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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?

1/1: What do you think of iCloud for document storage?

I love it 132 (11.63%)
I have issues with it 169 (14.89%)
I'm not comfortable with it 261 (23.00%)
I hate it 145 (12.78%)
I don't use it 428 (37.71%)
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What do you think of iCloud for document storage? | 9 comments | Create New Account
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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?
Authored by: robleach on Aug 14, '12 08:42:45AM

iCloud Document storage... It's a solution without a problem. I suppose if you want an alternative to google docs, it's good, but I think most people see this as either a replacement of iDisk or an alternative to google docs and will judge it that way. In that light, it pales. It's too limited and I think people would be afraid to convert to using it for fear that non-mac people wouldn't be able to collaborate on document editing (despite the fact it may be able to do that). It can't do image file, website files, etc.. Plus, you have to pay for the software to use it. I paid for MobileMe and was more than satisfied. I could keep any document on there. As soon as iDisk went away, I started using Dropbox and I continue to use google docs. I don't see any reason to use iCloud document storage, especially since it will likely eventually be discontinued and I'd be stuck with a mess on my hands and a mad scramble to figure out a replacement. With the advent of Lion and the removal of tons of features I used every day and the elimination of MobileMe and the features that went away with that, I've started to become very cynical of Apple and trying to diversify my software reliance so I don't get burned so bad like that anymore. So I will shy away from iCloud document storage.

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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?
Authored by: fferitt25 on Aug 14, '12 09:05:11AM

I can't speak for the actual good/ bad of the service. I messed with iDisk way back once upon a time ago - it wasn't anything special - more of a novelty.

I'm not sure what the underlying idea of all these Companies out there trying to push online storage actually is.

But issues to the extent that they now have a copy of everything you have put on their servers. Read their TOS thoroughly - some companies like Google and Adobe claim rights to a copy of what you upload. Just because you delete it from your account and no longer have access to it - does not mean it is gone (in a stricter sense than deleting soemthing from a local hard drive and being able to recover a lost file).

Let's stay in the "legal" realm here - but anything that is sensitive or should have limited access - should never go online - period. Current Web/ Internet Encryption standards - my grandmother could hack into.

Additionally - never rely on online storage as the primary gateway to all of your content - as Google would like for you to do w/ their Chromebooks eco-system. I see Apple trending this way as well - with the upswing of their new rMBP and the increase in MBA and iPad sales. Because if something happens to their servers (and don't kid yourself thinking it won't) your content is gone and they will most likely not be held liable.

Maybe as a third backup solution (just in case the primary content and first backup ever fail).

But online storage for anything that I give a damn about will never happen (unless Samsung and Seagate and Western Digital stop making hard drives).

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Too limited
Authored by: lullabud on Aug 14, '12 09:31:05AM

In a world of free cross-platform options with more extensive feature sets like public sharing links and shared folders, iCloud is pretty limited.

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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?
Authored by: jsk on Aug 14, '12 05:58:37PM

I think the question misunderstands what iCloud is for.

Services like Dropbox (which I use all the time) let you store your files online and access them from anywhere, on any machine. iCloud (which I can't use, my Mac isn't brand new) is NOT designed to do that. Its real purpose is to sync the file you're working on to your (and only your) devices. And only those devices that are logged into your account. File sharing is pretty much a non-starter.

Useful for keeping your iPhone or iPad up to date, but pretty much worthless otherwise.

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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?
Authored by: pete on Aug 14, '12 07:50:39PM

It sure beats the iTunes way of sync'ing everything!

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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?
Authored by: robogobo on Aug 15, '12 03:40:30PM

The solution for iCloud and document storage in OS X is very simple, and already exists in Aperture. Aperture has two methods of dealing with files, managed and referenced. Inside the application, you don't see the difference. It works pretty much the same way with each method. But under the hood, you either allow the app to manage the files inside a library, or you manage them yourself, and the app references them. That means the user decides how to store the files, and the app keeps track of their location. Best of both worlds. Apply this model to the whole of OS X and all the problems go away.

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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?
Authored by: msadesign on Aug 16, '12 05:32:09AM

@pete writes: It sure beats the iTunes way of sync'ing everything!

Really? How? Like many others here, I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what problem iCloud solves for me. Ditto with image synchronization.

I plug my iPhone into my computer when I come home and everything syncs. Great.

What is the advantage of sending all of my data to a different hard drive someplace? How does this make things easier for me? It doesn't.

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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?
Authored by: Peganthyrus on Aug 16, '12 10:58:55AM


It only work's with Apple's devices, so it's useless to me - my phone's an Android.

Plus the whole "only access or view your documents in certain apps" thing doesn't do it for me; my projects span multiple apps and multiple files. I'll stick with Evernote for my synching notebook and the filesystem for pretty much everything else.

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What do you think of iCloud for document storage?
Authored by: prwiding on Aug 17, '12 03:54:45AM
I'm going to call the current version iCloud 1.0.

Its a typical 1.0 product. Interesting but not really all there yet. There are too many missing or incomplete functions for the product. For example, if I create a Numbers spreadsheet on my Mac, and store it using iCloud options, I can see it on an iPad. But if I open it, headers are footers are deleted from the file !! So I can open a COPY on the iPad. But then the data is in two places instead of ONE. And this is with Apple software.

Second, BareBones Software has a product called Yojimbo that used the MobileMe service to sync SQLITE3 data between Macs. iCloud has a similar function, CoreData I believe, that sort of offers detailed data syncing between Macs, iPads, iPhones and iCloud. Sort of. Yojimbo sync'ing died with MobileMe and has not yet been replaced. That tells me right there that iCloud is not yet ready for prime time.

And the main issue is that only original applications can see the data they add to iCloud. You have to dance within the Mobile Documents folder on a Mac to get to data tossed into iCloud. Very annoying.

I rely on Evernote and Dropbox. I can't feel comfortable relying on iCloud. Except for iTunes Match, which so far works swell. I think Apple concentrated on getting iCloud working for iTunes Match. Other developers will limp along for their applications.

Hopefully, services may be easier for developers to use in Version 2.

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