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The buggiest major official OS X release was ...

1/1: The buggiest major official OS X release was ...

10.0 1,155 (50.15%)
10.1 126 (5.47%)
10.2 127 (5.51%)
10.3 318 (13.81%)
Who needs FireWire drives anyway? 151 (6.56%)
It's a toss-up... 54 (2.34%)
Bugs? They had bugs? 329 (14.29%)
Other? 43 (1.87%)
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The buggiest major official OS X release was ... | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Public Beta bad choice
Authored by: phlops on Nov 11, '03 11:30:25AM
I don't think voting for the Public Beta makes sense for this poll as Public Betas are buggy by nature.


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Public Beta bad choice
Authored by: robg on Nov 11, '03 12:09:32PM

OK, I would agree ... I just revised the question and moved the existing (14) Public Beta votes into the "Other" category.


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So much depends...
Authored by: orca498 on Nov 13, '03 05:13:07PM

I think it would be truely hard to say which version is buggiest. Unless you were just counting posted user feedback. Over all I have loved using OS X. I've had very few non-pilot error problems. But, I know people, like my Father, who have had a lot of problems. (although, I think this might have a lot to do with the fact that he's on a first generation TiPowerBook.) I had one kernel panic (Can you say charge the paddles to 350 and stand clear!) with 10.2.5. I regressed back to 10.2.4 and then was able to easily upgrade to 10.2.6. I have grown to really like the new look of the GUI and the Unix features. I also love the fact that so many people are writing great apps. You go on, or the like, and you can find someone who has written something you didn't even know you wanted, but then you started using it and can't figure how you survived this long without it. Enough said.

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10.0 was buggiest...
Authored by: Quantum Panda on Nov 13, '03 05:52:36PM

...because it really wasn't any better than the Public Beta in far too many ways. 10.1 was the first version that was usable for actual day-to-day work; it was the first version that was fast enough for real work, and it was the first version that you could have a reasonable assurance that you wouldn't lose all your work to a kernel panic every few hours. (Actually, I didn't stop having regular kernel panics until 10.1.5, but that's another story...)

10.0 was a good showcase of what OS X could do, but it had far too many problems to be considered a real release.

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10.0 was buggiest, but...
Authored by: lestmak on Nov 14, '03 05:27:13PM

10.0 was bad, but FileVault has screwed up my preferences, which has been the most annoying.

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