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On which side of the screen do you keep your dock?

1/1: On which side of the screen do you keep your dock?

Bottom 737 (60.21%)
Left 206 (16.83%)
Right 240 (19.61%)
Top 11 (0.90%)
I disabled the dock 18 (1.47%)
You can move the dock? 12 (0.98%)
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On which side of the screen do you keep your dock? | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Why on the Right?
Authored by: Eravau on Nov 10, '04 10:41:21AM

I have mine on the right edge of the right monitor and on auto-hide (cmd-opt-d) at work on my dual-monitor set up. That means it's off of my main work space (the left monitor) and hidden unless I absolutely want it (a rare event).

On my iBook at home I'm not so lucky. It's at the bottom right and pops up at inopportune moments to cover my preferred dock, DragThing. Oh well, it's out of the way at work anyway.

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At the bottom
Authored by: mattclare on Nov 10, '04 11:54:39AM

To my mind, the dock is like the dashboard in a car. Should confuse things when Tiger comes out.

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Left damnit! Left!
Authored by: derekhed on Nov 10, '04 01:38:46PM

On a laptop, keeping the dock on either side works best since the screen proportions are different than your normal monitor. Think letterbox. And since the Finder places downloaded files, etc., on the right side of the Desktop (if you have 'keep arranged' set), you don't want your dock to cover them or pop up when you're trying to open a file. Works for me.

(The title is in honor of my brother who yelled those words to me as I was driving, all the while viciously pointing to the right.)

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Left damnit! Left!
Authored by: Han Solo on Nov 11, '04 02:36:41PM
The problem I ran into with placing the dock on the sides (with a 15" PB) was microdock: the dock became so crowded with extra-small icons that it was difficult to distinguish them, or to avoid overshooting with drag-and-drop, etc. Resulted in noticeably slower mousing — and hence lower productivity! So I went back to the dock at the bottom, auto-hidden. YMMV.

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Left damnit! Left!
Authored by: robophilosopher on Nov 14, '04 02:48:15AM

Damn right; I approve.

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Right, like everything else
Authored by: babertocci on Nov 10, '04 03:32:55PM

Ever since we got the ability to move the Dock (10.1?), I've had it on the right. Back in ye ole days of Mac OS 9 and earlier, I always disliked how the Apple menu was on the left while my hard drive, trash, and random files were on the right. I usually put shortcuts to my favorite apps on the right, so the left side became my default workspace. I always hated the bottom dock when I first started using OS X, so as soon as I got the chance I moved it to the right. With my nice Logitech two button mouse and some good icons and folder choices on the Dock, I can access basically anything I ever need just by going to the right side of my desktop and doing a couple mouseclicks.

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Authored by: Jwink3101 on Nov 10, '04 08:26:34PM

First of all, i kepe it on the bottom even when using my 12" PB. I just don't find it annoying. it is, however, fairly small. If it really gets annoying i will turn on hiding but i like it out and about. I attrinute this and my need for largest windows of browsers and stuff to my Winblows days. I am trying to rid myself of them but maximised windows and a dock (system tray in Win.) are still with me.

Anyway, since when can you put it on the top? I am suing 10.3.6 and there is no such option

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Authored by: Tony Aguila on Nov 10, '04 10:53:42PM

Tinker Tool and Xupport will allow you to do this, or you can edit the file. In any case, it takes some getting used to if you also have auto-hide in effect since you need to position the cursor precisely on the lower edge of the menu bar.

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dock position
Authored by: rkchang on Nov 10, '04 09:11:26PM

running along bottom, and stationed in the bottom left corner, thanks to Tinker Tool

"I have seen the evils of procrastination, and I vow to change my ways tomorrow."

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Bottom Right
Authored by: Netzach on Nov 11, '04 10:17:50AM
Bottom right corner, and no other way! :-D

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Bottom left
Authored by: malvolio on Nov 11, '04 06:25:36PM

Got it pinned to the "start" (left) position at the bottom of my screen. This keeps all the permanent dock application icons in a fixed position, for easier access via muscle memory. ;)


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On a nice wide screen, left or right gives more real estate
Authored by: ms_t_rie on Nov 12, '04 10:07:00AM

Most apps even when 'maximised' don't take up the whole screen on my Powerbook due to the wide screen. They do always fill from the top to the bottom however. Thus, I can get largest window size by placing the dock on the right (I suppose I could put it on the left, but it just feels better to me on the right). At the top or bottom, it would eat into the windows, at the right, it's comfortably available at all times without taking away from any of the windows :)

I'm not sure if I'd move it if I had a non-wide screen though.

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LEFT!, here's why:
Authored by: Gnarlodious on Nov 12, '04 07:01:00PM

Left is best.
Bottom: You lose valuable scrolling real estate, especially sinc apps respect the dock's space.
Right: 2 probs. First, the dock will constantly interfere with clicking on the scrollbar which for some reason must be on the right side. Second, downloads will end up under the dock and generating visual noise.

I keep mine pinned to the upper left and transparent, it's a good placement.

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best is relative
Authored by: sjk on Nov 13, '04 11:45:53PM

If mouse navigation to/from it seems awkward, left isn't necessarily the best position when you frequently interact with the Dock on a large display. But a longer row of larger Dock icons along the bottom of a large display might also be awkward. And on the right it can interfere more with default icon placement, as mentioned.

I think bottom-center is a sensible default but obviously there are valid arguments for all the other possible permutations based on display type, application usage, and whatever else that contributes to someone's choice. One point of general consensus might be that Apple could provide the option to completely disable the Dock for folks who'd prefer not using it at all.

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Bottom Left
Authored by: rhythmicmoose on Nov 15, '04 05:10:49PM

On the bottom, hooked to the left through the miracle of TinkerTool. It's keeps out of the way of my Photoshop tool palette, as well as all the palettes on the right, and I don't have to keep it hidden.

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Authored by: Aet on Nov 16, '04 01:23:18PM

Right side, pinned to the top ala Tinkertool.

Icons on the Desktop are arranged as such and the Dock small enough that there's no overlap between the two. Right side might interfere with the scrollbar, but the left side would interfere with the close/minimize/restore buttons on windows (assuming I'd even want to have windows fullscreen, which I don't) so either way it's an issue (and there's keyboard shortcuts to get around both anyhow). Besides, my IM client sits on the left side already.

Death to dock auto-hide.

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