6115 w/ G3 upgrade
My mom's old Powermac (I think it's in the 7100 series)
Mac Classic II

It all started on Christmas of 1989. The Mac Classic II got me hooked.

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Authored by: tersono on Apr 17, '03 10:36:41AM

Oldest to newest, I have Mac Plus (with 20mb HD hehe) purely
for historical funkiness factor <g>
Powerbook 3400/200 running OS 9.1
G4-400 gigabit ethernet running OS X 10.2 server
DP867 MDD running OS X 10.2

I've also got 2 other machines - not Macs...

A friend has a 22-machine LAN at home though, so I've still got
quite a way to go ;)

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My inventory...
Authored by: spodie on Apr 17, '03 08:20:37PM

I work on Macs for a living and what I have at the moment are:

One G4/867
One G3/400
One SE/30
Two Power Computing PowerBase 180s
One Power Computing PowerTower Pro 225
One UMAX SuperMac C600/240
One Power Mac 7200/120
Three PowerBook 100s
One Apple IIci
One Apple IIcx
Two Quadra 605s
One Quadra 650
One Quadra 950
One Quadra 700
One Centris 650
One Apple LC
One Apple LC III

All these Macs are working, but not used every day. My main
machine is, of course, the G4/867. I fiddle around with Debian
on a few of these when I have time. Most are for sale. Any

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Four of 'em
Authored by: me_94501 on Apr 18, '03 07:22:10PM

I have Macs ranging from a Plus to an iMac G3, with a
PowerMac 7500 and IIci in between. I had a Performa 578
at one point. All work except for the IIci, which is without a
hard drive.

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Only 2, used to be 4
Authored by: csmith on Apr 18, '03 07:55:12PM

I only have two now, a TiBook 667 (Jaguar) and a PowerBook G3 Wall
Street (OS 9). Last August, I had to find a good home for my PowerMac
G3 beige tower, and I sold my MacPlus on Ebay--all because I was
moving to Spain. It hurt to part with them. I had already sold my
MacPortable on Ebay a year before that.

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More than 30
Authored by: Brian Kendig on Apr 19, '03 01:41:37AM

I've got more than thirty Macs in my collection. Here are
the unique ones that I've got. All but two are in working

Mac Plus prototype (in 512k case, not bootable)
Mac Plus (beige)
Mac Plus (platinum)
Mac SE (dual 800k floppy)
Mac SE/30
Color Classic
Mac II prototype (in Plus case, not bootable)
Mac II
Mac IIcx
Mac IIci
Mac IIfx
Mac IIvx
Quadra 700
PowerBook 100
PowerBook 160
PowerBook 165c
PowerBook 170
LC 475
Quadra 630
Power Mac 6100
Power Mac 8500
Power Mac G3 (beige tower)
iBook (Tangerine)
Power Mac G4 (Graphite)

And here's the non-Mac still-Apple stuff I have:

Apple II+
Apple IIe
Apple IIGS
Newton MP130

I'm always looking for more to add to my collection --
especially a PowerBook Duo, a Newton MP2100, a 20th
Anniversary Mac, or a Mac TV (or the black AIO LC which
was sold abroad)!

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More than 30
Authored by: rbloss on Apr 19, '03 11:37:09AM

After a long absence I am returning to Macs. Got three at the moment, a B&W G3/400 (still in transit!), a 9500/200 and a IIci. Like the 9500/200 but the G3 will get me to OS X (finally). Actually went to Frys and bought a retail OS X the other day. It's hard just looking at that box but at least I've got it ready for the new machine.

I am finally disillusioned enough with Microsoft to move away from my substantial investment in PC hardware. I can't find a Linux distribution that will really work well enough. Of course my wife thinks I am nuts!

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5 here
Authored by: Applal on Apr 19, '03 10:29:14AM

Personal machine is an MDD dual 1 gig, then 3 iMacs, a revA, a
revD firewire 400 and a revD 350 non-firewire....all 4 running OSX
10.2.5 Not a problem with any of them
Also have a performa 6400 running 9.1

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7 here... all working!
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Apr 19, '03 06:53:08PM

I have a G4/400 (Digital Audio)... my main machine, a PowerCenter 132 (with 500 MHz G3) which is now my son's box, a MacPortable (with backlight), a Quadra 610, 2 Mac Pluses (one with hard drive) and a 512K. :)

I just got rid of a Quadra 610, 2 Mac II fx's and 2 Mac II ci's.

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7 here... all working!
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Apr 19, '03 06:54:53PM

Oops.. that should have read G4/466 (digital audio)... but you all knew that!

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tempted to count the 7500 twice
Authored by: LouieNet on Apr 20, '03 04:10:48AM

I feel like my PowerMac 7500 became a new machine when I upgraded it with a G4 card! :) I can't believe I spent nearly $3000 on the machine, then got kicked in the stomach when the 7600s came out a month or two later. Guess I finally got my money's worth....

G4 cube, 1152M RAM, OS X Server 10.2.4

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Authored by: iPodder on Apr 21, '03 08:14:39PM

We seem to have a Mac from almost every generation:

Mac Plus
Performa 600
Power Mac 6500/250
iMac DV 400 Blueberry
iMac CD-RW 600 Graphite (the main one)
PowerBook G4 667 MHz (well, not really)
iBook 600 MHz

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Six Macs!
Authored by: henrod on Apr 21, '03 11:20:18PM

Here goes:

1. SE (w/Mobius 030 card and 20" b/w monitor)
2. Quadra 650
3. Power Computing PCP 210 w/Sonnet G4/800 card & Sonnet Tango
4. Powerbook 500 w/PPC upgrade card (I forget which one!)
5. Powerbook G3 Pismo
6. G4 Cube 450

The Cube, PBG3 and clone are all up and running. Jaguar on G3/G4, 9.1 on clone. Even with Sonnet's software, I can't get OS X happening on the clone!

The house is networked. I have a cable modem that feeds a Linksys router. The router goes out to: 1) the clone, 2) an Airport base station, 3) an AsanteTalk box for HP Laserjet printer sharing. Everything works! Pretty cool stuff.

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Only 3
Authored by: bboarder12_ on Apr 21, '03 11:49:39PM

I only have 3 macs

iBook 600
PowerBook 155
PowerBook 160

They all boot and run fine

I got Appleworks 5 to run on the 160
but it exploded.

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Evolution Lineup
Authored by: MrWizard on Apr 22, '03 05:17:38PM
Quite a collection when you put it all in one place...
In rough chronological order

Classic (does anyone else miss Shufflepuck Cafe?!)
PowerBook (unsure of model)
Performa 6400
Powerbook G3 450
2 x Dual G4 450

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only 5
Authored by: secundar on Apr 22, '03 07:33:33PM

I think some mac users have this disease that causes them to
freeze whenever they see a Mac discarded on the street.

SE30 was recued from such a curb.

8150 Server (won at a raffle at work, still haven't looked inside
but it works)

8500 (another co-worker won this @ work but couldn't find a use
for it. Not sure what's in that either. Not booted yet but i hope to
plug in my trusty Umax scanner.)

B&W G3-450. I told myself I was going to sell this on ebay like
my other old mac HW. It's still here - soon to be a server.

An finally my trusty Sawtooth humming along with a new
GigaDesigns G4-1.33 proc.

I sometimes miss my WallstreetII.

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Just the three...
Authored by: Chris Haynes on Apr 23, '03 03:45:02PM

Newest to oldest:
- 12" PowerBook G4/867, 640MB RAM, Combo drive, 10.2.5
- PowerMac Cube G4/450, 768MB RAM, DVD-ROM, 10.2.5
- PowerMac G4/867DP, 768MB RAM, Combo drive, 10.2.5 & 9.2.2

All three machines are linked via AirPort or AirPort Extreme to an AirPort Extreme Base Station and hooked to the net via a 1Mbps cable connection.

Also have an Apple 17" LCD Studio Display and an Apple 15" LCD Studio Display.

Rob, if you're gonna get a Cube... DO IT!!! So quiet, so small, so sexy! (Ahem...)


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Guilty with 5
Authored by: outofcontrol on Apr 23, '03 11:57:30PM

Well, I thought I only had 4, but I was wrong. Counting the wife's machines too:

1 Ti400
1 G4 867 Single
1 iBook 600
1 80/8100
1 Powerbook 150 (I think)

All are working, and we plan on adding more. Should I mention I have 1 Windoze box and 1 Linux box too, but they don't really count.

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call me lucky...
Authored by: drjones on Apr 24, '03 05:50:50PM

all myhome Macs were 'recovered' from work:
7600 running router duties with 2 NICs, IPnetRouter, cable
G3 Beige
Then we added a 'leafblower' G4 DP 867 (wife)
Then they took back the Beige and the G4DP, so I just had to get another leafblower, 1Gz DP superdrive 8^}
guess I won't be getting a PB till they have 970 cpu's ;(

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let's see...11
Authored by: kevinrist on Apr 24, '03 08:21:56PM

iMac FP 800 / superdrive
20th Anniv. G3 upgrade
PowerMac 8600
PowerMac 7500 G3 300 mHz (in 8100 tower case) running OS X
PowerMac 7600 G3 300 PC Compatibility (trying to find Win95)
iBook 600 mHz
PB 1400 G3 400-used daily
PB 3400c used often
WGS 95 running A/UX (original CD's!)
iMac 350 (no firewire)
PM 6500 in performa 6205 case

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16 with one more soon(ish)
Authored by: basq on Apr 24, '03 08:49:03PM

Have had a Mac since the day they became available. Including
original Mac 128K, Mac 512K, MacII, MacIIx (needs power
supply), SE, SE30, IIsi, Quadra 605, Quadra 800, Centris 650,
Performa 630, PowerMac G3, B&WG3, DP800 Quicksilver,
PowerBook 165c, and Powerbook Pismo. Currently saving my
pennies for a next generation Mac (64 bit system?) with a 20"
Cinema Display... ummm 64 bit....

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Make that seventeen
Authored by: basq on Apr 24, '03 08:56:32PM

Forgot about the PowerMac 7600 (upgraded to 233 G3).

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Authored by: GORDYmac on Apr 25, '03 03:06:48PM

Oldest to newest, with status

LC - Dead
PB 165 - Dead
Performa 630CD - On life support
iMac DV SE - Still working
iBook 500 - Still working
Quicksilver 933 - The workhorse!

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Authored by: zookie on Apr 26, '03 11:37:41AM

-PowerBook 5300ce with Ethernet PMCPMI card (still works!)
-iMac Snow 500mhz -used as Airport Software Base Station, works very well in my place!
-PowerBook G4 1GHz, 1GB Memory. (Gigabit Edition)

Got hooked on Mac after my last PC died. Client loaned me PowerBook 5300ce (which I haven't yet returned...). Wish I grew up with Mac!


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Authored by: xpurple on Apr 27, '03 06:19:27AM
I have over a hundred macs. Probably about 108 total. They range from the lowly 512k to an iBook. Lots in between.

Also, check out, she's my LCIII webserver!

The king of no pants!

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I have 23 macs
Authored by: klandrus on Apr 27, '03 05:53:22PM

All work except for 1 of the Plus's which lost its horz. sync when I moved from texas, and the 660av, which stopped working after I was playing with the insides too much.

Mac Plus * 3 (1 not working)
Mac SE
Mac IIx
Mac IISi
Mac Classic
Mac Classic II
Mac LC
Mac LC 475
Powerbook Duo 230
Performa 630
Performa 630 CD
Mac Quadra 660 AV (not working)
Mac Qudra 950
Powermac 6100CD
Powermac 6300
Powermac 7200
Powercomputing Powercenter 150

Currently in use;
iMac DV (Grape)
iBook Indigo (366)
IBook ice 14" 800Mhz
G4 (Quicksilver 2002)

SGI Indigo II
SGI O2 (my favorite non-mac)
SUN Ultra 5

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22+1, all in working order
Authored by: Bink on Apr 28, '03 05:20:02AM

Apple IIgs (ok, so this isn't really a Mac, it's still pretty cool)

Mac 512k (.5/0)

Mac Plus (4/100MB Zip drive, System 7.0.1)

Mac SE (1/20, System 6.0.8)

Mac SE (4/40, System 6.0.8)

Mac Classic (2/80, System 6.0.8)

Mac Classic (4/80, System 6.0.8)

IIsi (5/80, PDS ethernet, System 7.0.1)

LC520 (32/80, COMM slot ethernet, caddy-loading cd-rom,
System 7.5)

Mac SE/30 (20/250, SCSI etherenet, replaced CRT, total badass,
System 7.5.5)

IIci (0/0, no top)

IIci (20/350, 33MHz CPU card, RasterOPS video, Asante
ethernet, System 7.5.x)

Quadra 840av (80/500, System 8.0)

Performa 638CD (24/350, 6300 logic board upgrade, TV card, no
ethernet!, System 7.5.3)

PowerMac 6100/66 (32/1GB, DOS card w/16M, System 7.5.3/
Windows 3.1)

PowerMac 7200/90 (16/350, System 7.6.1)

PowerMac 7500/100 (112/500, 120MHz 604 card, Asante 10/100
NIC, System 8.6)

PowerMac 6500/275 (128/4GB, 10/100 NIC, TV, FM, A/V in/out,
2x caddy-loading CD-R, System 9.1)

Powerbook 145b (4/120, System 7.1)

Mac Portable (8/80, no battery, System 7.1)

Powerbook 180c (8/120, Frankenbook -- pb180c upper half &
pb180 lower half, System 7.5.5)

Powerbook 520c (12/350, System 7.6)

Powerbook G4 (384/20GB, Airport card, MacOS 10.2.5)

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Authored by: gmackenz on Apr 28, '03 10:33:10PM

The All black wonderputer!

Lost the remote :(



Color Classic

And the two cubes I currently use (this upgraded to 1.2 GHz).

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6 Macs!
Authored by: juz10mac on Dec 03, '04 09:41:42AM

* Powerbook 180 - Works
* Powerbook 165c - Works (I need a new AC adapter, though. It runs from a battery charged by the PB 180)
* Powerbook 520c - Works
* Mac II - Dead power supply
* Mac Classic - Works (I have it sitting by my TV for novelty)
* iBook G4 - Works (my primary computer)

I also have a bunch of PC machines.

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How many Macs (working or not) do you own?
Authored by: xenawp on Oct 23, '09 12:54:47PM

3 Macs (one not working yet) and 1 Apple II E (working)

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