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Browser Wars #3! Which OS X browser do you use most often?

1/1: Browser Wars #3! Which OS X browser do you use most often?

Chimera 1,188 (23.86%)
iCab 31 (0.62%)
Internet Explorer 312 (6.27%)
links or lynx 15 (0.30%)
Mozilla 268 (5.38%)
Netscape 73 (1.47%)
OmniWeb 95 (1.91%)
Opera 20 (0.40%)
Safari 2,952 (59.28%)
Other... 16 (0.32%)
Other... 10 (0.20%)
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Browser Wars #3! Which OS X browser do you use most often? | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Get the latest nightly build...
Authored by: watson on Feb 17, '03 01:35:12AM

I used to have the same CPU eating problem with Chimera (v. 0.6.0, December build) but since I downloaded the Feb 15 nightly build Chimera is as nice and sleek as it should be :-)

Regards, Henrik

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At work
Authored by: vogunaescht on Feb 17, '03 03:32:08AM

I make them all use Chimera. They'll have to use the software I use, I don't support anything else. The privilege of being a BOFH. ;-)

<laugh class="dr.evil">muahahahHAHAHAHA!</laugh>

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At work
Authored by: Mr. X on Feb 17, '03 02:25:17PM

will you hire me? pu-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeaz! :)

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missing (though redudant) option
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Feb 17, '03 03:00:27PM

what about Camino?

Side effects of using Microsoft Windows have been headache, nausea, broken bones, asthma and are similar to the sugar pill. Women who are pregnant or might be p

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Chimera faster than Safari?
Authored by: rgray on Feb 18, '03 09:46:13AM
This from MacCritic challenges Safari's speed claim. My bank works on both Safari and Chimera so I'm happy either way.

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Authored by: Pi_ on Feb 18, '03 10:22:53AM
I telnet to the www server's port 80, and
GET / HTTP/1.1
Connection: Close

Returns the HTML, which i then read for any relevant information.

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Authored by: jkp on Feb 18, '03 10:28:49AM

yer thats really clever! whats the point in doind that except to say 'look what a cool hacker type i am!'. if you want speed with no graphics use lynx. anyone who uses telnet needs their head read - give me one good reason!?

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Safari is unusable for me
Authored by: mike3k on Feb 18, '03 11:18:11AM

Until they fix the problem with logging into PHP-Nuke sites such as MacMegasite & MacMerc, I can't use Safari. I've reported this bug several times and it hasn't been addressed by the developers.

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