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Access your OS X box from anywhere Network
If you want to access your OS X computer from remote locations, you've probably encountered some of the same frustrations I did in easily connecting from anywhere. I've tracked down Java software that allows (more or less) secure, easy access from any computer with a web browser.

The built-in SSH server, and the VNC server compiled for OS X, are invaluable tools for complete remote control, but have a weakness: both require specialized client software at your remote location, which is difficult to find at a typical internet cafe, corporate, or educational computer.

Fortunately, smart people have written Java SSH, VNC, and FTP clients: so read the rest for my advice on setting up your built-in Apache server for full remote access.
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Integrating OS X with LDAP server Network
Is there any way to have OS X or OS X server import user directory imformation from a windows 2000 LDAP server. If so, how in the world is it done?

It would be wonderful to have mac log in with the same usernames and passwords as the pee cee's. I have seen many people asking about the same issue in the apple support pages but no one answers.

What information do I get from active directory? As far as I know it involves having a format like the one in OS X in the LDAP server. Or the other way around I just don't know what.

I have tried to read everything possible and I have heard that this is supposed to work. But I can't no matter what I try.
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Automatically mount servers at login Network
Question: how can I automatically mount a server at login? I've got two machines both running OS X, and I want one to always access the other as a server when I log in, but can't for the life of me figure out how to do that.
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Monitor connected FTP users Network
Hi there,

I'm using the built-in ftp server. Is there any way to monitor which users are logged in and what there are doing (in realtime)? Looking forward to your response.

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Set up a network printer via LPR/IP Network
I'm an instructor at a small technical college and the only Mac user in my department. Our network is heavy on Windows, as expected, with some UNIX. Our Graphic Design department uses Macs, of course.

Anyway, our printers are HP LaserJets shared over the network. They support all types of connections, including Appletalk and TCP/IP. Under OS X, the HP PPDs are only available using LPR (TCP/IP) printing and I couldn't seem to get that working. I had to use Appletalk instead which only allowed me to print Postscript. (I try to print text, as from BBedit and get an error message.)

Just this afternoon, however, I figured out how to connect to the printers using TCP/IP so I now have full use of the HP PPDs.

From the Print Center, select Add Printer and from the connection type pulldown list choose LPR Printers using IP. Enter the IP address (or IP printer name if it's registered) and uncheck the Use Default Queue on Server box. In the queue name field, enter in the name that you want to use for that printer. (Try not to use spaces. Use underscores instead.) Select the printer type from the pick list and click on Add. The printer will appear in your printer list and be ready to go.

My problem was that I was trying to use the default queue rather than setting up my own queue name. (Ironically, this came to me while teaching a group of students how to set up LPR printing in Windows.)
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Outside access to local Apahce server Network
I am attempting to serve a site off my home machine (a G3 w/cable modem connection). I successfuly (I thought!) installed Apache-PHP-MySQL using the hints on this site. I have been happily coding PHP pages, creating and using MySQL databases, etc., and everything works like a charm when I view locally.

However, no one can seem to access the site from outside. Specifically, I have pointed (via a free domain hosting service) to my IP address; the redirection works, but then the browser hangs at "Connecting to [IP address]..."

This is mysterious to me because:

1) When I view the site "locally", I do NOT use, but rather the IP address assigned by my ISP (this is assigned using "DHCP" but does not change; I've checked numerous times). I thought this meant my request would go out over the internet and "re-enter" my box from the outside, but apparently not...

2) I KNOW I was able to access the site from outside in the past, and don't know what has changed in the meantime!

I've tried serving from /Library/WebServer/Documents as well as Users/pwebster/Sites and neither seems to work. I even messed around with various settings in httpd.conf, including Port, Listen, etc., thinking it was my ISP blocking Port 80, but to no avail. Ditto with pwebster.conf, .htaccess files, etc.

Anyone had this problem and/or have suggestions as to a fix? This is driving me absolutely crazy! Thanks in advance...
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Cisco VPN client for Mac OS X is available! Network
For those of you using a Cisco VPN server, they just released the Mac OS X version of their VPN client software. Ask your VPN support person, whoever that may be, for the specifics.

[Editor's note: I can't find any reference to the OS X Client on the Cisco web site, so it does appear you'll need to talk directly to your Cisco rep. If someone has a URL with more information, please pass it along as a comment to this article...]
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tcpflow packet sniffer Network
If you're interested in seeing what things get sent out by your machine (for example, hidden data sent out as part of a software install or what cookies are getting set while browsing), check out tcpflow. tcpflow is a packet sniffer for unix-based operating systems. It's got more features than tcpdump (which is included with OS X). Marc Liyanage has created a Mac OS X installer package, which is available here:

The home page for tcpflow itself is here:

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ADSL USB Modem connection Network
I' m about to get an Alcatel ADSL modem in two weeks; the connection is PPPoA going through the USB modem. As far as I can find there are no drivers yet for this (a link here which is a BT unoffical FAQ.) So has anyone got a USB ADSL Modem working (PPPoE seems to be built into OSX already?, but of course BT requires me to use PPPoA via USB)

On the alcatel website there are drivers for Win32 Mac (Classic) and Linux. Any idea if the Linux can be compiled or another workaround?
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Using tcpdump over a PPP connection Network
Tcpdump is great and I was looking ahead using it. The bigger was my surprise when I could not, because tcpdump does not recognize my PPP internet connection (or better the ppp0 device) as being configured. Apple's Network Utility has the same sort of problem (it shows only en0, even while being on-line via PPP). Here's an example:
root# ifconfig ppp0

ppp0: flags=8055 mtu 1500
inet --> netmask 0xff000000
root# tcpdump -i ppp0
tcpdump: ppp0: Device not configured
Please help - how can I get packet monitoring on PPP working??
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