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What's your single favorite app/feature in 10.5?

1/1: What's your single favorite app/feature in 10.5?

3D dock 34 (1.23%)
App: Automator 11 (0.40%)
App: Dashcode 5 (0.18%)
App: DVD Player 12 (0.44%)
App: iCal 24 (0.87%)
App: iChat 47 (1.71%)
App: Mail 132 (4.79%)
App: Preview 34 (1.23%)
App: Terminal 58 (2.11%)
AppleScript 10 (0.36%)
New Finder 293 (10.64%)
Parental Controls 11 (0.40%)
Quick Look 711 (25.82%)
Safari web clip 17 (0.62%)
Spaces 482 (17.50%)
Spotlight 96 (3.49%)
Stacks 95 (3.45%)
Time Machine 565 (20.52%)
Translucent menus/menu bar 24 (0.87%)
Other 93 (3.38%)
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What's your single favorite app/feature in 10.5? | 14 comments | Create New Account
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What's your single favorite app/feature in 10.5?
Authored by: Ezra Balaraj on Nov 01, '07 09:15:57AM

I am wondering why, "Cover Flow," wasn't included.


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What's your single favorite app/feature in 10.5?
Authored by: robg on Nov 01, '07 09:59:00AM

I ran out of room? :)

Pick "New Finder", though, and you'll include Cover Flow.


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What's your single favorite app/feature in 10.5?
Authored by: balthisar on Nov 01, '07 10:14:15AM

If that's the case, then when you combine Quick Look with new Finder (my choice in the poll), then the new Finder is winning ;-)

--Jim (me)

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Authored by: haiopeis on Nov 01, '07 09:22:25AM

Built in Ruby on Rails Deveolpment is the biggest Feature for me. About GUI Enhancments (Tranlucent Menubar, Stacks, Dock, ...) im not sure is this a bug or a feature.

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Authored by: cuban321 on Nov 01, '07 10:38:37AM

I love them! Anyone who doesn't is probably just a hippy. :)

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Authored by: pwharff on Nov 01, '07 10:58:04AM

I hate Stacks the most because I cannot navigate 2 or more levels deep in stacks as I could with the traditional folder/right click in the dock as before. So to sum it up, my hate for stacks is in 2 parts:

1) Not being able to navigate 2 or more levels deep via Stacks
2) Removing the classic functionality of this as was in 10.4

It doesn't happen too often when Apple removes such largely used features during an OS update. To tell you the truth, I do like Stacks for certain scenarios, but for the most part, Stacks has DECREASED my productivity! My only hope is Apple will provide some minimal update to combat all these upset users!

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Authored by: coolsoldier on Nov 01, '07 09:03:45PM

I don't know what's with all the stacks haters. I guess I just don't understand the appeal of the hierarchical menus everyone seems to miss. They always seemed like kind of an awkward to navigate the file system (one bump of the mouse and you're back to square one).

The "Downloads" folder is the perfect example of what stacks were meant to be; a temporary holding place for files that you need quick access to. Back before multitasking, it made sense to use the desktop for that, but these days we need something that's accessible even when there are other windows open.

Maybe the solution is for Apple to add a "View As... > Menu" option for folks who like the old functionality.

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Don't agree.
Authored by: jiclark on Nov 02, '07 07:46:01AM

Two things:

1) Put a stack of your Applications folder in the Dock. It's icon is the Address Book icon. How is this helpful?

2) My big complaint is that they didn't include some sort of option for accessing the old behavior. It's bad form to remove a feature unnecessarily, imho... Especially one that so many of us used! Steve doesn't use it, so it can go? Like I said, really just bad form...

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Don't agree. (how to get old behavior)
Authored by: mcgoogles on Nov 05, '07 09:28:13AM

I hate stacks too. For me it's nothing but an incredibly slow way to access files and folders.

If by the "old behavior" you mean opening a folder when its clicked in the dock, do this:

- toss your dock stacks
- make aliases to whichever folders you want
- drag those to the dock
- toss the aliases

Now, clicking on the folders in the dock will open them rather than stack them

- mcgoogles

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Tough choices
Authored by: kiltbear on Nov 01, '07 11:48:23AM

It was a real tie for Spaces and Quicklook for me... Spaces won out. As a unix sysadmin it is nice to have this functionality back. I used to use multiple desktops all the time on X-Windows systems, and I never really found the current Mac OSX 3rd party Virtual Desktops apps very satisfying.

Quicklook = just hit space, gotta love it.

But what really made me go WOW was the translucent menus (no NOT the menu bar, the menus). Damn, that's beautiful. Translucent, yet blurs out the lower layer enough so it doesn't interfere. Just stunning!

Oh, and if I ever get back to my mac working, or when I get a chance to try sharing with mom, that will probably rank highly.

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Tough choices
Authored by: McKs on Nov 04, '07 08:54:53AM

that's funny, the blurring is the thing I absolutely hate the most about Leopard.
First you put a strain on the system by making something transparent, than you remove the only conceivable function of said transparency, namely to be able to distinguish what's underneath.
The blurry mess takes away from the cleanness of the interface as well, imo. (And the fact that they stole this idea straight from Vista doesn't help either)

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Putting a shout out for Back to My Mac
Authored by: willbank on Nov 02, '07 12:57:38PM
Back to my mac and the other vast improvements in network share connectivity. Loving you work on that Apple. (Hating your work on Stacks)

No, really. This is a healthy obsession.

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Both love and hate Spotlight...
Authored by: dille on Nov 06, '07 04:53:29AM

Love it, since it now runs FAST (and that's on a G4 mini with the slower-than-typing-zeroes-and-ones-yourself internal harddrive), but I really liked the separate result window that's gone missing now. It's a regular finder window now, and while that does have it's advantages, it feels like something's missing.

Overall, I really like Leopard.

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Authored by: mflender on Nov 06, '07 10:56:10AM

I like that we have one OS that is 64 bit but is able to run 32 bit code at the same time. ppc + x86 + 32bit + 64bit = One install DVD. Breaks into Clerks 2 hobbit geek impersonation.... One Install DVD to install to them, One install DVD to bind them. I'm so impressed I might start wearing a Leopard install disc on a chain around my neck and refer to it as "My Precious". :-)

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