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How many digital photos do you have stored on your Mac?

1/1: How many digital photos do you have stored on your Mac?

None 105 (3.70%)
Under 100 294 (10.36%)
100 to 499 371 (13.07%)
500 to 999 398 (14.02%)
1,000 to 1,499 307 (10.81%)
1,500 to 1,999 234 (8.24%)
2,000 to 2,499 189 (6.66%)
2,500 to 2,999 140 (4.93%)
3,000 to 3,499 104 (3.66%)
3,500 to 3,999 78 (2.75%)
4,000 to 4,999 97 (3.42%)
5,000 to 5,999 111 (3.91%)
6,000 to 6,999 51 (1.80%)
7,000 to 7,999 40 (1.41%)
8,000 to 8,999 30 (1.06%)
9,000 to 9,999 20 (0.70%)
10,0000 or more 270 (9.51%)
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How many digital photos do you have stored on your Mac? | 17 comments | Create New Account
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way too much :)
Authored by: nite77 on Jul 13, '04 01:47:02AM

9430 as of this writing :) It does a lot if you have two digital cameras, two parents interested in photography, and a baby. ;)

/Nite - "can't rain all the time"
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way too much :)
Authored by: arglborps on Jul 13, '04 04:25:00AM

It really is the Baby that makes the difference. I ended up shooting about 1000 photos of the baby in 4 months. And I used to be the one making fun of all the photo-crazy daddies around...

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way too much :)
Authored by: rgray on Jul 15, '04 01:35:34PM

It's the first kid that makes the big difference...

I'm not sure if this holds digitally - my kids predate digital cameras so their stuff is film. There are many more images of the first kid than of the second. My friends notice the same phenomenon. By their third kid, there are fewer still.... I'm not sure if this is simply due to resources getting a bit thinner as the number of kids grows, or whether parents become jaded - they've seen it all with #1 so it takes 'more' to be pix-worthy for #2, more still for #3..???

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way too much :)
Authored by: g3ski on Jul 15, '04 08:01:06PM

Or maybe the parents know what to photos of, so they take better, but fewer shots?

"I want my two dollars!"

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way too much :)
Authored by: dshatto on Aug 02, '04 12:42:52AM

I have about 4500 photo's. I try to be really selective on what I keep around.

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Authored by: dlelash on Jul 14, '04 11:25:28PM

This results graph (and others of this type) would be more interesting if you ordered the items numerically (i.e., 0-500 first, followed by 501-1000, 1001-1500, and so on). Grouping them in order of popularity makes it less clear where the highest density of responses lies.

Derek (1500 and counting!)

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Authored by: robg on Jul 16, '04 12:03:33PM

Sorry, that's how the code works ... when it's done, maybe I'll sort it that way in Excel just to see how it looks...


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Authored by: Fenris64 on Jul 16, '04 12:55:27PM

A very interesting addition to this sort of poll would be a corollary vote on database(s) used to manage collective images. This has very likely been debated and gathered in the hints here and there, but seems particularly apropos in this situation. FWIW, I use iView Media Pro (v2.5) at home to manage somewhere around 8,000 files.

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What about network storage?
Authored by: mkutny on Jul 16, '04 04:53:28PM

While I use my iBook for 90% of my photo editing, the 2000+ images themselves are stored on a Win-server for access by my wife's PC and a web server - I only have about 100 stored "locally" (for screensaver slideshows, mostly). I'll wager a number of users share their photos over a network, or use some form of external storage so the photos can be accessed by others (be they Mac users or not).

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Or archived?
Authored by: terceiro on Jul 27, '04 06:02:22PM

I'm in the same camp, more or less. I keep only photos on my computer for "gallery" purposes: because they're especially good (IMHO) or my kids are looking especially cute, etc. Most pictures are thrown on to CDs, labeled, and archived.

So I've got under a hundred "keepers" and a couple hundred more that are the most recent. In short order, the recent ones will be archived as they're replaced with more recent pictures. My archive is now a big ole stack of CDs and at least a hundred pounds of negatives. The CDs are much easier to use than the negatives, that's for sure!

What in the world would I (as a casual passionate amateur photographer) need a gazillion photos on my HD for, anyway? Music I could understand, but photos: different altogether.

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Too Many...
Authored by: atlynch on Jul 18, '04 09:20:42AM

18715 and counting..... 4 years, 4 cameras, 2 kids. I really need to learn to be more particular with what I keep.

I use iView Media Pro but would like something with a better interface and better text i/o capabilities.


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Do downloaded pictures count?
Authored by: bobosquish on Jul 20, '04 01:27:18AM

500-999 not including massive porn collection
9000-9999 including massive porn collection

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Why throw any away?
Authored by: rjc2000 on Jul 27, '04 08:07:37PM

Over 2 1/2 years with a digital camera, total photos = 25,326 not including the 30 or so I shot today. I use iPhoto locally and Gallery ( on the website to share and print. I use iPhoto to Gallery ( to make the two live nicely together [Thanks to for helping me find those last two apps!]. A waterproof enclosure has expanded my shooting terrain to the other 70% of the earth's surface. Time to sell your Kodak shares!

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Why throw any away?
Authored by: pvk on Aug 01, '04 11:59:20PM

I was (and still am) a Gallerie fan, but I discovered JAlbum ( ) which is a bit slow (java) but quite incredible when it comes to possibilities (and hierarchy of directories transformed into a hierarchy of photo album) and available templates (there exist web sites dedicated to Jalbum template !)

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Don't know how many.
Authored by: larryr3455 on Jul 30, '04 04:38:23PM

I've got 3.5 years worth of digital photos in my Nikon Pics Folder which is 3GB in size. But I don't know how to count the number of photos in that folder. Help.

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Don't know how many.
Authored by: jace on Jul 31, '04 03:53:52AM
In the terminal, go to the folder where your pictures are, and type:
find -type f | wc -l
You can also be specific (don't leave out the quotes):
find -name '*.jpg' | wc -l
I'm assuming you have Fink installed. The OSX find doesn't support the -type or -name parameters. If OSX find is all you have, use:
find | wc -l
But this will give you a count of everything in the folder. All files and folders, including the Finder's .DS_Store files.

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Don't know how many.
Authored by: pvk on Aug 01, '04 11:17:10PM
without fink...
 find . | grep -i 'JPG' | wc -l

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