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Within the next 30 days, how many tracks do you expect to purchase from the new iTunes Music Store?

1/1: Within the next 30 days, how many tracks do you expect to purchase from the new iTunes Music Store?

None, because I'm outside the USA 1,701 (44.48%)
None, due to Acquisition et al 167 (4.37%)
None, due to personal choice 600 (15.69%)
Less than 5 332 (8.68%)
5 - 9 318 (8.32%)
10 - 19 337 (8.81%)
20 - 29 171 (4.47%)
30 - 39 80 (2.09%)
40 - 49 34 (0.89%)
50 - 99 42 (1.10%)
50 - 99 42 (1.10%)
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Within the next 30 days, how many tracks do you expect to purchase from the new iTunes Music Store? | 28 comments | Create New Account
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I wish I could
Authored by: wadam on Apr 29, '03 11:40:48AM

I wish that I could download tracks from the Apple music store, but due to the fact that my MP3 player does not play AAC files, and Apple has set it up so that you cannot convert their files to MP3, it really isn't an option for me. The only way that I have heard to convert these files is to burn them to CD and then re-rip them as MP3, and this seems like a pain (not to mention the fact that Fortune magazine says that it has hideous results).


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I wish I could
Authored by: ChuckEye on May 01, '03 10:26:48PM

Of course it's natural to turn to Fortune for all your audiophile
and computer advice...

Oh wait, no it's not!

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I wish I could
Authored by: wadam on May 02, '03 10:38:36AM

Sure. If course it's not natural to turn to Fortune, except that I had just finished reading that article and I had no reason to disbelieve what they were saying.


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re: I wish I could
Authored by: Graff on May 02, '03 03:15:13AM
I wish that I could download tracks from the Apple music store, but due to the fact that my MP3 player does not play AAC files, and Apple has set it up so that you cannot convert their files to MP3, it really isn't an option for me.

You could always use Audio Hijack Pro. It will grab audio from any program and output it into a MP3 file for you. So it's pretty easy to convert your protected AAC file into a MP3 file. Good for those people who have an MP3 player and don't want to go to the hassle of burning a CD and then converting it back to MP3.

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re: I wish I could
Authored by: xmenliker on May 03, '03 10:25:40PM

using audio hijack is almost as much of a pain because you have
to wait real time for the length of the track. (it also works when
listening to streamed mp3s, but you didnt hear me say that)
surely someone will program a reasonable AAC to MP3

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You Can!
Authored by: bussdriver on May 13, '03 03:09:43AM

I will not say freedom to do so.

It is very easy and can be easily automated with an applescript. In fact, I am surprised someone did not post an apple script for iTunes that does the conversion from within itunes by now....

I would but then why bother, I have no motivation 2 do so, I have an iPod...

As for quality loss; you've got to be kidding. They don't know jack. I did it a few times just to see for myself and I can't tell a thing. (other than the mp3 has to be a high bit rate to compare with the mp4)

Interesting to note, Quicktime says those mp4s are varable bit rate....

Also, by not helping people work around the restrictions, I'm helping apple, the public (who will not have to suffer just because the RIAA is past its time--and wants to take more freedoms away) and I'm helping the artists---because in the future artists can use the internet legally; that is if the RIAA does not outlaw that too...

Someday, artists will be able to go to Apple and others and sell their music without a LABEL to steal their money from them. The RIAA will not have the power then that they do now.


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Get unlimited free music - just like me!
Authored by: robh on Apr 29, '03 12:50:38PM

Listen to the radio.

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Get unlimited free music - just like me!
Authored by: ratboy23 on May 05, '03 09:46:20AM

That's fine if you don't mind listening to commercials and the
idiotic banter of the DJ's. It's just like anything- you get what
you pay for. Considering most of today's music is, in my
opinion, total crap, I don't mind paying a buck for the occasional
gem that emerges from the swamp. Gone are the days when I
buy an album based on two or three songs, only to discover that
the remaining 40 minutes is filler. The other thing I won't miss
is the album with less than 40 minutes of music which costs the
same as another album with 70 minutes of music.

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International Users
Authored by: a1291762 on Apr 29, '03 06:27:34PM

Wow! I didn't realise there were so many international users. The poll currently says 33% are international and I read on slashdot that 50% of Macs are sold internationally.

Apple needs to fix this ASAP.

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International Users
Authored by: robh on Apr 30, '03 05:22:21AM

No, it says there are 34% who are international and may want to buy. It excludes us foreingers who have no interest in buying music.

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International Users
Authored by: hfvienna on Apr 30, '03 01:04:07PM

Since issues of rights for music is very complex (every piece of
music has to be treated different in every single country), i´m
afraid it will take much longer this time until we international
users can enjoy Music Store fully, but even preview function only
is a marvellous addition for Itunes4 .
Thanks folks at apple, very well done again.

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International Users
Authored by: jhave on Apr 30, '03 07:06:47PM
Yes, they should do something. We pay more for everything ma already software and hardware. just look at the pricing of the new iPods.

Viva X

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International Users
Authored by: Ezekiel on May 03, '03 08:24:03PM

I don't know, do you think americans constitute over 50% of the total number of computer users? If anything, Apple should have even more sales "internationally".

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International Users
Authored by: Lloyd on May 07, '03 03:45:54PM

Yeah, we "internationals" should have it before Windows users,
too! In fact, I didn't think they should've committed to a
Windows version at all. They've wasted a good switch
incentive there, but I guess they wanted the cash.

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It's just not the same
Authored by: babertocci on Apr 29, '03 06:54:28PM

I can't see myself buying songs online more than once in a blue moon. For me, going to the store, browsing through the aisles, and taking home your CD/vinyl is an integral part of the music experience. Of course, I throw all songs onto my Cube and iPod after this, but I would still feel like I'm missing out if I just bought the album electronically.

My onlyother gripe is that they only offer songs in 128kbps AAC. I would like to see up to 192 kbps offered. Once they do that, there are a few random songs I would like to get.

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It's just not the same
Authored by: Dephex Twin on Apr 30, '03 11:24:32AM

I agree. I bought a couple songs to test AAC out, and while I
don't doubt that 128 AAC is better than 128 MP3, it's not as
good as 192 MP3, which is what I rip my songs at.

I'm not the kind of person who is going to be totally anal about
it, but in the two songs I downloaded, there was definitely some
of that tinny sound that comes from compression. And I wasn't
trying to hear it, it was just there.

99¢ for a single song is a good deal, but only if I feel like I'm
really getting a copy that I can't distinguish from the original.

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--- Homer Simpson

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I want to know.. legally
Authored by: dave1212 on May 01, '03 01:49:09AM
see, my big issue is that I can't stand to listen to anything less then 320 kbps (mp3), if not an 8- or 16-bit /22/44.1 KHz aiffs or wavs..

I really don't like the sound of the high-bitrate oggs, which is very unfortunate, since I very much want to support the format.

The worst part is, (other than ripping my own AACs from my DVDs/CDs and my own music) I can't hear what these supposedly-ripped-from-masters AACs sound like! You see, I live in the Great White North.

So if and when the service comes to Canada, I will be sure to check it out.
..hopefully they'll have higher bitrates available at that time.

The silver lining? I purchased a happy new 7200 rpm 80GB drive yesterday to replace my 30GB and complement my 60GB, with the purchase of a Firewire enclosure looming in the very near future for the drive without a home. Ahh.. room to breathe.

Last word? I don't want to search for AACs or mp4s on any file sharing programs, as I very much want to pay for good (sounding) music. If it must be compressed for the retail cost (argued for a loong time by the labels, I'm sure) to not soar to what we now see as stupid prices, then I pray that the available bitrate goes up and the service becomes available to a few more countries.


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I'm not willing to buy CD's...
Authored by: shurakai on Apr 30, '03 01:17:02PM

But a dollar for a song is worth it. I'm sure almost the same amount goes to the record company, but I feel better about not paying the overpriced amount of $17.00 for a CD that cost them .50 cents.

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50 cents? Well...
Authored by: inmanjm on May 01, '03 09:27:30AM

I'm not trying to justify price gouging on the side of the
industry, but it actually takes a bit more than plastic to send
those CDs out. To break even (even at $17 a pop) takes quite a
LOT of sales. Plus, you've got to make up for all the flops your
company puts out that didn't break even. The sad part is that
unless the artist is also the producer and/or songwriter, they get
small beans compared to the label. I'm curious to see the flow
of the 99 cents apple gets and who in the recording industry gets

By the way I am choosing not to buy songs online. (Gotta stay
on topic!)

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Once the selection expands...
Authored by: Makosuke on Apr 30, '03 03:36:14PM

Despite the DRM restrictions on the format, I'm all around very pleased with this offering. However, I fall into the "only a few songs" category because of the selection. Now, my tastes are VERY obscure, so it's hard to find music I really want anywhere, but if they ever do get to some of the international and/or movie soundtrack catalog that I listen too, I'm going to be an avid buyer. This isn't much more than a fantasy due to the volume of music in the world and international/intercompany licencing issues, but if I could buy ANYTHING from the music store, I would worship Apple.

For now, it does still perfectly fit a need for me; I hear a song on the radio or a commercial or something that I like. I'm not about to go hunting for a $16 album that I don't really want, so before I'd go limewire diving or something to see if I could track down an MP3 and listen to it a few times. Now, I'll just hit iTunes and fork over the buck to have it handy. Nice, and I can live without perfect qualtiy--still beats a 128Mbps MP3.

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Top40 selection
Authored by: Mr. X on Apr 30, '03 04:11:40PM

I know it's just the beginning, but right now their collection kinda
sucks. My Jazz selection is better than what they have :(
I know RIAA want us to believe P2P is so popular because it's
free, but I use that because of the variety, I discovered so many
things that are nowhere to be found in stores through P2P...
And I have to agree, AAC or not, 128kbps is not enough fpr
something you buy...

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When it arrives in Japan...
Authored by: pukupi on May 01, '03 03:24:00AM

Having just ordered the new iPod, I will buy my music through iTunes when (if) the service is offered in Japan.

It will be interesting to see if any Japanese service offers the obligatory Japan-only bonus tracks that come with CD releases here.

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Limited Content, true...
Authored by: newbish on May 01, '03 09:18:04AM
I admit, I was a bit disappointed by how limited the selections were. But I was able to find a few songs I haven't heard in years and get them before they disappear entirely. I think it's a very safe bet that the selection will expand fairly rapidly.

Of course, an important thing to remember is that Apple had to go with the currently most popular songs/artists at the start to guarrantee sales. Once they have started showing a trend towards a good profit with this venture, I'm sure they'll put some money towards getting some of the more obscure and international stuff to which I listen. Let's face it, licensing isn't cheap, and we can all be sure that RIAA is breathing down Jobs' neck.

My key problem in being forced to download music is the fact that the songs I'm usually looking for are so obscure that they aren't sold any more. Anywhere.

You show me someplace that sells Chie Ishibashi's Hikari no Suashi and/or Carly Simon's rendition of Touch the Air Softly and I'll show you a customer who can't wait to throw money at it! (Told you my tastes are obscure!) So my hopes for Apple's success with the Music Store are very high, because it is probably the only way I'm going to legitimately acquire the music I want to hear.

What's great about that preview feature is it gives me the opportunity to listen to an artist I never heard of before and judge whether or not I want to hear more of their music. I wouldn't mind a longer preview time than 30 seconds though. Sometimes it takes a piece of music a bit longer than 30 seconds to really get going.

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Limited Content, true...
Authored by: martinx on May 01, '03 04:05:01PM

I was surpised at the limited selection. I mean, gosh, 200000 songs is a
LOT, I thought sure all the songs I could think of would be there. I'm
thinking pretty mainstream stuff, although not necessarily contemporary.
I've already found more songs that I'm looking for that they don't have
then they do have.

Do they really have 200,000 songs ready for purchase, right now? Well,
doing a search for each particular genre and seeing the results it
returned and adding them up comes to far less than 200,000. Maybe
that is their target and they aren't to it yet.

On another topic, the site claims you can view video clips from a
broadband connection. Well, I've got one, now where's the ^%$! videos?
I'm stumped!

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Gimme 10 megs per minute, baby!
Authored by: DougAdams on May 01, '03 04:25:38PM

Getting mp3s free via filesharing was OK. Getting
mp4s for a buck is about this much better. I'll take
my music on CD/SACD/DVD, thanks.


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quality and selection
Authored by: count_schemula on May 08, '03 03:39:17AM

Quality needs to be top notch. I rip my own CDs at 320, I'd like the music I buy to be that quality as well.

Selection. This will come in time.

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Spent more in a week than I have in 3 years!
Authored by: Twitch on May 08, '03 11:43:48AM

Man, I've gone so overboard, I've purchased about 450 songs,
probably 8 or 9 albumbs and the rest were singles. I love it,
think Apple has an absolute hit on their hands, am not concerned
with the DRM, I've got nothing to hide, but I am concerned that
once it's released to the PC users, that the piracy that dwells
there will unleash hell.

So hopefully this will be the best thing to happen to music since
cd's were released.

Come check out my music share:

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CDs still my choice..
Authored by: imageworx on May 14, '03 12:00:59PM

I understand the convenience factor and those that own iPods "one click, download--play".
But I still like having the source, and the quality of the CD to rely on. I found that I could still buy a CD for less than a $.99 a track.
And in protest to RIAA and the archaic, monopolistic, draconian music industry, I'd rather not pay for substandard music (AAC, MP3 or whatever lossy format) quality nor add to their warchests of frivalous lawsuits, intimidation and solicitation of programmers that write programs that snoop out your servers and log and email anyone with a ".mp3" file.

To BeOS or Not to BeOS

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