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10.5: Open System Profiler directly from the Apple menu System 10.5
Want super-quick access to the System Profiler application? When clicking the Apple logo in the menu bar at the top of the screen, hold down the Option key, and About this Mac changes to System Profiler. Select it, and it and will open the System Profiler application.
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10.5: A number of ways to access Screen Sharing System 10.5
OS X 10.5 includes a very handy Screen Sharing application for controlling remote Macs. It is invoked via iChat's Share Screen feature, as well as a Share Screen' button on locally-discovered Macs in the Finder. But, if you're like me, 90% of the time I just want to enter the IP address of the machine to control and be on my way. Luckily, the Screen Sharing program is able to run independently, and will ask for the IP to control upon launch.

The application is fairly well hidden (which is what makes this a hint!), but you can find it here: /System » Library » CoreServices » Screen I suggest making a dock shortcut to it.

[robg adds: An anonymous contributor also pointed out that you can access the program via the Finder's Go » Go to Server menu. Choose that, and type vnc:// in the input box, where is the computer's IP address or DNS name. Screen Sharing will launch and prompt you for a password.]
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10.5: Collect all open windows in one space in Spaces System 10.5
When you're viewing all of your Spaces (F8), you can press the C key to collect all the windows from all spaces into the first space. Press C again to send them back where they started.

If you collect windows and then exit out of Spaces (by pressing F8 again), you will not be able to uncollect them.

[robg adds: I couldn't find any reference to this feature in Spaces' help, and it's quite useful if you've been tossing your windows into various spaces throughout the day, to the point where you sort of lose track of where you've sent them ... not that that's ever happened to me.]
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10.5: See 512x512 icons of Mac hardware and more System 10.5
Leopard now includes hi-res (512x512) icons for every Mac system it runs on. These icons are automatically set to your Computer icon, and other Macs running Leopard will show up as what they are in the network pane of your shiny new sidebar. These icons are, of course, transparent, so you can save them as PNGs and use them anywhere you want.

The path is /System » Library » CoreServices » CoreTypes.bundle » Contents » Resources. Enjoy!

[robg adds: The huge icons are truly stunning, and this folder contains much more than just Mac hardware icons. You'll also find 512x512 versions of many other icons, including system folders, Airport Extreme, the dotMac logo, and a number of interesting Toolbar...icns files.

The other spot I've noticed 512x512 icons is in the Finder, which is also found in /System » Library » Core Services. Control-click on Finder and choose Show Package Contents, and then navigate into Contents » Resources. Remember that you can drag and drop any of these folders onto Preview to see browse through all of the images at once. As an example, I've published a shot of the Xserve icon with this hint. Click the small icon to see the high-quality full-size 512x512 version -- they really are amazingly well done.]
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10.5: Banish the 3D dock from 10.5 System 10.5
The 10.5 Dock, as seen at the bottom of the screen, has a 3D effect. If you toss the dock to the side of the screen, however, you get a nice 2D alternative Dock. If you'd like the 2D dock at all times (that is, even at the bottom of the screen), open Terminal and type the following command:
$ defaults write no-glass -boolean YES; killall Dock
The Dock will then restart, and you should be seeing the 2D dock at the bottom of the screen, like this (click for a larger version):

[robg adds: This one simple change had a dramatic impact on my feelings for 10.5 -- I really, really dislike the 3D dock. This 2D version isn't perfect, but it's a marked improvement over the stock version. BTW, if you like the dimmed "hidden app" indicators in my dock shot above, those are from this 2003 hint that still works in 10.5.

If you can't decide between the two docks, and want to make it easier to flip between them, my coworker Dan Frakes whipped up a couple of very simple AppleScripts [34KB download] to make that task easier. You could use Butler or a similar app to put each script on a hot key, making it even simpler to toggle. No toggling here, though, as the 3D dock has seen the last of its days on my machines.]
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10.5: The first 300 Leopard hints System 10.5
So as you probably read on about 225 sites yesterday, Apple announced an availability date for Leopard: Friday, October 26th at 6:00pm. But they also did something I don't recall them doing before, and that's revealing a number of fairly interesting yet not necessarily mainstream tips about the new OS. They put all of these things together on a special Leopard 300+ New Features page for everyone to peruse.

Now, some of what's there is relatively light -- for instance, the six new 10.5 screen savers count as six of the 300+ new features. Much of the rest of the features are just general tidbits of knowledge ("See files for what they really are. Leopard displays icons that are actual thumbnail previews of the documents themselves"), not actual hints. But buried amongst all the other stuff, there are some genuine tips. So the purpose of this very first Leopard hint is twofold:
  1. To link to Apple's 300+ features page, as it contains some good info.
  2. To request that you don't submit tips from that page. To save on possible duplication of effort from thousands of tipsters, I will pick some of the more interesting actual tips from that page and run them here once Leopard ships a week from Friday. That way, the rest of you can focus on finding the real hidden Leopard tips.
And why might you want to do that? Let's just say we've got something of a contest planned with some pretty nice prizes for the winners. You'll be hearing more about the details in the days to come, but for now, start thinking about how you might want to dig into Leopard and its apps to see what nuggets are buried there (hint: strings - ... is a most useful Unix command).

Leopard tips will be accepted prior to the official release of 10.5, but none will be published (other than this one, since it's based on information Apple themselves has made public) before 6:00pm west coast time (USA) on the 26th of October.

Signed, your happy-about-a-new-OS-release tipmaster;
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