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As of today, how many programs from the App Store are installed on your iPod touch/iPhone?

1/1: As of today, how many programs from the App Store are installed on your iPod touch/iPhone?

0 - I don't own a touch or an iPhone 1,621 (37.60%)
0 - I haven't tried the App Store yet 129 (2.99%)
1 to 10 947 (21.97%)
11 to 20 739 (17.14%)
21 to 30 368 (8.54%)
31 to 40 183 (4.24%)
41 to 50 120 (2.78%)
51 to 60 53 (1.23%)
61 to 70 38 (0.88%)
71 to 80 25 (0.58%)
81 to 90 13 (0.30%)
91 to 100 11 (0.26%)
101 to 110 7 (0.16%)
111 to 120 2 (0.05%)
121 to 130 4 (0.09%)
131 to 140 2 (0.05%)
141 to 148 [max possible] 49 (1.14%)
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As of today, how many programs from the App Store are installed on your iPod touch/iPhone? | 11 comments | Create New Account
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What about web apps?
Authored by: dmackler on Jul 30, '08 07:56:17AM

I have a dozen web apps, some really cool like Starry Night, in addition to app store applications. They still take up positions on the spring board, and they are just as useful to me every day.

If we add those up, I have a dozen web apps plus eight app store icons, for a total of twenty.

In some ways, the web apps are more useful and mature, as I have pruned them down over time to most valuable ones that I use regularly. Among the web apps, I have junk apps that I'll probably never use again.


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Authored by: transistor on Jul 30, '08 08:14:45AM

I haven't recieved my iPhone 3G yet, but I'm planning to check at least 5 applications, we'll see how many will stay after I use them.
On another subject, I would like to hear something from those 5 guys that say have over 140 applications, because frankly, I don't believe it :-D

- - - Joe

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Nope, but I'm ready!
Authored by: VxJasonxV on Jul 30, '08 08:46:34AM

So, I don't have an iPhone. Nor an iPod Touch. I'm thinking of getting one. When I do, I have 33 Apps queued and ready to load :). (I've even got updates for them!)

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Paid Apps?
Authored by: SWCarson on Jul 30, '08 08:50:00AM

Unlikely you would want to run another poll on so similar a topic. But I bet developers would appreciate to know how many paid apps people have on their iPhone... This would be a great way to give an indication of what kind of market there is for iPhone software.

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Authored by: rpaege on Jul 30, '08 10:31:32AM

I don't own an iPhone and I don't plan on getting one any time soon. I also don't care about iPhone hints. Is there any way to filter them out so I don't have to wade through hints that are meaningless to me?

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Authored by: robg on Jul 30, '08 10:40:07AM

Sure - in the Preferences screen, check the box next to iPhone in the "Excluded Items" section of the page.


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iPhone not a fit for me
Authored by: asher on Jul 30, '08 11:11:21AM

Noticed about 20 per cent don't have an iPhone. It does not fit my needs. I have a very tiny phone that fits nicely in my shirt pocket. I use a service that does not require a contract and have an old plan giving me lots of minutes at a very low price which makes cell phone service economical. I just make calls, no web, no texting, no pictures. When I want to show someone my photographs I have a portfolio with me to show what I do. As nice as an iPhone is, would you want to sit down with me to look at 50 gigs of photographs compressed down to fit an iPhone. I'm just not the customer for which the iPhone was designed. I wonder how many of the 20% non owners fall outside the iPhone universe.

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Not many, but....
Authored by: LegosJedi on Jul 30, '08 03:46:29PM

I have 6. Not bad, except I don't even have an iPhone/iPod Touch. xD

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51 but only 12 paid
Authored by: Jailer Joe on Jul 30, '08 05:56:55PM

The 12 are well worth the money though and I use most of them through out the day.

Oh and I'm one of the lucky ones that got my iPhone within 20 minutes of showing up at the AT&T store, activated it at home (after the activation network went down) within 10 minutes and have had a pretty great 2.0/3G experience so far. My only complaint is the ridiculously long backups which I'm trying to diagnose and fix.

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Paid vs unpaid and genres - at least games vs not games :)
Authored by: MartiNZ on Jul 30, '08 05:57:53PM

I have 16 app store apps installed on my iPhone: 6 games; 7 if you count PhoneSaber :), and 6 paid in total.

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Authored by: robogobo on Aug 04, '08 05:41:01PM

How many jailbroken apps? I had ten or so before the 2.0 upgrade, and most haven't had a legit replacement. Now I only have four because developers have started cashing in on the App store. Still plenty of need for rogue apps, considering the tight leash Apple has on development. I'd love to see a poll on that.

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