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In OS X 10.5, do you personally prefer the 2D or 3D dock? [Full-size comparison shot]

1/1: In OS X 10.5, do you personally prefer the 2D or 3D dock? [Full-size comparison shot]

2D dock 1,714 (36.41%)
3D dock 1,826 (38.79%)
No preference; both are fine 962 (20.43%)
Dislike them both 206 (4.38%)
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In OS X 10.5, do you personally prefer the 2D or 3D dock? [Full-size comparison shot] | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Side Dock
Authored by: boredzo on Oct 25, '07 06:11:47AM

I went ambivalent on this one because I have my Dock on the bottom, so the 3D background looks cool for me. The 2D version does seem more usable, though, so I may switch, and it's absolutely essential for side-mounted usage.

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Side Dock
Authored by: morespace54 on Oct 25, '07 06:43:31AM

So far, I prefer the 2d... but i guess, just when I started using OS X, I'll probably get used to the 3d one... Changes can be so hard some times... ;)

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Side Dock
Authored by: mcoyle1960 on Oct 25, '07 08:03:07AM

i think if images of the docks posted on the side of the screen were added, Leopard wouldn't be doing so well.

It looks horrible on the side.


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Side Dock
Authored by: robg on Oct 25, '07 08:23:22AM

You won't see such a picture, because it's no longer possible to have a 3D dock on the side of the screen. When you drag the dock to the side, it becomes 2D automagically.


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Wait and see
Authored by: gshenaut on Oct 25, '07 06:43:22AM

I always put my dock on the left side, since my screen is wider than it is tall, but it seems to me that the general idea of a 3d dock has promise, since there is obviously another dimension that could be manipulated. For example, information about running processes (CPU usage, memory usage, ...?) could be encoded by moving the icon back and forth in the "3rd" dimension. It may be one of those things that develops incrementally: once the 3d dock has sunk in for a while, its possibilities may become more apparent.

Greg Shenaut

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will want to see it in action
Authored by: philgross on Oct 25, '07 06:46:03AM

I voted 2D because the 3D seems to have too much "visual noise" obscuring the icons. It is pretty though. I think I'll have to see it live before making a final decision.

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Right side, pinned to bottom, auto hidden
Authored by: jecwobble on Oct 25, '07 08:34:09AM

Voted "no preference." I barely use the dock for anything. If I could remove it entirely and put the trash can in the lower right corner, I'd do it.

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Before you vote...
Authored by: ChiefTypist on Oct 25, '07 09:05:25AM

Try actually using the 3D dock -- the reflections are REALLY annoying while you're working.


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Another option?
Authored by: jiclark on Oct 25, '07 10:17:38AM
What we really need is a way to keep the 3D Dock, but remove the "Floor"!

I used to use a tool called TransparentDock to remove the box and transluscent background from the Panther/Tiger Dock altogether... It couldn't be updated to work on an Intel Mac (see link to product page), so I stopped using it. That has always been my preference, though, and Apple really needs to make that possible again.

It would also make it possible to easily switch the Dock to the side as well...

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Another option?
Authored by: ZZamboni on Oct 26, '07 01:42:56AM
Not having seen the 3D dock in person yet I have to ask - if you remove the floor, wouldn't that make it identicall to a transparent 2D dock?

About making the dock transparent, I was using TransparentDock for a while, but I discovered ClearDock, which is free and has worked in every version of OSX so far.

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10.4 Dock
Authored by: sjonke on Oct 25, '07 11:48:30AM

I prefer the 10.4 dock. Which is just as well since I can't upgrade any of my home Macs to 10.5 (none meet the minimum requirements.)

--- What?

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Don't really care
Authored by: asmeurer on Oct 25, '07 05:16:01PM
Let's see:
  • I keep my dock hidden
  • I have so many icons on my dock that it is really small
  • I use program switcher (Apple-Tab) or exposť to change programs
  • I use Quicksilver to launch programs
  • So I don't really care. On the other hand, the new System Preferences icon could take some getting used to...

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    Shadows look ugly!
    Authored by: nagani on Oct 26, '07 05:42:49AM

    A problem I see is that all OSX icons are designed to have a 3D look when viewed in 2D Finder windows, using semi-transparent shadows.

    Try this: look at the top of the 3D dock and think that the icons are on the desktop; it makes sense, these are 3D objects that have a shadow. Then move your eyes to the bottom of the dock, you get perspective, things are now in a space with no plane to cast a shadow on. The icons still have their overhanging shadows though, which appear as dirt out of nowhere.

    Feel comfy with the pretty look?

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    Authored by: blueatria on Oct 27, '07 05:11:26AM

    Could this be one of those "Maybe you should get out more?" questions?? ;-)

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    3D takes up more space
    Authored by: DoctorJ on Oct 28, '07 08:21:16PM

    I typically have around 20 icons sitting in the dock, more when i start parking apps on the right side. While having multiple spaces would elimate some of that, the icons will still be small. Since the 3D effect takes more width, the icons will have to smaller still...

    Using a rusty Amiga 4000T & a shiny Mac PowerBook G4

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    GUI changes
    Authored by: beanboyrjs on Oct 31, '07 03:03:33PM

    2D Dock...3D doesn't really matter to me. I have the Dock hidden when I'm not using it anyway.

    What I really don't like is the new transparent menu bar!!

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