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Adding a password to your screensaver System
Tim Mityok, of Public Acess Software, has created a patch that will prompt for your login password before unlocking the screen.

You can download the file (instructions are included), or visit Public Access Software's site for more detail.

Given the need for security on your X box, this is a good idea - Tim points out that it's not a feature he added, merely one that was included and not enabled in the Public Beta.
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Is there an OS X hosts file that I can edit? System
[Editor's note: Please see the comments for the proposed solution]

I'm using OS X Public Beta as my primary web development environment - that is I develop the html/code using my OS X box. Now, my web servers and my desktops are behind a firewall and DNS hosting has been outsourced to AT&T, so resolving my webservers' URLs "within" my network isn't possible without modifications being made to a desktop's hosts file. Under Windows and Mac OS 9 its easy -- just make the changes to the file. But the hosts file I found in "/etc" under OS X says it "isn't used" and modifications don't take hold.

Does anyone have a suggestion or know the right way to go about doing this?
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How to make PDFs in OS X System
User 'rjzak' asked in a Help Me submission:
i'm wondering how to make PDF's in OSX. i checked the apple help, but it points to a website and i dont have internet access under OSX. whats the answer? how do i make PDF's in OSX?
I've taken the opportunity to turn the question into a how-to. Here's what help says when you enter PDF in the search box, and then pick "Save a PDF version of a document" (I've paraphrased it a bit):

To make a PDF file of any document, open that document in the original application, select 'File' -> 'Print', and then hit the Preview button. This will open the Preview application.

Once Preview has launched, pick 'File' -> 'Save as PDF' to create the PDF file.

I just tried this with Explorer, and it worked great! It's probably obvious, but I had no idea this was built into OS X...very cool!

Note: rjzak, I'm not sure why your help file is trying to connect you to the internet -- any thoughts, anyone?
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Customize the system icons System
If you're unhappy with the system icons (trash, folders, etc.), head on over to, and read this article on how to change them.
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Quicktime Streaming Server Preview 3 System
[Editor's note: See the comments for some recommendations!]

Are there any good tutorials on this? I''m looking into this right now... and am having difficulties finding info on RTSP and Poster Movies / Embedding the Quicktime in web pages... I heard a term today... packetizing?

Any good sources of info on this stuff? Does anyone think Apple will bundle this with OSX 1.0?

that'd be waaaayy cool.
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Unix user looking for OSX/Mac tips... System
[Editor's note: Lots of good info in the comments!]

I'm a new user to OSX, and for that matter Macs too. People keep talking bout how they need help understanding the unix command line, and I understand that (it wasn't that long ago I was in the same boat), But I'm the opposite... A Unix user looking for power tips on macs. I've only had small amounts of experience with macs and am wondering about the advanced features like configurations, cool quick keys, etc.

Could you also point me to resources on the developer side of Macs as well that would be much appreciated. (ie. what the heck is zapping the P RAM anyways- Aussies insert joke here-, or a developer button?!?)

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How to make OS X Beta print to a USB printer System
This one goes in the "very experimental" category. has published a method of getting some HP USB printers to work under OS X PB.

You'll need to register (for free) as an Apple developer to download a package, but it looks pretty straightforward after that.
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Colorizing the terminal window System
While goofing around in the finder today, I found a cool new way to colorize the terminal window. Sure, you can do it through the preferences dialog, but what fun is that?

Instead, pick Show Colors from the Fonts menu. Pick the color you want for a background. Now drag the color swatch to an open (non-text area) of the terminal window. To change the text color, follow the same process, but drop the swatch on some text in the terminal window.

Viola, instant terminal session colors!
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Terminal and 'Process Completed' error System
If you try to launch the terminal app, and it opens a window but then says "Process Completed" and won't let you do anything, it's probably a problem with your tcsh (shell) file.

You can use the default shell by picking "Run Command" under the "Shell" menu, and typing
Once that starts, "cd /bin," and "ls tcsh." If the file length is zero, you have a problem.

If you want tcsh back, the only option appears to be reinstalling OS X. For some people (like me), this was trivial, and it simply repaired itself. Others lost all their settings and had to start from scratch.
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How to make AirPort work under OS X System
See this thread on the MacNN forums for all the details...
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