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What product/news do you most hope to see revealed during Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld Expo?

1/1: What product/news do you most hope to see revealed during Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld Expo?

2nd gen iPhone (3G, GPS, etc.) 453 (15.69%)
Beatles in the iTunes Store 63 (2.18%)
iTunes Store movie rentals 98 (3.39%)
More DRM-free music in iTunes Store 89 (3.08%)
New AppleTV (with DVR?) 288 (9.97%)
New displays 58 (2.01%)
New iPods 41 (1.42%)
New iSight camera 42 (1.45%)
New Mac Pros 152 (5.26%)
New MacBook Pros (standard sizes) 211 (7.31%)
Return of NBC TV to iTunes Store 23 (0.80%)
Ultra portable Mac 891 (30.85%)
Something else entirely 273 (9.45%)
All of the above 206 (7.13%)
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What product/news do you most hope to see revealed during Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld Expo? | 15 comments | Create New Account
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MacBook update, not a new portable
Authored by: zellpharm on Jan 04, '08 09:05:00AM

Sorry but why does everyone think Apple will have a totally new "ultra portable" laptop to add to the line up. Seems to me they would just replace the MacBook with such a desirable model and leave the MacBook Pro alone the way it is. After all, they can't possibly reduce the thickness of a MacBook Pro as it's being reported and still keep all the fun bits they like to have on the Pro model. Makes more sense to update the MacBook since everything else in the product lines have shed the "plastic" housings and gone to aluminum...

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MacBook update, not a new portable
Authored by: IHateScreenNames on Jan 04, '08 09:24:26AM

The poll is not what you THINK will be released but what you MOST WANT to be released. I think that's why the "ultra-portable" is so high.

Although my vote went to movie rentals (and I would hope they would be higher quality) what I really want is another iPhone price drop and a 16 GB option. I don't think either of those would merit a major keynote intro, though, more like an on the side.

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MacBook update, not a new portable
Authored by: outofcontrol on Jan 11, '08 05:59:06AM

Movie rentals are fine if you live in the US. But any type of iTunes related new media will undoubtedly reach the rest of the world much later. Being in Montreal, I went for the ultra portable, but a straight forward iPhone for Canada (1st gen 2nd gen, whatever) would have been my pick had it been on the list, and with an unlimited data package! I am tired of paying $25 for every 4MB of data I use.

Find Mac Stuff - Your Mac product homepage finder

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something else
Authored by: adrianm on Jan 04, '08 10:35:03AM

.Mac syncing of Mail accounts and settings that actually works, when using two different Macs.

Without the constant ping-pong of "account stores junk on server, account doesn't store junk on server".

Well, a man can dream.

~/.sig: not found

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New Displays
Authored by: robogobo on Jan 04, '08 04:38:49PM

New displays, new displays, new (better) displays. They are the oldest thing going, and I want one with an iSight built in, and better color consistency.

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New laptops
Authored by: asmeurer on Jan 04, '08 07:44:37PM

Plan on buying a laptop in the spring, so I put Macbook Pros, although maybe it would be better if they came out in the spring so I could truly get the top of the line…

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Authored by: scotepi on Jan 05, '08 09:20:25AM

I want a Mac, not a iMac or a Mac Pro, i want a plain $1200 Mac, with 4x HDD, 1-2 core2duo's, SLI pci-e video.

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Authored by: zpjet on Jan 07, '08 02:08:16AM

i think two disks would be enough for a mac notpro. to have one empty easy to access slot to add a disk for large media and/or time machine. imacs are beautiful but upgrading a hd is insane operation.

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Authored by: Claymon on Jan 07, '08 01:59:38PM

I agree with scotepi in his desire to see a mid-range Mac where the parts are user replaceable. However, the specs can be less and satisfy me. At least two hard drives, a standard size optical drive and a single graphics card would be enough for my needs. However, up to 8GB of RAM, and quad-core capable is a must.

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Authored by: Claymon on Jan 07, '08 02:06:11PM

In addition, having these user replaceable components would allow for some other functionality that I'd like to see, and that is BluRay drives and the ability to play protected content. Of course, an updated iMovie that is HDCP capable would be a huge bonus.

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Authored by: khaled on Jan 10, '08 01:39:28PM

you can't get a Mac Pro cheap either.. cheapest config is $2300 (single CPU). I remember when you can buy a power mac for $1600 or so.. not anymore. Mac Pro is out of reach of everyone and iMac is the new Mac. Apple should go back to the quadra and performa days :) hmm... no!

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Modest Requests
Authored by: jmdevaney on Jan 07, '08 01:45:29PM

At this point I could care less about new hardware. I would love to see new functionality added to both the iPhone and Apple TV.

I guess an external BD player / burner would be nice. Allow it to work on both the Mac and Apple TV.


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1394c Port
Authored by: Claymon on Jan 07, '08 02:02:39PM

I used to want to see eSATA ports on Macs, now that the new Firewire standard has been ratified I'd rather see that instead. About the same speed as SATA, but more flexible.

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10.5.2 of course
Authored by: Ilgaz on Jan 09, '08 01:04:03PM

As I am living nightmare with Leopard on my Quad G5 (works good on other macs), I am ignoring every kind of news and hoping for a huge 10.5.2 update which will stop me from going back to 10.4.11.

I had to uninstall/give up some great software I enjoyed on 10.4.11 just to upgrade to Leopard. Upgrade, clean install, ERASE and install, nothing mattered.

Nothing else unfortunately.

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The release of the iPhone SDK!
Authored by: lestmak on Jan 11, '08 10:07:43AM

... so finally we can truly look forward to some third party native apps that don't require us to risk bricking our phones!

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