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Most of the time, I use the Finder in this mode:

1/1: Most of the time, I use the Finder in this mode:

Column view 1,304 (54.77%)
Icon view 411 (17.26%)
List view 467 (19.61%)
I use Path Finder instead 30 (1.26%)
The Terminal is my Finder! 133 (5.59%)
I only run PPC Linux on my Mac 24 (1.01%)
Other? 12 (0.50%)
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Most of the time, I use the Finder in this mode: | 12 comments | Create New Account
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List view is bettah!
Authored by: zacht on Feb 27, '04 10:38:35AM

List view is bettah. List view is my bath companion.


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Authored by: buddilla on Feb 27, '04 11:07:40PM
I use the terminal only when i need to navigate invisable files so i use both column view as well as teminal to
open invisable_file_directory_here 
to view in column view. lol...

aim: buddilla

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Authored by: momerath on Feb 28, '04 01:31:18AM

If you install pine, you get the nifty file browser Pilot along with it, which is good for finding invisible files and such.

(I use column view normally, of course)

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Authored by: Accura on Mar 03, '04 07:26:55PM

Just use the "Go To Folder" menu item in the "Go" menu. (command-shift-g)


"The time has come," the walrus said. "To talk of many things..."

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Authored by: ecasadei on Feb 28, '04 01:33:40PM
I use Quicksilver. It's not really a Finder replacement app like Path Finder is, but it complements it so well that I hardly ever need to go to the Finder anymore. The browsing feature is similar to column view.

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It ought to depend
Authored by: JoeHope on Feb 29, '04 05:26:53PM

...on what you're doing at the time. I chose "other", because I'm regularly switching between all three.

Column is vastly better for scanning through directory trees

List is better for sorting by date / looking at sizes and generally dealing with things when you're sure you're in the right directory

Icon is excellent for my home page, where I *know* where everything is - spatially.

A true power user wouldn't restrict themselves to "the UI must look like this", but rather choose between them for efficiency.

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It ought to depend- ditto
Authored by: NeutronMonk on Mar 03, '04 07:32:05AM

Agreed. For example, when burrowing the hard drive, column view is best. When opening Applications, I like list view for the size, version, etc. columns. Folders of graphic images I have set to icon view, huge (128x128). I just wish the finder was more consistent with these settings. If I open the applications folder from the dock, it always remembers what I set it to (list). In this new finder window, if I click a graphics folder in the sidebar, it will open properly as (icon). If in this same finder window I click on my harddrive ( above the bar that separates the disks from the rest of the sidebar stuff), it will open properly in column view; however, now whatever I click on in the sidebar wants to open in column view, regardless of where I had it set. If you confine your clicking to the stuff below "the bar" in the sidebar, it will open as you set it.
My other big wish is for a method to see invisible files in only one view; i.e., the ability to see invisible files only when I'm browsing my HD in column view. Anybody know if this has been done?

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Authored by: RideMan on Mar 05, '04 07:04:36PM

Am I the only person here who fact, DETESTS...the @#$! column view? Because I have some Panther-hostile software, I haven't updated to X.3 yet, but I've got more than enough reason to upgrade: in Panther, I can get the list view in dialogs, so that I can be rid of the column view ENTIRELY!

The OS-X file system has so many almost-but-not-quite identical branches in the file tree (how many 'bin' directories are there, anyway?) that the column view is darned near useless because there's no way to tell which branch you're looking at. Column view is OK when you're drilling down from the top, but, as in a dialog box, when you're dumped into the middle of the tree someplace, it's horrible.

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Authored by: syko on Mar 09, '04 05:22:56PM

i detest it, too!!!

list view all the way!

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I want Columns .. always
Authored by: biglug on Mar 06, '04 06:01:52PM
I love column view .. handiest thing ever .. however you do need to activate the 'path' tool in the toolbar, just so you can check where you are. So I've two suggestions:
  1. Puth the path in the title, or put the active directory of off-screen columns in a visible list (maybe running verically as a 0th column?)
  2. Left me force column view. I'm sure I've seen a Finder for new windows to open in column view, but it just isn't honored. My AFS servers always open in icon view (eww!). I figure let me set a real default and then let me override it (storing my overrides in my ~ so that other users can't change my preferences and I can't change theirs!)

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Replaced Finder with Terminal
Authored by: platon on Mar 08, '04 10:17:22AM

I replaced Finder with Terminal, so after Login the Finder isn't starting up.

Whenever I need a Filebrowser I use Konqueror. Runs very smooth within X11, just startup is slow.

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Column View Rules!!!
Authored by: judahb on Mar 09, '04 02:39:36AM
Ever since I have swithed over to the OS X platform I have always used the column view. I used to have to use the terminal to find hidden files, but ever since I started using TinkerTool, that has stopped. TinkerTool is a good way to see and manipulate normally hidden files.


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