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Apple Computer

  • Apple's Mac OS X Downloads (33,129)
    Probably not much here that's not also on VersionTracker, but it's a nicely presented list of OS X apps, utilities, and games.
  • Apple's Mac OS X Security page (1,984)
    A ton of info on the various security features built into OS X 10.3
  • Apple's NetInfo Documentation (2,870)
    A 1.9mb PDF file discussing the details of using NetInfo in OS X. Written from an OS X Server perspective, but should be generally applicable to OS X Consumer as well.
  • Apple's OS X kbd shortcuts (3,577)
    A relatively exhaustive list of the numerous keyboard shortcuts for working in and with OS X.
  • Apple's OS X Resource Directory (1,940)
    A one-page collection of things to help with the OS X transition -- training, support, community, book references, URL's, etc. Most of the content is repeated elsewhere, but this page pulls it all together nicely.
  • Apple's OS X Security overview (1,222)
    Targeted at the web developer, but useful to everone, this overview of OS X security explains permissions and accounts, and includes links to other resources with additional info.
  • Apple's OS X Security Page (1,720)
    A good overview of OS X security, along with a pointer to a mailing list, if you have more interest in the topic.
  • Apple's OS X System Overview (3,003)
    An incredibly thorough 2.9mb PDF file covering all major areas of Mac OS X, including the file system, frameworks, user experience, etc. A bit too technical for the average user at times, but still a worthwhile read-through.
  • Apple's OS X Updates page (1,386)
    A great chart showing exactly what updates need to be applied to get from one version of OS X to the most recent.
  • Apple's PC/Mac sharing how-to (6,481)
    A very well written explanation of Mac to PC filesharing. Includes information on command-line usage, as well as compiling and installing Samba, to make your Mac visible to the PC network.