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Congratulations! You've just been hired as the new Apple CEO ... today you've decided to announce:

1/1: Congratulations! You've just been hired as the new Apple CEO ... today you've decided to announce:

Apple has once again licensed Mac clone makers 120 (4.81%)
Apple will put Intel and/or AMD chips in future machines 154 (6.17%)
OS X for Intel will ship by year's end 400 (16.03%)
The iTunes Music Store will be available in all countries ASAP 381 (15.27%)
Standardized US and international pricing based on exchange rates 178 (7.13%)
An across the board price reduction of at least 25% 465 (18.64%)
Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro are now selling for $199 each 47 (1.88%)
Future OS X releases will ship with the "OS 9 Platinum" appearance 44 (1.76%)
The Apple ROM is now an open-source project 64 (2.57%)
The Newton will immediately return to production 322 (12.91%)
The Newton will immediately return to production 320 (12.83%)
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Congratulations! You've just been hired as the new Apple CEO ... today you've decided to announce: | 21 comments | Create New Account
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Support International (non-USA) users
Authored by: mmulhern on Jun 10, '03 01:43:45AM

iTunes Music Shop, iPhoto support and printing for all Apple users where ever they are.

Fair international pricing.

International versions of software and updates released at the same time, or soon after (not 2 weeks) as US version. . . .

. . . and OS X updates that don't require manually turning off one of your processors before shutting down dual processor PMacs, so as to prevent the date and time reseting. (No, I haven't forgiven Apple for that one yet!)



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iPod iSync
Authored by: brm on Jun 10, '03 03:04:51PM

Hey! We put the buttons back around the scroll wheel and threw in Bluetooth! And iSync supports the Sanyo 4900!

Faster notebooks too.

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Other - machine changes
Authored by: saint.duo on Jun 10, '03 03:23:32PM

PowerPC 970 based pro models, using hypertransport. $100 iDVD that supports FireWire based DVD-R and DVD+R drives. Tablet wireless machine that uses netboot and rendevous over wireless networks for home use; but can also boot off it's own drive when needed.


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Other - machine changes
Authored by: rizzomedia on Jun 16, '03 11:49:07AM

iDVD and Backup will now work with third party external DVD/CD Burners.


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a two-step plan.
Authored by: notmatt on Jun 10, '03 04:58:11PM
The acquisition of Bungie from Microsoft, followed by (you may have guessed it)... the OSXBox.

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Speed bump & price reduction
Authored by: carsten on Jun 10, '03 09:25:21PM

Motorolla has clearly demonstrated over the past couple of years they have zero interest in desktop cpu production.

Finally Apple should say "adios" to Motorolla and their notoriously (and relatively) poor chip production facilities, and give greetings to IBM and their significantly faster (and hopefully cheaper) PowerPC chips.

So let's get this show on the road, where is this "big leap" of CPU improvement we heard about when PowerPC was first introduced?

Oh and cut all Apple prices by at least 25% across the board.

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I chose "Other" because...
Authored by: babertocci on Jun 11, '03 06:53:54AM

I'm bringing back the Cube!

Critics and stupid public be damned, my favorite computer of all time is coming back.

PS - I'll try to get the engineers to fit just a single PCI slot in this time.

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I chose "Other" because...
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 11, '03 10:58:04AM

They already sold 2 then, where can i order?? ;-)

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Attack Bill Gates at home he sure attacked Mac's repeadedly
Authored by: pjx on Jun 11, '03 01:11:25PM
I am sick of lame duck windoze acting more and more like mac, but pc users scoff more and more often at me a mac user in the graphic arts field. I say take the real mac to the Intel processor. Give those PC idiots a real operating system to use. LET THEM USE MAC. Then they my just realize that the OS they have been using for so long does force them into Bill Gates shit stained hands from corn holing politicians for years to keep him bohemeth in one peice. Once people have a choice on there home computer with the look and feel of OSX you will be suprised how many wont want the windows os on their boxes.


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Attack Bill Gates at home he sure attacked Mac's repeadedly
Authored by: pjx on Jun 11, '03 03:12:48PM

I rock


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Newton Must Return
Authored by: Vector_Vortex on Jun 11, '03 10:12:27PM

I semi-recently bought a Newton MP120 IT IS SIMPLY THE BEST PDA OUT. The newton is superb I love its handwriting recognition it beats the Palms completely hands down it is TIME for Steve to stop bagging it because he had no input on its development and bring back this revolutionary device. My newton Wish List:
1) Graphite Styling ie new Ipods
2) modified UNIX based OS ie PDAised OSX
3) Support for Wireless from the box WiFi, Bluetooth Cellular technologies
4) Flash drives with os stored on internal ROM
5) decent amount of fast SRAM cache
6) color display
7) all the beauty, style,simplicity and interoperability of the original newton

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Other - Acquisition of Eolas Technologies
Authored by: Wayne_S on Jun 12, '03 09:30:07PM
I would acquire Eolas. They currently own a patent that completely destroys Window's core functionality if MS is enjoined from infringing. They are also currently wiping the floor with Microsoft in US District Court in Chicago. You can read about it in this PC World article.

Time to give another kick to Mr. Bill.

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Authored by: xander on Jun 12, '03 11:02:03PM

Hard to believe that 17% of people want to effectively put an end to Apple by porting OS X to x86 and eliminating the need for Apple hardware.

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I disagree entirely!
Authored by: qryss on Jun 14, '03 06:29:02AM

This notion that allowing OS X to run on Intel processors will destroy Apple's hardware market makes the assumption that we are talking about Intel processors in a PC architecture.

Why on earth would they do this? Apple could use Intel processors to gain the speed they need on their hardware but that hardware can still be proprietary.

Forget PCs for OS X, yes, but don't rule out the processors!

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Authored by: macubergeek on Jun 14, '03 12:13:17PM

Yeh but then Apple will have to write a load of drivers for 30,000 video cards, sound cards etc etc. Macos X would become like windows, with unreliable interface with peripherals etc.

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Authored by: profet on Jun 14, '03 01:00:15PM

Its not the elmination of the need for Apple hardware that would kill apple. Its the lack of Micro$oft software that would be the end of Apple.

If Apple releases a port of OS X for x86 processors you would see Micro$oft turn around and end development of ALL software for Mac OS. These are the kinds of things that happen in a monopoly.

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You DO NOT want this to happen!!!!!!!
Authored by: digitalone on Jun 18, '03 02:53:54AM

I wont even start on the inferiority of the x86 processor. Apple knows that RISC is the way to go, they just are looking FURTHER INTO THE FUTURE than we are.

x86's are full of "warts", IC engineer's terms for older instruction sets that are rarely used, if at all. But since they are forced to more compatible with poorly designed and antiquated PC hardware (because businesses and ancient users are cheap and won't upgrade unless forced, while still costing companies a fortune in invalid support requests (20% of all of our support calls are non-serviceable, meaning that the software or hardware is so old it is outside our "scope of support"- I do PC support). These issues are caused by poor standardization, unclear doctrines caused by technology driven political postures in standardization committees, in which the proposals are not only reviewed by engineers and lawyers alike (looking for loopholes to exploit and market new technologies- see SSE and Intel.)
Apple is smart- they don't pick-up a technology until tit is mature enough. Others will release popular technologies hot with the bleeding-edge crowd, and deal with "acceptable errors, necessary for compatibility and competitiveness within the industry" (Yeah, thats a quote from an unnamed hardware engineer.)

Also, Intel virtually sets the standards for x86 based processors. They decide who gets the information necessary to design a chipset for their processors, and if you not keep up with their product lines and release new products on their product release timeframes as an Intel licensed OEM, you are heavily penalized. AMD processors still fall under the same controls and constrains, although not by AMD but by proxy, necessary to maintain compatibility. DO YOU really want to be under that kind of control by companies so close to the monopoly (Microsoft)?

Also, I should not that EVERY technology used in a Mac is identical except for the processor and the chipset, although Apple uses the terms System Controller and I/O controller. they are still on the surface similar, one incorporating memory and processor pipelines as well as AGP, the other controlling PCI, other onboard devices, and other basic motherboard functions- like the northbridge and southbridge on an x86.

The x86 is faster for one reason alone: money. If you throw billions of dollars and man-hours from some of the best (and best paid) people, you WILL get a better product. Bottom line. We have been spending far more on x86 based processors, and virtually just the processors, for a long time now, since the early 80's. The RISC has improved greatly over the years, but mostly from "peripheral" improvements in the technology- leaps in technology caused by extra-industry organizations like universities and other companies that don't make processors per se. If we spent this much money on RISC, we would be kicking Intel and Micro$oft's asses right now.

Wait until IBM gets back in the PPC game, everything will change. IBM OWNS research and development, as well as the server room, and as soon as they see the money you will see some serious returns in product line development. There is no way that Apple will be able to control distribution as close, and we will see they in low-end servers soon at least. OS X will easily be able to run on one of these, with minor modifications-drivers really. We will certainly see lower processor prices, which is the principal reason for Apple's high prices.

Sorry to rant, every time I chime in on this subject I just go on and on, but I cannot understate how strongly I feel about this issue. You really do not want this to happen. It means poorer quality, high prices (support costs will jump dramatically) and less compatibility. Microsoft will, as previously suggested, cease all development for the platform, and drivers will certainly not be made by the manufacturers, at least for a while, if at all, leaving it up to Apple (see linux).

Also, why abandon an architecture that is used in supercomputers to this day? Just because it has been neglected doesn't mean that it sucks......

Anyways, if you have read this far, thanks for reading, I feel better now. Ahhhhhhhh......

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Enhance iChat and others
Authored by: jason [thebox] on Jun 14, '03 01:12:36PM
Apple does have a lot of things on its hand right now, but personally, I would try to pay at least some attention to enhancing iChat to become an AIM client with a lot more features. It's on the right track, but we should be able to use it to make profiles (like in AIM) and have custom styling in terms of color that stay (it may look like it does stay but it actually goes out to the other person in black). For Mac OS X, maybe more flavors should be added for interface. This isn't a big deal, but it does bother me sometimes when I'm choosing desktop pictures. Also, maybe Apple should include theme support - It'd be more trustworthy and not from a third party. They could use the same file formats as well. Safari's already in the process of being updaed, so there's no problem with that.

Jason - Creative Box

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All very bad choices
Authored by: filburt on Jun 16, '03 10:43:36PM

These choices will effectively do Apple more harm than good. If I became the CEO of Apple, I would more or less continue the current strategy, but by first catching up with PCs where Macs are behind, such as:
- Increase the resolution on portables and add DPI support to Mac OS X so text won't look so small
- Offer multi-button + scrollwheel mouse
- Lower the price by 10% or so
- Bring on the 970 ASAP!
- Refine the OS X further -- better mouse pointer, add missing Classic OS features, better keyboard support, better dashboard, even better interoperatibilty, better file system, etc.
- Team up with OpenOffice and build superior AppleWorks
- Greater device support for iSync, including superior Palm OS support, support for PocketPC
- More powerful .Mac - domain name hosting, scripting, etc.

1. Apple has once again licensed Mac clone makers
Apple enjoys healthy margin on hardware, more so than majority of PC makers. And let us not forget that majority of Apple's revenue come from computer sales. While it would be nice if Apple's marketshare is greater, opening up the architecture will undercut Apple's major source of revenue.

2. Apple will put Intel and/or AMD chips in future machines
3. OS X for Intel will ship by year's end
4. The Apple ROM is now an open-source project
One word: hackers. Even if Apple makes proprietary implementation off of Intel/AMD CPU, hackers will find a way to get around it.

5. The iTunes Music Store will be available in all countries ASAP
6. Standardized US and international pricing based on exchange rates
Let's face it. Apple has never been very good at Internationalizing their platform. While this would be a laudable effort, perhaps it's not fiscally sound.

7. An across the board price reduction of at least 25%
8. Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro are now selling for $199 each
Why? Apple is out to make money. Sure Apple computers are overpriced, but 25%? I think faster 970 processor and more modest 10% price cut would be sufficient. And Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro are priced competitive already. iDVD should support third party DVD burners as well, however (especially since iLife costs $50 already).

9. Future OS X releases will ship with the "OS 9 Platinum" appearance
One or two more themes would be nice, but Platinum theme?

10. The Newton will immediately return to production
I would love Apple-branded PDA, but this category is dying (or becoming a small niche category). The future is phone. Perhaps Apple can license OS to phone manufacturers.

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Other -- G4 Tower
Authored by: tom99 on Jun 17, '03 10:51:04AM

If I were CEO I would include the 23" display in the package if a customer buys a G4 tower!


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Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 18, '03 11:40:14AM
I'm sorry - My biggest end-user beef with MacOS X is Aqua. Everything is round. Titlebars are huge and ugly. MacOS 9 and previous seemed a lot cleaner to me.

If only there was a version of Kaleidoscope for OS X...


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