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10.5: Install on a PPC Mac from an external USB Drive System 10.5
Leopard only hintAfter doing a lot of research and trying out some hints, finally I could install Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on an iMac G5 1.8 GHz, and I would like to share with you the solution that I got.

This works for PowerPC Macs that don't have a Dual Layer DVD, and you wish to install Leopard using an external USB Drive instead.
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Recover from a problem with an Apple update System 10.5
Leopard only hintI recently performed a security patch along with a Safari update (I believe it was 5.0.1) using Software Update. I ignored the iTunes 10 update that was available. After the update, I could no longer access any websites, webdav iCal shares, or even connect to the Software Update server! I assume that the security update works for most people without doing anything harmful, but the only way I got Internet access back was by installing an earlier combo update at the Apple Store.
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10.5: Use an unsupported local filesystem with Time Machine System 10.5
Leopard only hintI have a good sized ZFS volume on my desktop machine which I'd like to use for Time Machine backups for all my systems. This is no problem with backing up my other systems over the network thanks to this command:
defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1
Works like a champ backing up my portable to that volume shared over AFP. But I also wanted to keep the boot drive on the desktop machine backed up to that same volume, which turns out to be almost unfeasible until Apple decides to let us use Time Machine with the mounted HFS+ disk image of our choice.

Apple also doesn't let you mount AFP or SMB shares on the machine you're sharing from, so that wasn't an option either (they should, though -- it would be great for testing purposes, as well as something like this).

I did a lot of research and only came up with one solution. It's not ideal, but it appears to work. Please don't bug me about ZFS's better uses and more advanced features; ZFS is unsupported and may break at any moment, so I'm just using it to provide some fault tolerance for seven 250GB drives. Also be aware that my desktop machine is a G5, and therefore is limited to OS 10.5.8.
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10.5: Find out which program/process is locking a file System 10.5
Leopard only hintSometimes the trash won't be emptied, or a volume refuses to eject with a "file in use error." There have been hints on how to find that out in Terminal with lsof, which is not necessarily for the faint of heart.

Here is a nice Automator workflow that runs some AppleScript and shell commands and can be used in contextual Finder menu. So when a file is reported used, control-click on it and run the Automator workflow and see who is to blame. It will use user process space (no prompt for admin password), but will also revert to system process space if needed (prompting for the password). It will display the application/process that is using the file, and the account that started the program (could be you, could be root, could be another local user).
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10.5: Change a print job's scheduled print time System 10.5
Leopard only hintIf you need to hold a print job for a period of time, but forget to change the settings in the Print dialog before sending the job to the printer, here's a solution.

When the printer's window comes up, click the Hold button, then double-click the value under "When. For the date, you'll need to enter the Unix epoch timestamp for when you would like the job to print. In case you're not fluent in UNIX epoch timestamps, you can use this free converter to convert a standard date format into the Unix epoch equivalent.

For example, if I wanted to print something at 2pm Eastern time on November 10 2009, I would enter 1257879600 into the field.

[robg adds: It seems this won't work in 10.6, because there's no When column in the 10.6 print queue window. If I'm overlooking something, please correct me and I'll remove the "10.5 only" tag from the hint.]
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10.5: Remove Shut Down from the Apple menu System 10.5
Leopard only hintWe have some users who, through habit or sloppy clicking, always shutdown their machine when they leave. This means that we can't perform maintenance without walking to the machine. If you need to prevent users from shutting down machines so you can do maintenance, this will help by removing the Shut Down item from the Apple Menu.

The following patch removes the Shut Down menu item for everyone on the system, admin and non-admin users alike. The patch doesn't delete the entire object, it just replaces the content of the object with a separator. Deleting the entire object causes Bad Things To Happen. You can probably use this method to remove other items in the Apple Menu, but I haven't tested that.

Warning: Altering anything under /System/Library is always risky. Don't deploy this without testing it thoroughly in your environment. I don't know for sure what will happen when updates are applied to the box, though I haven't seen any problems.
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10.5: Disable the CrashReporter application System 10.5
While people have pointed out that the CrashReporter dialog box may be disabled, this still runs the CrashReporter on each application failure, and writes a crash report to disk. Since it can take a long time to write the report, developers may want to disable crash reports entirely. Here is how.

From within a window, you have to run the following command once:
sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
You then have to run the following command every time you log in. (I added it to my ~/.bash_profile file, which is good enough for running tests.)
launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
Note that running defaults write DialogType none definitely doesn't have the same effect as the above -- it disables the crash dialog, but Crash Reporter still contributes to the heat death of the universe.

If this hint works, you can thank Tim Shead of K3D fame. If not, feel free to clean up the broken pieces.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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10.5: Search system folders in Spotlight System 10.5
Spotlight generally excludes OS X system folders (such as /etc and /bin) from its searches. But, if you know the name of the system folder you want to search, you can search in it anyway. For example, to search for a file in the /etc folder, select Go: Go to Folder in the Finder. Type /etc in the Go to field and click Go. With that folder now open in the Finder, type whatever it is you want to look for in the Finder window's Spotlight field. When the Search bar appears, select "etc" as the folder to search (instead of This Mac). If you select one of the found files and check its file path at the bottom of the search window, you'll see that the search results are indeed within one of those previously unsearchable folders.
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10.5: View subtitles in Quick Look System 10.5
Last year my wife and I returned from Thailand with some Bollywood movies we bought at a market. They aren't on DVD—some are on regular CD-ROMs (a mix of VCDs and regular CDs), complete with .avi files and .srt subtitle files, which we can play with VLC Player. However, I noticed that if the .avi and .srt files are in the same folder, and you press the space bar to preview the movie, Quick Look will show the subtitles in the movie. Previously I thought only VLC Player & QuickTime could do this. Quick Look even does this after I convert the .avi files to .m4v files.

[Editor's note: This hint has not been tested.]
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10.5: Solve a repair permissions issue after 10.5.8 update System 10.5
According to this thread in Apple Discussions, some users are noticing some odd entries in Disk Utility's Repair Permissions function after running the Combined Updater and then repairing permissions. It seems a number of files are coming up with absolutely no permissions. Other users, though, are seeing no such problems. After a long exchange, user 'Gerben Wierda' seems to have figured out the cause and a solution.

Gerben describes the problem and the suggested solution:
For files not installed yet, their permissions (and owner) are taken from nonexisting files during the update process and stored in the package Receipts (Base system). Obviously, the combo update may affect more files. Installing the update twice -- without repairing permissions between -- re-reads permissions from the files which, at that point, are available and the receipts are fixed.
So basically, if you installed the combined updater and then repaired permissions, you need to install the combined updater twice, back to back, and then repair permissions will work properly. I haven't tested this, as (being very honest here) I only ever consider repairing permissions on my system if I've got an issue that seems like it might be related to permissions.
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