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Open Safari bookmark group via keyboard shortcut Internet
One of the most unused features of Safari 3.x is opening, loading, and reloading a group of favorite sites in tabs with a single click of the mouse. Here is my solution, which uses QuicKeys X3 to automate the action with a hot key no matter if Safari is closed, open, or hidden on the desktop.

In Safari, prepare a set of bookmarks to open with a single click:
  1. Create and name a new folder on your Bookmarks Bar, e.g., Fav
  2. Place all your favorite sites in Fav
  3. Control-click on Fav and choose Open in Tabs to open all the tabs at once, just to test and make sure you've got what you want.
  4. Use the Auto-Click column on the Show All Bookmarks page to make the Fav folder open with a single click. (Alternatively, select Add Bookmark For These ## Tabs from the Bookmarks menu when creating the bookmark. This action will automatically duplicate the folder and allow you give it a new name, e.g., FavTab, and then place it on the far left side of the Bookmarks bar.)
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10.5: How to save YouTube videos from cache Internet
This previous hint explained how to download Flash videos in Safari via the Activity Viewer. This still works in Leopard -- most of the time. However, I had trouble with a large video one day, and found it was stored in the Google video cache. The download would stall and timeout (pausing the Safari download and restarting it caused Safari to restart the download from the beginning -- I suspect it was meant to be streamed only.) The download would work fine in the YouTube Flash player, and it would even cache fully within the web page.

YouTube uses Adobe Flash file format *.flv files. Adobe FLV files used by the YouTube flash player are not stored in the Leopard 10.5 Safari cache. Even if they were, they would be stored inside a SQLite database file, which is not very useful. (If you are looking for other Safari Cache tools, there's a variety of tools to read the SQLite DB and retreive images and html from the database -- Google and ye shall find.) After some digging, I found that my video file was stored here:

/var » folders » V4 » V46lRYwnH3uc8gj98CH+t++++TQ » TemporaryItems » FlashTmp0

The middle part is randomly generated, and will certainly vary for everyone. I believe the first entry in /var/folders/ will always be in capital letters. Read on to see how I saved the movie...
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How to view C-SPAN streams with Flip4Mac WMV player Internet
The C-SPAN web site's support for WMV on Mac (via Flip4Mac) is broken. Since many people may not want to install Real Player (the other option on C-SPAN), C-SPAN's broken web site means those Mac users can no longer stream live video from

But the C-SPAN streams themselves actually work just fine with Flip4Mac -- it's the broken web page at C-SPAN that is preventing Mac users from getting the streams. Until/unless the C-SPAN site is fixed, here are the URLs for the current C-SPAN streams (obtained from a Windows PC): All of these streams work with my system (10.5.4, Flip4Mac, Quicktime 7.5.5). You can put them directly into QuickTime by using the File » Open URL menu item, and then saving them as Favorites.

[robg adds: I converted the URLs into hyperlinks; to copy the URL, just Control-click on each entry above and select Copy URL (or whatever your browser calls it) from the contextual menu.]
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See Gmail unread message count in Safari's dock icon Internet
If you are like me, you want to keep an eye on your private e-mails even when you're working. In my company, all ports except the ones for FTP and HTTP are blocked, so there's no chance to run e-mail client software such as Mail. I also don't want to log into my mail account every hour (IT/help desk is watching you...), or install a special widget or menulet -- but now I've found a nice way to stay informed about new messages in my Gmail mailbox.

The following assumes you have Safari running all the time, and that you're using Gmail (or any other mail account with an RSS feed available).
  1. Download the Safari Dock Status SIMBL plug-in. Eventually you have to install SIMBL as well. With the help of SIMBL, you can extend some aspects of Safari (and other applications). Both are free, but install them at your own risk.

    SIMBL comes with an installer, but the Safari Dock Status extension has to be manually placed into /Library » Application Support » SIMBL » Plugins.
  2. Log into your Gmail account and activate the "keep me logged in" option. Of course, it's helpful if you're the only person that has access to your computer, and/or the account is password locked.
  3. Now you're in your inbox. Click the RSS icon in the location bar. The RSS feed of your Mailbox is shown. Click the plus sign icon to add the page to your Bookmarks -- the best place would be the favorites bar.
  4. Remove all other folders and bookmarks with RSS feeds (like the News folder) in the favourites bar placed there by default. If you are like me, you don't need them any way on your work machine; I just use them at home. If you don't remove them, you won't know if there's a new mail message, or just a new news entry.
From now on, you'll have a little number on the Safari dock icon (Safari has to be running, obviously) showing the count of new mails in your Gmail inbox. Click the Bookmark you added before to get more information about the messages.
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Trigger Skype video callback via AppleScript Internet
The following Applescript code makes Skype start a call, waits 60 seconds for reply, and when a reply is received, it will start video sending (there's no need for Skyp's auto-send-video option to be on). You can start this script in many ways:
  1. Use Mail rules configured to start the script if subject or content matches some rules you decide (the parameters here are fake, do not try this on my email). Go to Mail » Preferences, select Rules, create a new rule, choose the conditions you want to trigger the call, and under 'Perform the following action,' select 'Run AppleScript' and find your saved script.
  2. Insert some code in a PHP script -- something like (untested code): <?php $Res=`osascript -e "~/callme.scpt"`; ?>. In this way, a web page/link can start video sending. Instead of PHP, you may call a shell script directly via the web.
  3. Schedule a call with iCal. Create an event, and under Alarm, choose "Run script."
  4. Use as a folder action: when someone opens or modifies a folder, be called.
  5. Be called every time someone switches on your computer (but see below note about Skype running first; you'll need to put a long delay at the start of the script.)
Security/privacy seems OK, as the scripts only call a fixed location. And I think the API does not allow concurrent calls (no DOS attack). Do not use this to spy on other users, as the Skype call window will flicker once when the call is made, even if the process is hidden, so they will know something is happening. Read on for the script.
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Listen to Bloomberg Radio via Windows Media Player Internet
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One possible fix for internet connections that drop out Internet
If you search the Apple Discussion boards you will see a lot of discussions like this one -- they're all about Airport and Ethernet internet connections dropping. I think I have figured out a solution to the problem (I use 10.5.3), as I was having it as well.

With certain routers, OS X will choose to use the address of the router as the DNS server's IP address. Therefore, it will first try and contact the router to get DNS info, and only after a while will it find it's way to the net. I had a new MacBook Pro with this issue, as well as a new iMac. The latter fortunately showed the wrong DNS server IP (grey fonts), but the Macbook didn't.

The solution is to go in the Network System Preferences panel and select 'Manually' instead of 'Using DCHP'. Then fill in the IP address, subnet mask, router address, and DNS server address. Click 'Advanced' and then go to the 'DNS' tab to verify whether the correct DNS IP has been entered, or to enter multiple DNS IP addresses. While in the Advanced section, make sure that under the 'TCP/IP' tab, 'Configure Ipv4' is set to 'Manually,' and 'Configure IPv6' is set to 'off.'

This should do the trick for most people. So remember, if one has a dropping internet connection and no DNS server IP has been entered, the OS may be trying to contact the router rather than the DNS server of the ISP. Therefore, the correct DNS IP addresses need to be filled in.

[robg adds: I haven't experienced this myself, but generally use static IP addressing all the time. If there are other theories on the problem/solution, please post them.]
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Prevent creation of the Mail To Do folder on IMAP servers Internet
For a while I've been annoyed at's creation of the Apple Mail To Do folder on my IMAP server (I use Dreamhost). No matter what I did, it just wouldn't stay gone. There's this hint, and there are some thoughts in the comments, but no real fixes.

I returned to my problem today, and found that by going into Mail » Preferences » Composing, I was able to solve the problem. In the 'Create Notes & To Do's in:' drop-down menu, select On My Mac. Close the preferences, then delete the Apple Mail To Do folder on the server.

That's it! No more 'Apple Mail To Do' folder on the server; just locally.
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One way to monitor a child's use of Gmail Internet
Some email providers allow parental controls, that is, a way to monitor a child's use of email. Gmail, however, does not. Here's one way to monitor the amount of time your child spends on Gmail. First, if you have not already done so, create a Gmail account of your own. In iChat preferences under accounts, create a Gmail jabber account -- Google provides more detailed instructions about this on their site.

Then, make sure that chat is turned on on your child's Gmail account. This is easy to do, as the button is located at the bottom of the Gmail inbox page. Make sure that your child does not disable chat, obviously. Then, make your child a buddy who appears in your buddy list. iChat will now show when they log in and out of Gmail, so long as you keep iChat open.

You can even make a customized sound to alert you when they log in. You can make note of the time when they log in, or start a chat with them, and iChat will automatically note the exact time. This can be used to know exactly how long your child spends on their Gmail account.

[robg adds: While this isn't an ideal solution -- you have to be at your own machine with iChat running, for one -- it does provide at least some level of knowledge about someone else's Gmail usage. There is, of course, a much larger question about how to best monitor and control your children's computer usage in general ... and that's one question I'm not looking forward to facing in a couple of years!]
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Make Gmail automatically delete email after 30 days Internet
This is for people who have a Gmail account, but prefer to get their mail in Mail or Entourage using a POP connection to Gmail. This will keep your Gmail from accumulating online forever. Instead, it will be deleted from Gmail online after 30 days. There are only two steps to this hint:
  1. Use the 'recent' option in your POP email client.
  2. Set up a filter in Gmail that deletes mail that is from your Gmail address.
Step one is tricky and has major consequences. Change your POP client's user id settings from to recent:myaccount@gmail. When you do this, all of the email from the last 30 days will be received by your email client. When I say all, I mean both sent and received mail, but not mail that is in the trash.

The trick is to make sure "leave mail on server" is not activated in your email client's settings. This causes Gmail to throw the last 30 days of email in the trash! Once it is in the trash, it will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Step two is straightforward but the reasoning is a bit hard to follow.
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