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How many networked (Ethernet, AirPort, etc.) devices are on your home network (do not count printers, etc. attached directly to machines)?

1/1: How many networked (Ethernet, AirPort, etc.) devices are on your home network (do not count printers, etc. attached directly to machines)?

None, I have no network at home 273 (3.44%)
2 854 (10.78%)
3 1,264 (15.95%)
4 1,282 (16.18%)
5 1,166 (14.71%)
6 877 (11.07%)
7 572 (7.22%)
8 431 (5.44%)
9 265 (3.34%)
10 274 (3.46%)
11 125 (1.58%)
12 127 (1.60%)
13 52 (0.66%)
14 45 (0.57%)
15 or more 318 (4.01%)
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How many networked (Ethernet, AirPort, etc.) devices are on your home network (do not count printers, etc. attached directly to machines)? | 29 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: brett_x on Jan 29, '07 05:52:31AM

Should I count the people that use my wide-open 802.11 router?

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Above Average
Authored by: Twist on Jan 29, '07 06:36:55AM

Looks like we are a bit above the average (so far) at my house with nine devices. Two laptops (soon to be three), three desktop computers (might become two once the third laptop arrives unless I decide I want a Windows XP machine to play around with), a Palm TX, a Xbox 360, a Xbox, and a Playstation 2. The laptops, the Palm, and one of the desktops are wireless while everything else is wired.

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My Vote...
Authored by: Coumerelli on Jan 29, '07 06:38:21AM

MB, iBook, iMac (old Bondi 400mhz for the kids), Printer, AirPort, AirPortExpress, and TiVo.

"The best way to accelerate a PC is 9.8 m/s2"

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Poll closed?
Authored by: adrianm on Jan 29, '07 06:45:33AM

This poll just appeared in the RSS feed, yet, when I got here it was closed... The post date is only a couple of hours ago...

Anyway, I've got 6: 3 Macs (ibook, mini, macpro), wife's Inspiron, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii.

Probably doesn't count, but the Macpro regularly hosts (via Parallels) the following virtual PCs: XP, Win2k, Solaris 10, Ubuntu Linux, and very occasionally, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 :-)

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Poll closed?
Authored by: codingismy11to7 on Jan 29, '07 06:51:01AM

change the link to &aid=0 instead of -1

I put 6, but i forgot about the DS wifi....bah. Did count the wii, though

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Poll closed?
Authored by: robg on Jan 29, '07 07:10:39AM

I fixed the link in the RSS; it should be good to go now.


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Let's see...
Authored by: giaguara on Jan 29, '07 07:09:49AM

Never occurred to count them.
So let's see ...
6 Mac laptops
1 Windows laptop
4-5 Mac desktops
1 Newton
2 Nintendo DS Lites
Probably around 6-10 mobile phones which would be network capable
1 AirMac Extreme
1 Airport Express
1 Linksys wireless router
and I probably forgot something...


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What about a '1' option?
Authored by: DavidShepherdson on Jan 29, '07 07:50:21AM

There's just my Mac and the router on my network; or does the router count too, so that makes two?

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What about a '1' option?
Authored by: bailey_ca on Mar 16, '07 06:51:18PM

No, that just means you don't really have a "network" per se... Though you have networking equipment. :-)

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Now that I've actually counted...
Authored by: swimboy on Jan 29, '07 08:21:45AM

I didn't think my network was that big, but I've got...

1 Dedicated firewall
3 Mac Desktops
1 Mac Laptop
3 PC Desktops
2 PC Laptops
1 Airport
1 VOIP adapter
1 File Server
1 MythTV Server
4 MythTV Frontends

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only 5...
Authored by: reece146 on Jan 29, '07 09:00:01AM

1.) Intel E6400 Gentoo Linux Server (sendmail/uw-imap, apache/php, mysql, nfs exports of home dirs, etc.) via GigE.

2.) Apple Dual G5 as family main workstation. All home dirs remote mounted, local installed apps. GigE as well.

3.) VIA-EPIA/Gentoo based carputer connected via WiFi in the workshop when car is home.

4.) VIA-EPIA/Gentoo based carputer connected via WiFi in the workshop when car is home.

5.) Retro P4 based Gentoo/Linux beige box server acting as dev box for carputers and "offsite" backup storage (rsync) for host #1 above. GigE attached. This host also works as a workstation in the worshop for accessing the vehicle field service manuals and for doing Internet based research on vehicle related issues (I'm a "car guy" with custom projects).

The workshop is ~40' away from the house so it solves the whole off-site issue for my backups.

I expect that an AppleTV and a Mac workstation for my oldest son is on the horizon.

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Voted for seven, but actually eight
Authored by: bedouin on Jan 29, '07 11:17:21AM

1) PowerMac (2002 Quicksilver)
2) Black MacBook
3) Tangerine iMac DV
4) Classic II (attached via SCSI > Ethernet adapter)
5) Linksys router
6) Linksys switch (in another room)
7) Encore 10BaseT hub (the Classic II is attached to this, since no auto sensing hub/switch can work with its ethernet adapter)
8) Neighbor's Windows PC (authorized, not leeching)

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My home rig
Authored by: ndifranco on Jan 29, '07 12:40:40PM


1) Fios Router (yeah!)
2) Airport base station linked to my...
3) Blue and White G3
4) PB 12" (mine)
5) PB 12" (wife's)
6) Airport Express running AirTunes to my stereo
7) Another Airport Express for our photo printer

I left off my work laptop, since (a) it's a Dull, and (b) the stupid wireless radio in it keeps dropping me off the network.

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Authored by: flammable on Jan 29, '07 01:40:55PM

D'oh...was too busy counting the computers, that I forgot the networking equipment. :)

Two Power Macs, a MacBook, a PowerBook, two PC desktops, a PC laptop, a MythTV box, three switches, and two routers.

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Oops! Forgot Wii
Authored by: avarame on Jan 29, '07 01:46:41PM

I voted 10, but forgot about the Wii. That makes it eleven!

Five computer science undergrads living in a house.
-Titanium 800mhz, Aluminum 1.5ghz
-Dell laptop, custom desktop
-MacBook Pro
-Dell laptop
-Dell laptop, Last-rev Aluminum, custom desktop, girlfriend's MacBook Pro
-Custom Linux server

I didn't count the two WRT54Gs (running dd-wrt firmware), that's infrastructure.

I'm surprised, listing it now, how many Dells we have! They nearly tie the Macs.

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Now that I've counted...
Authored by: redclawx on Jan 29, '07 04:53:11PM

In the order from my ISP connection:
1 wired 4-port linksys router
1 main G4 Mac
1 network HP printer
1 PS2
1 wireless 4-port linksys router
1 main pc
1 mac server
1 vonage

I've got 2 empty ports left, one on the linksys and one on the vonage. No wireless computers yet, but that's bound to change sometime in the future.

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Authored by: mspangler on Jan 29, '07 06:31:57PM

not counting the pair of Apple IIGS machines on local talk.

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More than I realized!
Authored by: zane on Jan 29, '07 11:48:28PM

2 x Apple Powerbooks
2 x Windows Desktops
1 x xBox360
1 x Nintendo Wii
1 x Airport Express
1 x Linksys DSL Modem
1 x GigaBit 5-Port Switch
1 x HTC Apache (PPC6600) PDA/Phone
2 x Sony PSPs
1 x ERS-210 AIBO Sony Robot Dog
1 x ERS-220A AIBO Sony Robot Dog

Total: 14. All networked, either wired or wireless.

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Authored by: mmulhern on Jan 30, '07 01:17:39PM
I forgot the old PC that is currently "off-line" but that I'm rebuilding as a NAS (using FreeNAS )

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3, plus occasionals
Authored by: aylwin on Feb 04, '07 08:42:53AM

We have a PB 12", a PB 15", and a PowerMac G4 on our network pretty much full time, with a PB 12" and iBook G3 12" that like to visit on occasion.

Plus whoever manages to sniff our open but non-broadcasting network.

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devices on home net
Authored by: tonyo on Feb 05, '07 08:35:53AM

Goin' around the house -

1. Xbox in upstairs boy's room,

2. Print server w/Laserjet in master bedroom

3. Wii in living room

4. TiVo in living room

5. iBook

6. Toshiba laptop

7. Dual G4 in dining room

8. whatever visiting laptop happens to be here at any time

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devices on home net
Authored by: adrianm on Feb 16, '07 09:42:05AM
2. Print server w/Laserjet in master bedroom

Sounds romantic :-)

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Way too many
Authored by: Hodag on Feb 07, '07 09:40:32AM

2)Intel iMac*
3)Sawtooth G4
4)Beige G3 Minitower #1
5)Beige G3 Minitower #2
6)Newton 2100
7)HP 2100 Laser Printer
8)HP Windows Boxen
9)Medion Windows Boxen
10)Homebuilt Windows Boxen
11)PB 190cs
12)PB Duo 270c
13)SE/30 #1
14)SE/30 #2
15)Managed Switch
16)Autosensing Switch
17)Airport Extreme
19)030 NeXT Pizza Box

*=Machine connected by wifi

Adam C.

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Routers count?
Authored by: magnamous on Feb 11, '07 08:49:02PM

I didn't know that. My vote was 7, but with routers included, I have 9.

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Voted 9 but I guess I have more...
Authored by: jmdevaney on Feb 13, '07 08:35:38AM

TW Cable Modem
Linksys RVS400 (4 Port 10/100/1000)
Dell PowerConnect 24 Port Managed Switch (10/100/1000)
Airport Extreme
Airport Express WDS (Living Room)
Airport Express WDS (Basement)
Airport Express WDS (Neighbors Next Door)
iMac Core2Duo (Wired Gig 10/100/1000)
PowerMac G4 (Wired Gig 10/100/1000)
MacBook CoreDuo (Wireless)
Mac mini G4 (Wired through Airport Express @ Neighbors)
Dell Optiplex Linux Server (Wired 10/100/100)
Synology NAS (Wired 10/100/1000)
HP LaserJet 2600N Color (Wired 10/100)
Linksys Network Camera (Wired 10/100)
Linksys NAS (Wired 10/100)


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Authored by: Gisch on Feb 14, '07 06:15:49PM

With 7 full time people and 2 part time people in the house, we've collected quite a few...

1 Mini
2 Custom PCs
4 HP Laptops
1 Toshiba Laptop
1 Dell Laptop
2 Dell Desktops
2 Wiis
2 DSs
1 Xbox
1 PS2

1 Linksys Cable Modem
1 Linksys WRT54G
1 D-Link switch

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Authored by: bauldrywc on Mar 10, '07 07:57:06AM

Curious: looks to be Poisson distribution with a mean (lambda) of about 4.

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More Info Please
Authored by: TheCrunge on Mar 16, '07 10:04:43AM
OK, now please post your address and your work schedule. ;)

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a few...
Authored by: boxman_leic on May 14, '07 05:47:36PM

1) Wifi router
2) 10base-t hub
3) P4 slackware&windose server/workstation
4) blue & white G3
5) blue iMac g3
6) iBook G4
7) naff looking PIII laptop
8) girlfreinds mini mac
9) via-epia MII(in Mac SE case)
10) old skool P1 (vnc viewer)
didn't realise how meny i had... weird. :-)

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