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The Mac OS X Solutions Guidebook

Thank you for your interest in registering The Mac OS X Solutions Guidebook. If you've somehow reached this page without knowing what the Guidebook is, please see the "About the Guidebook" section at the bottom of this page.

Registering the Guidebook

If you have previously donated to support macosxhints, this guidebook is a freebie. If you are not a macosxhints' contributor, the Guidebook carries a $10.00 shareware cost [$5.00 for students]. The book is free to download and try, but if you find it useful, please pay the shareware fee. Income generated through book sales will help fund future operations of this web site. As you can see, we carry no ads, and the site is completely supported through my own funds and donations from readers. This Guidebook gives me another way to help fund the future of the site, as I'd like to keep it around and ad-free for as long as it makes economic sense. So please, if you find the book useful, take five minutes and register.

Registration is quick and easy. Unless you opt to include it, I receive none of your personal data. I simply receive a notice that a shareware fee has been paid by an unknown party. Of course, this means that I have no record of who has registered the guidebook. If you'd like me to know that you have registered, feel free to drop me an email (this is completely up to you, of course!).

Pay by check
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[Student - $5.00]

If you are student, simply change the item price on Amazon to $5.00, or click PayPal's Student Rate button instead of the Standard Rate button.

Volume Licenses: Volume licenses are available for both corporations and universities. The volume license allows for free distribution and use of the guidebook for a certain number of readers. Customization with either the corporate or university logo on the cover and replacement of the page footers with corporate or university specific information is also included. If you are interested in a site license, please contact me via email for full details.

Although I cannot guarantee future updates to the book, if they are made, such updates will be completely free of charge to registered users -- if you've paid once, you've paid forever.

Thank you for your support, and plase, drop me an email if you have any questions or comments.

-rob griffiths

About the Guidebook

This Guidebook grew out of the first version I created in early 2001, which was a much shorter (12 page) and simpler document. The new version has been rewritten from the ground up with information specific to OS X 10.1 and many many more tips and hints.

Like the original, this guidebook is not designed to take a brand new OS X user from first their first launch to power user status. Instead, it's targeted at those people with some OS X experience who would like to find out more about their system, including (perhaps) the UNIX side of the system. It includes some general advice, a bit of OS X advocacy, and a large collection of tips and tricks. The tips and tricks range from the simple to the complex, and all are fully explained, step by step with screenshots where appropriate.

The guidebook can be downloaded here:

The chapters in the new guide cover the following topics, spread across 60+ pages:

OS X Overview A general look at the system and how it differs from OS 9
General Hints Non-application-specific tips and tricks
The Finder Working with the new Finder
The Dock How to make the dock work for you
Classic General advice on making the old and new systems work well together
System Preferences Focused on the less obvious options in the preference panels
Mail Using Mac OS X's free mail program
ProcessViewer Using ProcessViewer to understand what your system is doing
Disk Utility Set up new disk partitions, analyze existing ones
Disk Copy Working with disk images
UNIX Overview Some UNIX tips and tricks to get you started with the command line
Favorite Apps A page of my favorite OS X apps
Online Resources Where to go for more information

If you're interested, please download the Guidebook and give it a read-through; I think you'll find that the amount of useful information is extremely high and it will help you get the most out of OS X.