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10.4: Prevent 10.4.7 from checking for Widget updates System 10.4
When you update Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.4.7, Dashboard starts 'phoning home' -- it checks for updates on the internet for your widgets on the following two URLs:

For this, it launches a process called dashboardadvisoryd, and checks every day for new widgets. Quite handy you might think, but on large networks, you probably would like to prevent this.
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10.4: Run a Dashboard widget without installing it System 10.4
Did you know that you can run a widget without permanently installing it?

After downloading (from Apple's site or others) and expanding a widget, a double-click launches the widget installer. A dialog then appears with two options: Cancel and Install. Click Cancel, and nothing happens; click Install, and the widget is moved to your user's Library/Widgets folder, ready for use in Dashboard.

However, if you hold Command and Option when the dialog is onscreen, the Install button will change to Run, allowing you to only run the widget. Select this, and it opens in the Dashboard layer, but it's not moved to your Widgets folder. Ta-da!
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10.4: Hide the Spotlight Privacy tab from general view System 10.4
Spotlight is great technology, however, the Privacy tab in Spotlight's System preferences allows someone to walk up to the computer and quickly view what you may consider "private." It's ironic that this may probably be the easy way to view someone's private files and personal information -- just double-click on an entry in the list, and it opens in the Finder.

My solution for keeping this information private is to simply disable the Privacy tab in Spotlight's System Preferences by doing the following (after setting up the items you wish to keep private). I first put a copy of the system's Spotlight.prefPane (from the System -> Library -> PreferencePanes folder) in my user's PreferencePanes directory with the following command:
$ sudo cp -R /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Spotlight.prefPane/ 
The reason for this is that I only want to disable the Privacy tab in my own home directory; I still want other users with their own accounts to have the ability to use the Privacy tab if they so desire.
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10.4: Use two-finger right-click on MacBook Pros System 10.4
Well, it looks like Mac OS X 10.4.7 enables the two-fingered right-click on MacBook Pro models, bringing them up to feature-spec with the MacBook. Rock on.

Go into the trackpad preferences inside System Preferences to enable the "tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click" to enable the functionality.

[robg adds: Yes, this is a standard feature that's part of the upgrade. However, the two-finger right-click is so popular on the MacBooks, I figured it couldn't hurt to help spread the word that the MacBook Pros now have it as well.]
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10.4: View partition type in Disk Utility System 10.4
Here's a simple one about a new feature added in 10.4.7. In Disk Utility at the bottom of the window (below S.M.A.R.T. Status), you can now see the Partition Scheme. This is only visible when you have the hard drive itself selected, not any partitions on the drive.

For PowerPC Macs, you'll see Apple Partition Map; on Intel Macs, it will be GUID Partition Table.
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View some album art in Spotlight search results System 10.4
I was searching for something using Spotlight and noticed that a music file that I had purchased from iTMS appeared, I couldn't understand why so I clicked the info icon to see all the details, and to my surprise, the Album art was displayed above the preview. I tested some more, and this is not the case when you do Get Info in the Finder, nor does it work for MP3s with album art.

Not really a hint, but thought I'd share.

[robg adds: Definitely not a hint as such, but it's interesting to see album art showing up in Spotlight's search results. It's also somewhat odd that it seems only the store-bought M4Ps get this treatment.]
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10.4: A fix for a Keychain Access issue on Intel Macs System 10.4
You may have noticed with your new Intel Mac that keychains absolutely do not work. You are unable to save new passwords to your keychain, and all keychains previously saved on PowerPC Macs are unreadable. Even if you load up the PowerPC version of Keychain Access using Pacifist or something, you can access your PowerPC keychains, but you still won't be able to reveal passwords.

All of these issues are easily fixed. Simply install the firmware update from Apple. I have a Macbook Pro 15", and there was a firmware update I needed. (The same update that is required before using Boot Camp to install Windows XP on your Mac.)

Now I can save new passwords to my keychain, and my PowerPC version of Keychain Access can reveal my old passwords. (The Intel version of Keychain Access still cannot open a PowerPC-created keychain file, though.)
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10.4: Use Google Finance for the Stocks widget System 10.4
If you'd like to use Google Finance (which in my opinion has been greatly improved and is far superior to the Quote finance page) in your Stocks widget, you just need to do a simple code replacement. Make a backup of your Stocks widget just in case, which you will find in /Library -> Widgets -> Stocks.wdgt. Then control-click the widget and select Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Find the file named Stocks.js, and open it up in your text editor of choice. Then perform the following code change: Line 654 reads as follows (note that there's an added line break in all of the following. Do not break the line when entering it yourself; make it one long line):
var url = '' + 
 generateSymbolStringFromStrings (symbol, exchange);
To use Google Finance instead, make it look like this:
var url = '' + 
generateSymbolStringFromStrings (symbol, exchange);
If you want to use Yahoo! Finance instead, simply replace the code mentioned above with this:
var url = '' + 
generateSymbolStringFromStrings (symbol, exchange);
If you want the widget to also go to the page of your choice when you click the big button on the back of the widget, you can also change the code at line 1304 with one of the following:
var url = ''
var url = ''
[robg adds: This worked as described. A simple way to make a backup of the widget is to just copy it to your user's Library/Widgets folder, then modify the copy. This leaves the original Apple-provided widget alone. Then open your modified copy from the Finder to see it on the Dashbaord.]
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10.4: Spotlight searches with Entourage and Apple Mail System 10.4
If you use the latest version of Entourage (v11.2.3), which is Spotlight-enabled, in conjunction with Apple Mail, you will notice that when you do a search in Spotlight for mail messages, you get search results from both Entourage and Apple Mail. In some cases, they may be duplicate emails depending on how you have mail set up.

To get mail messages only for Entourage, you have to put the ~/Library/Mail folder in the privacy section of Spotlight's pane in System Preferences.

To get mail messages only for Apple Mail, just uncheck "Include Entourage items in Spotlight search results" in the Spotlight section of the General Preferences of Preferences in the Entourage menu bar.

I know this may sound simple, but it is undocumented until today.
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10.4: Fix PowerPC apps that fail to launch on Intel Macs System 10.4
I recently picked up a new MacBook, and while most of the applications I use have gone Universal, some have not. Most notable among the "not yet" entries is Microsoft Office. Most of the time it runs fine, but occasionally, the Office applications will refuse to start. I get a few bounces in the dock, and the then the application quits.

I had been rebooting my MacBook to solve get around this problem, but that is a huge pain. I have found that if my PowerPC application won't run, I simply force quit the translated process from the Activity Monitor, and then launch the offending application again. The application will start up, and the translated process restarts automatically.

Killing this process seems to have no effect on any currently-running PowerPC applications -- so it seems the translated process is not needed to use a PowerPC app that is already running.

[robg adds: I haven't had any "won't start" issues, but I did try killing the translated process with Word running, and didn't notice any ill effects.]
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