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10.7: Enable Time Machine encryption on Lion System 10.7
Time Machine finally supports encryption; here's how to activate it.

At the Time Machine preference pane, go to Select Disk... and select the disk you're currently using for backup. Check the checkbox in this dialog to Encrypt backup disk. Give it a good password, and never lose it. You probably won't need it ever again unless you recover the backup from a different machine, so remembering it would be tricky.

Requirements for encryption are just Mac Extended (Journaled) file system on a GPT-partitioned disk. I'd speculate it uses the same method as FileVault2, but I don't know.

It does appear to be non-destructive. When I enabled it, it did a long 'preparing for encryption' step (probably a check disk), a quick backup, and now its sitting there encrypting. It is taking a while too, so it might encrypt the whole file system, which will block recovery from anything older than Lion.

Post experiences below. Just to be safe, have another good backup on another disk.

[crarko adds: I don't need encrypted backups, but if you do, the option is now there. As mentioned in the hint, expect this to take quite a while the first time.]
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10.7: Double Tap for Dictionary definition System 10.7
A simple hint -- double tap a word with 3 fingers to get a pop-over with dictionary and thesaurus definition! Works in most apps.

[crarko adds: When I tried this (in Safari) I got a pop-up menu, that gave me the option to Look Up the word, as well as other options. I also got the spinning beachball of death when I tried it in TextEdit. 10.7.1, anyone?]
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10.7: Un-hide the User Library folder System 10.7
By default, the ~/Library folder is hidden in Lion. This is a big problem to many of the readers of this site, as many hints involve this folder (especially any involving hidden preferences).

You can easily un-hide this folder for easy access. Simply run the following command in Terminal:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

If, for some reason, you want to re-hide it, you can run the same command using 'hidden' instead of 'nohidden'.

You can actually use this command to hide or unhide any folder. Just put it's path in place of ~/Library.

[crarko adds: Works great. One of the first things I did.]
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10.7: Get to your Library folder System 10.7
The default behavior of Lion is to hide your user Library folder. To get to it Option-click the Go Menu in the Finder and choose Library.

[crarko adds: OK, Apple that's kind of crazy. Holding down the Option key with the Go menu selected causes 'Library' to appear in the list. Releasing it causes it to vanish. The Library folder is the only item that has this behavior.

By the way, before submitting any more hints about ~/Library be advised that Macworld is going to publish an article with 18 different ways to view this folder. I presume the two hints published today will be among them.]
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10.7: Reverse Reversed Scrolling direction System 10.7
In Mac OS X Lion, Apple for some reason assumed we all want to scroll backwards. Here's how to undo that annoying behavior.

Simply open System Preferences, go to Trackpad, and uncheck the box at the top saying 'When using gestures to scroll or navigate, move content in the direction of finger movement.'

[crarko adds: This was the very first thing I did after the scrolling in Safari started driving me nuts. I also found it absolutely essential to check 'Ignore accidental trackpad input,' as the sensitivity of the Trackpad on the MacBook had been greatly increased.]
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10.7: Install the new voices System 10.7
Apple has created lots of new speech synthesizer voices for Lion. It's easy to download them, but the fact that they exist isn't very-well advertised in System Preferences (or otherwise in the OS). Here's how to get them.
  • Open System Preferences » Speech » Text to Speech.
  • Click on the System Voice: menu and select Customize.
  • You're presented with a huge list of voices to choose from.
  • Click on a voice and press Play to preview it.
  • Check the boxes to the left of the ones you like. Then click OK.
Software Update will open and download your voices. Be warned, some of the files are huge.

[crarko adds: I might have hours of fun with this one.]
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10.7: Xcode 4.1 for Lion is free on the App Store System 10.7
Something of a public service announcement; if you haven't noticed you can download the Xcode Developer Tools from the Mac App Store for free now.

This is version 4.1 and appears to be Lion-only. It's about a 3 GB download and one can only hope that Apple will implement the delta update system for Xcode, so you don't have to download the whole package every time there is an SDK change.
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10.7: Preparing for Lion; no Hints today System 10.7
Like most of you, I'm getting ready for today's release of OS X Lion. I'm downloading and installing it now, and will perform an upgrade to a copy of 10.6 installed on an external drive for testing. It will be interesting to see how well Apple's servers hold up under the load.

There are several Lion hints in the queue, and I will start testing them later today and publish the first of them starting tomorrow.

We'll be resuming the Monthly Hints Contest in August, focusing on Lion hints. All Lion hints, starting with those I publish tomorrow, will be eligible for the contest. Obviously other topics are welcome as well; I personally am looking forward to some good BBEdit 10 hints.

Please refer to the original post about the MacOSXHints Monthly Hint contest for further details.

Thanks, all, and look for Lion hints starting tomorrow. And happy anniversary of the first Moon landing. Nice Cosmic coincidence.
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