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PR: Mac OS X Server site AFP548 launches OS X Server
The dearth of useful, moderated information about MacOS X Server was frustrating to Joel Rennich and David O'Donnell. As a result, they have created and launched The site is dedicated to disseminating information about all aspects of MacOS X Server, from beginning UNIX tips and tricks to articles on how to maximize the value of your Server machine.

Some articles and other content are online already. Submissions -- in the form of articles, reviews, and questions -- from everyone in the MacOS X Server community (both current and potential users/administrators) are welcome.

[Editor's note: This is the first site I'm aware of that's dedicated to OS X Server, so if you're running Server and looking for information, it's probably worth your time to give a quick visit to AFP548.]
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OS X Server port 16080 problem fix OS X Server
There is a problem with the default settings for the webserver on Mac OS/X 10.x Server where if you change the server to another IP or name, all kinds of redirects point to a :16080 port. This happened to me on a machine with a single IP address. When I gave the server a new address and reconfigured my services, all requests for a /~user site resulted in a :16080/~user being returned to the web-browser.

Of course, a lot of firewalls are not set up to handle those ports, so fixing the server is a better way of solving this problem. Read the rest of the article for instructions on how to do just that...

[Editor's note: I don't run OS X Server, so I can't vouch for either the bug or the fix, but it makes sense on a quick read-through.]
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OS X Server Blue Screen of Death problem OS X Server
It seems that OS X Server 10.0x users may find themselves in Windows land with a blue screen of death and virtually no way back without having to resort to reloading the OS. I'm not sure if this is specifically related to the MP G4's (I'm using a dual 533MHz G4 with 640MB of RAM and 2 internal 40GB ATA drives),but I think it's worth noting anyway.

In searching through Apple's Discussion boards I came across a couple of posts with solutions and thought it would be useful to post that info here as well.


[Editor's note: If you have Mac OS X Server and are experiencing the blue screen, read the rest of this article for a couple of proposed solutions.]
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Making OS X Server accept POSTs from CGIs OS X Server
This tip applies only to Mac OS X Server versions 10.0.3 or 10.0.4. It does not affect the consumer OS X release.

There's a bug in the Server release which prevents the Apache web server from receiving any data sent via a CGI using the HTTP POST method of data submission. Since nearly all web-based forms use a POST submission method, this is a fairly major glitch.

Apple has published a TIL article that details a surprisingly easy workaround - you need to start and stop the Apache webserver from the terminal, not with the GUI tool. Use sudo apachectl start and sudo apachectl stop from the terminal, and disable the automatic launch of the webserver in the Server Admin GUI.

I'm assuming Apple will squash this one in 10.1, but for now, at least they've posted a solution.
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OS X Server - Error with POST and CGIs? OS X Server
An contributor pointed me to a discussion on the Apple Discussion boards concering POST and CGI's on OS X Server. It appears that when the POST method is used on a web page, the contents of the variables that are "posted" are not sent to the CGI. Since the CGI is expecting input and receives none, it will not work correclty.

Check out the discussion if you're having trouble with POST functions and OS X of now, there are no solutions listed, but there is active conversation on the topic.
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