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PowerPC Macs?

1/1: What mix of Macs do you regularly use?

Only Intel Macs - Genuine 1,442 (48.34%)
Only Intel Macs - 'Hackintosh' 59 (1.98%)
Both types of Intel Macs 169 (5.67%)
Only PowerPC Macs 265 (8.88%)
Intel (either kind) and PowerPC Macs 1,048 (35.13%)
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PowerPC Macs? | 19 comments | Create New Account
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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: fyngyrz on Mar 10, '10 07:34:36AM

2 - PPC Mac Minis, both still in daily use, one in media center, one on SO's desk
2 - Intel core duo Mac Minis - one in ham shack, one in music studio
1 - Macbook pro, Intel - for out of town and couch use, remote meetings
1 - Mac pro, Intel, 8-core - my desktop along with two linux boxen and a Windows machine
1 - Macbook air, Intel - SO's out of town and couch use


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Not a Hackintosh fan
Authored by: leamanc on Mar 10, '10 08:27:21AM

I have Hackintosh'ed a Dell Inspiron laptop I used to own (I forget the model number; it originally came with Ubuntu, but I've since put XP on it and sold it).

It's really easy to Hackintosh the right system these days. If you've got a Core-series Intel processor, chances are pretty good that you'll have a Hackintosh up and running within the day. The more components that are shared with a real Mac, the better. My Hackintosh project had integrated Intel 950GMA graphics, just like some MacBooks, so it was pretty smooth sailing.

That said, it fell into the category of "well, that was neat, but I'll never use this." If it was my only was to run OS X, I would have kept it, but there is a lot to be said for Apple's hardware. It really is worth the extra money, especially when you consider you can run OS X without any hacks on it.

On to the main point of the poll, my main workhorse is a 17" MacBook Pro Unibody. For typing and light projects, I use an old 12" PowerBook G4 that is maxed out and in great shape. Since Apple will never make a netbook, this old standby is as close as we're going to get (and its 1.33 GHz G4 is about as powerful as most netbook processors). I also have a first-generation black MacBook for when I want something small but PPC isn't going to cut it.

My entertainment center is powered by one Intel Mac and one PPC Mac. Hooked to my HDTV and home stereo is a 2 GHz Core 2 Duo Mac mini, with several external hard drives totaling 2 TB of storage. This is where all my movies and music go. Off in another room is a 17" PowerBook G4 with an EyeTV hooked to it. We watch TV on it when we're in this room, and TV recordings are, of course, done here. The recordings rsync over to the Mini, which has no EyeTV hardware, but just runs the EyeTV software.

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: Auricchio on Mar 10, '10 09:02:25AM

I think another data point would have been to say "Intel genuine and PowerPC" so we'd know how many of us don't hack an Intel machine.

EMOJO: mojo no longer workin'

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: robg on Mar 10, '10 10:22:46AM

I thought about it, but it seemed overly confusing for what I figured would be a relatively low vote count.


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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: xplora on Mar 11, '10 11:31:41AM

You will probably find it is higher than you think.

I do believe you will find there are more people doing the genuine only mix, and should have that as an option.

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: jhaffner on Mar 10, '10 09:26:57AM

I just decommissioned my last PPC Mac last month, a G4 450MHz tower. Good old workhorse, joins the pantheon of super-reliable Macs over the years: SE/30, LCIII, IIci...

Now we're all Intel, at home and at work. Who would have thought that we'd ever be using Macs with Intel chips?

Don't worry, it's out of control.

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: renaultssoftware on Mar 11, '10 04:54:31AM

I am young enough to forget PPC vs. Intel. All I know is that we have a G4 tower that theoretically runs Panther or Tiger. But we remain with 9.2.2, since my dad kind of likes it. Yes, we have 2 Intels: an iMac (2006/07) and an MBP (2007/08); both run 10.6.2.

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: dudemac on Mar 10, '10 09:57:05AM

Still running a PPC 12 powerbook G4 1Ghz.

It still works the battery needs to be replaces again, but for surfing, writing, and email it works great. Even Facebook works :) my wife uses this computer at home almost exclusively from the couch.

At work I use a mix of machines, but the my main computer is a Mac mini 1.66 core duo. Does everything I need and still runs the latest OS X. I also have a macbook pro at home I use that mostly for photo editing and design stuff. It is a 2.4 Ghz core2 duo, 4 gig monster. :) Really I find very few programs that really need that kind of horse power.

I probably won't be getting a new machine for a while.

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Quicksilver does everything I need, and it's not just because I'm cheap
Authored by: bedouin on Mar 10, '10 10:04:07AM

I upgraded my 2002 Quicksilver to a dual 1.8ghz G4 recently, so I'm not ready to throw in the PPC towel yet.

Current rundown is a Macbook, eMac, G3 iMac, G3 iBook, Powermac, and a Dell netbook running Ubuntu. Powermac remains my primary machine. Oh, I also have a Classic II -- so I've got every generation of Mac in the house.

An iPad may join soon.

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Quicksilver does everything I need, and it's not just because I'm cheap
Authored by: mmulhern on Mar 10, '10 02:08:22PM

Great to see someone else still running a QS2002 as their main desktop. I'm still running the 2x1Gz with 1.5GB RAM, but dropped in a Sata controller to add a 500GB HDD to run 10.5.8, and a USB2.0/FW400 combo card, so I don't die of boredom waiting on accessing USB drives (flash and HDD) . My portable is right at the other end of the pile, as it is an Acer Aspire AAO150 running 10.5.8.

Around the house is an eclectic mix of iMacs (G3 & C2D) laptops (2xPowerBookDuo, iBook, 2xPowerBooks, MBPro) and my Cube.

. . . and my //c has just come out of storage on to the main desk.

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Tons of PowerPCs
Authored by: Paul Burney on Mar 11, '10 06:57:50AM

I still have four PowerPCs kicking around:


1) My G5 Tower at home
2) My wife's Powerbook G4 17"
3) My daughter's Powerbook G4 17"
4) My other daughter's Powerbook G3 Pismo (with OS 9)


5) My MacBook Pro 17" from my employer


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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: robleach on Mar 12, '10 07:06:31AM

1 Intel Mac Desktop (work)
1 Intel Mac Laptop (work)
1 Intel Mac Mini (home media center)
1 G4 PPC Laptop (home primary)
1 G4 PPC Desktop (home webserver)

plus my fiancÚ has:
1 G3 PPC iMac
2 G4 PPC Laptops (though one currently isn't working)

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Hackintosh is just a hobby
Authored by: everkleer80 on Mar 12, '10 10:07:11AM

I voted genuine intel only since I have and regularly use a year and a half old iMac and a 4 years old MacBook. I have a few PCs that I've tried Hackintoshing, and I had success with one but couldn't find a driver for any of my network cards. I have no desire to use a large, clunky and loud machine when I have two perfectly sized, virtual silent machines that work great so I gave up trying to look for a driver. My desire to Hackintosh machines is gone for now since I pretty much had success with it. I may eventually get a NetBook and Hackintosh it though... it might be neat to have a tiny(er) Mac...

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: advocatusdiaboli on Mar 12, '10 11:30:09AM

Your mistake in not including genuine Intel and PPC macs miscounted 3 PPC mac versus 2 Intel Mac in our family as well. You've made your belief that there aren't many mixed installations out there a self-fulfilling prophecy by not allowing us to report them and therefore not counting them. That a good skill to have if you ever quit you day job and decide to go into the anti-science global warming denial business.

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: sf addict on Mar 12, '10 04:46:33PM

I too, am in that group of users with both Genuine Apple Intel and PPC systems. However one of my PPC systems is a G3/2.66GHz -upgraded PowerComputing clone that I use for playing 10-20 year old games (which may or may not be considered "genuine" depending on your perspective), while the other is a Titanium Powerbook 550 (Onyx) used with a Nikon LS-1000 SCSI film scanner.
My Intel systems:
Office: Mac Pro 3,1 3.0GHz Quad Core Xeon
Office: MacBook Pro 17" 2,1 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo
Home: Mac Pro 1,1 3.0GHz Dual Dual Core Xeon
Home: MacBook Pro 15" 1,1 1.86 Core Duo

Fun will now commence!

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: el heffe on Mar 12, '10 08:37:23PM

1 20" iMac Core2Duo 10.6
2 12" PBG4's 10.5/10.4
1 Hackintosh Dell Mini 10v 10.6
1 G3 333 iMac 9.2
1 LC III 680x0, 7.1
1 Homebuilt Core2Duo Win MCE
2 iPhones, 1g & 3g
1 Partridge in a pear tree.

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: acme1969 on Mar 14, '10 12:12:14PM

1 X iMac Intel Late 2006 (Main Machine)
1 X Powermac G4 MDD dual 1.25 GHz (Girlfriend's Machine)
1 X Powermac G4 Quicksilver 867 MHz (Kid's Machine)
1 X Powermac G4 MDD dual 1.25 GHz FW 800 (Home Server)

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Only one and with problems!
Authored by: smallpawn on Mar 25, '10 09:47:11AM

I only own 1 intel iMac 24'' 3,04Ghz.

And for now what I can say is that this friday is going to be the second time I take it to the "mac hospital". First it was brown stains on the display (they changed it entirely). Now, 2 weeks later, it's the display again. 2 dead pixels and white light filtrates from several places.

I hope it's only bad luck. Please don't tell me apple's hardware is that bad! I don't want to believe it! But if after this one it keeps having problems I think I will have to do something drastic about it.

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PowerPC Macs?
Authored by: PAWatkins on Mar 30, '10 05:31:26AM

QS Dual 800MHz G4 Powermac about 9 years old. Second PSU has just died. Still deciding wether to repair or upgrade!
Powerbook 17" 1.67MHz G4 needs new battery, has about 20 minutes life.

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