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Which of the following choices would do the most to secure Apple's future success?

1/1: Which of the following choices would do the most to secure Apple's future success?

A super-cheap entry level box 379 (10.84%)
Lower prices across the board 650 (18.60%)
Faster Moto/IBM CPUs 1,342 (38.40%)
OS X on Intel/AMD CPUs 565 (16.17%)
New Quad CPU models 108 (3.09%)
A successful iPDA device 128 (3.66%)
A new marketing campaign 40 (1.14%)
Bring back the Newton! 104 (2.98%)
Something else 110 (3.15%)
Nothing will help... 34 (0.97%)
Nothing will help... 35 (1.00%)
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Which of the following choices would do the most to secure Apple's future success? | 32 comments | Create New Account
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Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: ibook on Feb 18, '03 02:18:42PM

One thing would help. Faster, cheaper computers that run Windows. I don't think many Windows users are 'brave' enough to change OS, which involves a lot of learning and a lot of money to buy new versions of applications. But I reckon lots of Windows users would happily buy Apple hardware, IF it ran Windows.

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Faster, cheaper, runs Windows and, oh, cures cancer, too.
Authored by: noworryz on Feb 18, '03 05:29:30PM

Who could ask for anything more?

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Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: little_dude on Feb 19, '03 02:54:40PM

wrong. If Apple were to build Windows Machines ,they'd have dump their prices and compete with companies like Dell or HPaq. In no way can they justify their current pricing. Proffits will tumble, R&D expenses will be cut to minimal, and before you know it, Apple would be just another PC clone. B.Gates' dream come true.

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RE:Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: richtestani on Feb 19, '03 04:39:01PM
If Apple were to lower their costs, they would cheapen their product. Not physically but in the mind. Apple should be pricier than Windows boxes as they are special pieces of hardware, not just a box with circuitry. Like the iPod, this is high-end equipment that was designed to be more than just an mp3 player - it was an iPod. Macs are PowerMacs...This is what seperates computers from products or brands.


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RE:Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: Mikey-San on Feb 24, '03 11:00:31AM

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

"They should remain expensive because that means they're worth more."

Let me guess what you're wearing right now:

$129 Nike shoes, $50 Tommy Hilfiger pants, a $35 Structure shirt, and a $30 American Eagle hat.

Did I miss anything?

If expensive means getting what you pay for, fine. If it's expensive for the sake of being worth more, you should be investing in South African diamonds instead of computers.

Lower prices in technology == good.


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RE:Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: richtestani on Feb 26, '03 02:09:41PM
While it may sound stupid it true in any market. You have a hi-end version and a low-end version. Regardless of wat I may be wearing, there are expensive t-shirt that are 25 or 35 dollars and the same quality shirt for 10 or 15 dollars. You are not all together buying a computer, you are buying a brand. It is sold to those people who can differenciate this. Don't tell me you buy all stop & shop (or what ever generic food market brand) and not any specific brands? You buy them cause it makes you feel good. Apple is no different - if everyone in the industry had there computers set to $1299 and looked the same, which would you buy? It does not matter.
Rich Testani

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RE:Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: Mikey-San on Feb 27, '03 01:38:40AM

Would you like some methadone? Those drugs you're on are strong!

I buy things not because they're expensive--a Scout is thrifty, as they say--but because they serve a purpose.

If I can save money and get them cheaper, that's what's going to happen.

I happen to buy both big brand food and store brand food. Why? Ukrop's (Virginia grocery store chain) happens to make good sandwich bread, and they sell it for less than Wonder or other stuff.

Sometimes, I prefer the national brand stuff, and am willing to pay more. This goes for computers. I buy Apple stuff because I prefer it, not because paying $300 more than my friends makes me somehow smarter or better.

It doesn't. It's wasteful. You wouldn't pay $70,000 for a two-door Ford Taurus, because in the end, it's still just a two-door Ford Taurus. Your friends would look at you and laugh their asses off.

Now, if that Taurus came with "laser beams", suddenly it has a feature that can justify the cost; it's not just an overpriced sedan anymore.

If the extra money gets me nicer features, and I like the product more before the cost, it's justifiable to spend the extra money, on a personal, subjective level.

If two shirts are of the same quality (one sans a big-ass banner of the manufacturer's name across the front ;-)), but one is $15 less than the other, what sensible person would get the $30 shirt when he or she could have two for that sam $30? (Or perhaps one shirt and a nice lunch somewhere afterwards. ;-))

Are you a sheep? How does buying that more expensive shirt "feel good"? Because everyone else does the same thing, and ignores the alternative because others do, too? Sounds like the "I need Windows on my PC because everyone has it on theirs" mentality to me.


The sometimes higher price of Macs does not make them better in any way whatsoever. What you get in features makes them worth the extra bones.

If you have so much money to blow, perhaps you could donate it to Mac OS X Hints instead.

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An Apple that ran Windows natively...
Authored by: NeXTLoop on Feb 27, '03 09:57:12AM

Would be the death of Apple. Anyone remember IBM's OS/2? It ran Windows software "natively". The reason developers continued to make OS/2 versions of their software was.... well.... they didn't have any reason to develop OS/2 software. Why should they when they could just develop Windows software and OS/2 customers could run it just fine.

If Apple wanted to include some kind of emulator, say a replacement to VPC, that would be ok. No high performance app ever does real well in emulation, therefore keeping plenty of incentive to keep developing native versions.

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Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: RideMan on Feb 27, '03 05:43:07PM

You got it BACKWARDS.

Apple should not even consider building machines to pander to Microsoft's dominance of the computing industry. How could that possibly help? Apple would end up building machines not significantly different from all the other beige boxes out there.

What would make more sense would be for Apple to try and capitalize on Microsoft's latest attempts to alienate their core customer base. Get aggressive. Present themselves as a viable alternative to Microsoft. The way to do that isn't through Apple's technically-more advanced hardware. It's too expensive. There is no way Apple can compete with the beige boxes. But what if you could run OS-X on your beige box? Microsoft is making a concerted effort to get all those businesses who have adequate PCs running Windows '98 and Windows 2000 to convert to Windows XP. If companies are being pushed to upgrade and throw out all their old software anyway, why not give them an alternative: Give them an opportunity to upgrade to OS-X instead.

--Dave Althoff, ][.

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Apple computers that run Windows.
Authored by: GaelicWizard on Mar 01, '03 06:14:18PM

You are a damn idiot.



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The newton
Authored by: Accura on Feb 18, '03 10:25:21PM

Rob, whats with you and newtons? did you use to own one and still use it or something?

"The time has come," the walrus said. "To talk of many things..."

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The newton
Authored by: robg on Feb 19, '03 12:51:29AM

Nope, but they were interesting machines ;-).


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The newton
Authored by: stetner on Feb 19, '03 01:33:56AM

Hey, leave Rob alone.... 2.9% of us still love our Newton's! 8-)

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The newton
Authored by: hmelton on Feb 19, '03 10:56:38AM

That was before I voted too. While I love my iBook, it's still a bit large. I only gave up my Newton when the jaggies got too bad.

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The newton
Authored by: ihafro on Feb 19, '03 11:50:51PM

I'd die to get my hands on a Newton 2100. Remeber, these machines are still more powerful than a Palm and just recently got eclipsed by the Pocket PCs (to be fair, a pretty decent device, considering the darkness that they sprang from) about 2 years ago.

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The newton
Authored by: MD7A on Mar 03, '03 03:21:38PM

There is still a fairly active newton community out there, and a ready market for 2100's and others on ebay.
You can even sync with the iApps in OSX over ethernet or 802.11b
It won't save Apple, but Cupertino can take some credit for the whole PDA paradigm.
I'm sticking with my Newton 2000.

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Apple is the "dumb blond" of the computer industry...
Authored by: GORDYmac on Feb 19, '03 09:13:26AM

You know, "a great product, but an awful marketing department"...

Apple is a "Dell Guy" or something like that away from higher sales. Why not say explicitly that there are retail stores in the commercials? Why not say "visit the Apple store online or in your area for more info"?

Damn, we get it. The products are cool. Now, sell the damned things in the commercials!

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Apple is the "dumb blond" of the computer industry...
Authored by: little_dude on Feb 19, '03 02:57:15PM

I don't know if you're right... If a commercial gets people excited about the product, they'll find a way to buy it. would be my first guess if I had never heard of the product.

IMHO, they have to focus first on being different, standing out, grabbing the attention of the viewer. They do that reasonably well, compared with the other PC manufacturers.

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Apple is the "dumb blond" of the computer industry...
Authored by: Ezekiel on Feb 22, '03 03:36:15AM

"Dumb blond"?


I always thought of it as the total opposite...

Smart and tasteful.

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Speed and technology
Authored by: lestmak on Feb 19, '03 09:18:50AM

Apple's recent success had come from innovation and the adoption of new technologies such as USB and Firewire well before other manufacturers. And of course it's the snazzy design. Nonetheless, I reckon Apple has been to slow to adopt USB2 and increasing its bus speeds. Plus with PPC chips 'appearing slower' than Intel chips (even though we know it's not true), it's a mental barrier that's becoming even harder to overcome to win over Windows users.

But, hey, if Apple keeps making genuinely stylish products such as the AlBook/TiBook and the iPod, it can't really go wrong. It's mouthwatering just to think what they might come up with next!

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You Can't Lead and Follow at the Same Time
Authored by: youcanrunnaked on Feb 19, '03 12:06:14PM

Apple excelles at innovation and delivering leading-edge technologies in an eay-to-use form. But its procesor speeds lag. It's a contradiction. Fix that, (and add a dash of less obtuse marketing), and the problem is solved. With a higher-powered processor (I'm thinking the new IBM chip in development), they could even bundle the machines with Virtual PC and most people could run their existing Windows appa and not notice the difference. (Okay, maybe 3D games would be a problem.) Stripped models will not please anyone. The eMac is about as low as Apple should go. Lower prices would be welcome (by me, anyway!), but are not the answer for Apple. Look at Gateway. Fighting like a mad dog for market share, and going broke in the process. Better to have a small but stable share of the market, and make money on every sale.

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I still own and use a Newton.
Authored by: Hodag on Feb 19, '03 01:38:23PM

Mine supports Wi-Fi, ATA RAM cards, plays mp3s, Word Processes, Web Browses and has the most kick-ass HWR ever...why shouldn't I still use it?

Adam C.

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Authored by: mmulhern on Feb 19, '03 05:05:40PM

Why bring back the Newton? Well of course it would have to be a colour version with a higher resolution, but what is most important is that all the current PDAs, whatever OS, are too small. There exists a large market for someone to bring out a PDA with an A5 sized high-res screen, this would allow good page viewing/ebook capability, great form factor for writing documents, spreadsheets you can actually use, and the software could quite probably be the same as we're currently using on our Macs.

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Authored by: comodin on Feb 19, '03 08:18:57PM

"Something else" .. cause I'm still waiting for the iPhone ... why they dont put a little phone into the iPod?

greetings from berlin

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What to do?
Authored by: yellow on Feb 20, '03 12:31:29PM

Honestly, what is there that they can do? There's no magic button that will instantly regain 15% of the market share. And no mater how often Windoze stumbles, there isn't a significant drop in the amount of people buying Windoze boxes. Joe Q. Public doesn't give a rat's @$$ about security, vulnerabilities, or exploits. And then, it's hard to compete with a cheap Dell. Sure Apple has the eMac, but if they're anything like the bubble-iMac, then they're low quality parts and a dubious quality computer. Apple is flashy, sexy, and expensive. I think they only thing Apple can keep doing is being flashy, sexy, and innovative. Maybe slowly the word will get out to the lowest common denominator that there is an alternative to a Windozecentric world. But then, do we want those folks running UNIX? Yikes.

My idea? The first true hand-help computer that runs OS X? Nah.

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Authored by: saint.duo on Feb 21, '03 10:00:46PM

I have, and still use a newton 2100 also. It's my second one, actually, as my first was stolen. It does all kinds of good stuff. Though, if I can find a way to afford a 12" PowerBook, the newton may lose some of it's pull to me...


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Core Users
Authored by: noblee on Feb 21, '03 11:38:53PM

Really Apple needs to work on securing its traditional areas of dominance--education and graphics. Right now, Windows is killing them in terms of music, which is just wrong--creative folks should use Apples, dammit! Windows excels because of its dominance in business. This have leveraged it into schools (most law schools don't even support Macs anymore!). If people use a Windows box at work, they probably want the same setup at home and want to learn on it in school (as we all know, schools in the U.S. do not teach theory but are training camps for the business world now). Sorry, I am bitter. Education is now a Microsoft bastion and Apple needs to regain schools and creative areas before it can expect real converts. If they can start getting more corporate support for Macs (the big reason I may need to get a Windows box now is that at law school, many now have software that must be run to submit tests and this will not run in emulation as it is an anti-cheating measure). Now, if Apple could reduce the number of such products, it would fare far better. Here's to 10% market share in 2 years Apple!

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And automatic CD upgrades
Authored by: silverj1 on Feb 22, '03 08:52:05PM

I agree with Noblee as far as regaining the education market but Apple
also needs to tempt and keep the novice users who don't have a friend
or acquaintance to walk them thru upgrades and problems. (I have
subverted an adult son and two nephews to iMacs but am tired of long-
distance phone support for them--& all live in isolated places, no friendly
Mac people within a hundred miles). What if Apple took a lesson from
MacAddict & for each major update sent a copy on CD to each person
who was enrolled in Apple protection or paying for .Mac. No more hours-
long downloads on sometimes marginal dial-ups! (It would help if Apple
did a little more de-bugging of programs before releaase too.) Then
Apple could really sell its iMac line as User Friendly--your updates in your
P.O. box, vetted & ready to load at your convenience--in-your-hand
proofs that Apples Are Better For You.

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PDAs are not the way
Authored by: Lechman on Feb 25, '03 01:12:27AM

I owned a Newton and it was awesome. And I don't care what the critics say, it recognized my handwriting just fine. In fact, that's the only feature I wish my Palm had, instead of that awful "Graffiti" - it's like taking a technological step backward. But I don't see how an Apple PDA could ever be a big seller. The iPod was a boon for Apple only because no one had (or has) a better portable mp3 player. But there are already too many PDAs out there for Apple to compete with. Palm has the el-cheapo market solid, and Microsoft has the pro-level high-dollar market locked. As for a larger, tablet-sized PDA? Well, Microsoft is already treading that ground and even they can't get people to buy into it.
By the way, it would be great if Apple would bundle Virtual PC with their Macs to entice the Wintel crowd to switch, but alas, Microsoft has just bought that as well. Think they'd give it up? Not a chance.

"Me? I don't mean anything." - F. Prefect

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Authored by: ibook on Feb 27, '03 03:59:30PM

Companies spend millions upon millions on advertising. Most of these adverts concentrate on image and brand name, not product quality. Companies charge as much as they can. Supply and demand. Which is dependent on fashion. For example, every city has a 'fashionable' part which is much more expensive than other parts and the only reason it's like this is because people are willing to pay. They buy into a lifestyle. A friend of mine opened a furniture shop some years ago in a well-to-do part of London. His furniture was high quality, hand made, with some first class designs. He imported it from Eastern Europe and could sell it at the fraction of the price of comparable furniture. He hardly sold a thing for months. In desperation he hired a trouble shooter. The trouble shooter took a five minute walk around the neighborhood past the Rolls Royces and Ferraris and told my friend to close the shop, change the name and reopen with everything costing three times as much. This advice cost my friend 1500GBP. Seriously, I'm not making this up. He is now very happy with a very successful furniture business and a thorough understanding of what 'lifestyle product' means.

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Authored by: ibook on Feb 27, '03 04:01:35PM

Oops, the 'Lifestyle' comment was supposed to be part of the 'Apples computers that run Windows' thread. Sorry.

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Authored by: TheRoss on Feb 28, '03 02:02:05PM

An Apple-brand mac ATX motherboard that works with standard PC power supplies and cases...

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