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iDisk capacity potentially bumped to 1gb Internet
I just accessed my iDisk, and it has grown substantially in capacity. I bought the regular 100 MB real early (during the keynote when .Mac was presented), and now the iDisk is a full 1 GB (1024 MB). I don't know if this is a mistake on Apple's side or a bonus to early adopters. I haven't found any information on Apple's site, and they haven't sent out any messages about enlarging the iDisk (at least none that has reached me yet).

[Editor's note: Interesting. I also have the 100mb account, which I had upgraded about six months ago. In checking my iDisk capacity this morning, it reports a 1gb capacity in the Finder, but the iDisk panel in the Internet preferences pane still reports the 100mb limit. I don't think I'll start using the extra space until I hear something from Apple one way or the other!]
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Create URL launchers with drag and drop Internet
I had opened a text file in BBEdit Lite, and wanted to keep a clipping of a website address. Highlighting the address and dragging it to the desktop resulted in a 4K file with ".webloc" for its extension, and the icon for a web url file. Double clicking on the file took me directly to the site.

[Editor's note: This seemed to work in most applications I tested; Office v.X, however, creates "picture clipping" files (surprise?). Clipping behavior overall seems much better in 10.2 than it was previously; I had mixed success creating clippings of any kind from many applications in 10.1.]
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10.2 natd improvements remove need for PPP fix Internet
The natd service, used in Internet Connection Sharing, has been greatly improved in 10.2, removing its two major drawbacks (kind of normal, as it is now officially supported):
  • It correctly takes into account the change of the IP address on a PPP link, which makes this 10.1 hint unnecessary.

  • It correctly translates UDP flows, which allows Quicktime streaming over RTSP, network time synchronization, and certainly many other usage, from the client Mac (tested with a 9.2.2 client).
[Editor's note: The other hint will remain online for those still running 10.1...]
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Create SSH connections via Internet Explorer Internet
Maybe this is an old hint ... but its clever nonetheless. If you enter "ssh://..." as an url in Internet Explorer, the Terminal will automatically open and connect to the server via ssh. Enter your password and you're safely talking to your remote server.

Works also with "telnet://....", but forget telnet if you want to be secure.
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Schedule a .mac backup at a precise time Internet
The relatively new .mac Backup program can be scheduled to run during any of the 12 two-hour windows given in the Schedule dialog window. The time that is chosen within the two hour window is random. Any time you choose to reschedule, a new random time will result. This means you have no clue as to when precisely the Backup will run. According to a response I had in an Apple .mac forum, this is designed specifically this way to spread the workload on the Apple iDisk server machine(s).

You can take control however and specify *precisely* when the Backup will execute. To do this, one has to edit the crontab entry that Backup creates. The crontab entry can be edited via use of the UNIX command crontab -e'. For example, to schedule the Backup to run precisely at 4am then the crontab entry would look like the following:
0 4 * * * "/Applications/"
-backupNow >/tmp/backuplog.0005949 2>&1
NOTE: Shown on two lines for a narrower dispay width; enter as one line.

The "/tmp/backuplog.0005949" can be anything you choose. This is the command for performing a Backup-to-iDisk. I leave it to others to discover how this same operation can be done for a Backup-to-CD (CD-R or CD-RW) or Backup-to-DVD (DVD-R).
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Some tips to help with Internet sharing Internet
I've been struggling with Jaguar and the new sharing setups every since I installed it. At first nothing worked. Here is a list a things to check that eventually made it work as expected on my machine:
  1. Remove previous firewall freeware; Jaguar needs a "clean" firewall setup if you intend to use its auto-config module.
  2. Remove NAT that you might have installed manually.
  3. You'll need to "start" internet sharing manually after each reboot (I haven't found how to automate this yet - has anyone?)
  4. Remove rule 2010 from ipfw manually, this actually prevented other computers on my network from accessing the outside world:

    02010 2 745 deny ip from to any in

    Just do (as root or with sudo) ipfw delete 2010.
And now, everything is "almost" back to normal. All we'd need would be a nicer way to advance-tweak Jaguar's firewall. Hope this'll help some people out there.
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Protect your privacy with Privoxy Internet
Privoxy 3.0 has just been released. From the package description page:
"Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Privoxy has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks."
I have been using prerelease (beta) versions of Privoxy for a couple of months with great results. Privoxy works out of the box as advertised and the system overhead is unnoticeable. The default settings will be good enough for most users, but Privoxy allows also a great degree of customization through a friendly Web interface. The default configuration file is updated regularly to include new servers of junk.

An installer for OS X is available from the downloads area of the Privoxy page on
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Run a script to automate PPP connections Internet
This will be of interest to those of you whose ISPs require a command line login. The login could be automated via a script in OS 7/8/9, but not in OS X prior to 10.2. Until 10.2, you had to manually enter username, password, and possibly more in a Terminal window. A number of people in several OS X forums have noticed that in the 10.2 Network preferences pane under PPP Options there is a new "Terminal Script" pop-down. Normally it is dimmed out and unusable. Trouble is, there is nothing in Mac Help or on the Apple Web site explaining how to use it. Thanks to a lead posted by Kai Kniepkamp in Apple's OS X forum, here's how:

Create a new folder in /Library/Terminal Scripts. I set the ownership and permissions on mine to match the rest of the folders in /Library: Owner "system" with Read & Write permissions, group "admin" with read & write permissions, and read only permission for Other. This may not be necessary, but I'll leave it to others to test that.

If you already have a PPP connection script (perhaps provided by your ISP or created by the OS 8/9 Remote Access control panel), copy it to the new /Library/Terminal Scripts folder.

Now open the Networks preferences pane, click the PPP tab, then click the PPP Options button. Pop down the Terminal Script menu to select your script. DO NOT enable the "Connect using terminal window" option. You don't need it with a terminal script.

If you don't already have a script, the simplest way to create one pretty much guaranteed to work with your ISP is to use the OS 9 Remote Access control panel's ability to create on for you on the fly. If you don't know how to do that, read article number 24078 in the Apple Support knowledge base.

Panther proven!
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Avoid Finder FTP services in 10.2 Internet
This is an odd hint for macosxhints; I'm recommending that you do not use a feature of the system!

The 10.2 release of OS X features a potentially amazing time-saving feature: the ability to mount FTP servers in the Finder. You simply enter ftp://name.of.server in the Go -> Connect to Server dialog, and you should see the server on the desktop.

I have attempted to connect to a number of FTP servers from three different Macs, and have achieved only one consistent result: a hard lock-up of the machine. I was able to make a connection on one trial, but every other time I tested this, I wound up with some form of a locked system requiring a hard reboot.

I'm not sure if others have had better experiences than I, but based on my tests of Finder-level FTP, I can't recommend it as a usable tool at this point. For now, stick to your FTP programs to connect to the FTP servers!

Update: I was able to connect once when I included the trailing slash in the URL. I thought I was on to something, but a second attempt on the same machine resulted in the spining Aqua blob of death...]
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A fix for Speedtouch USB modems on 10.2 Internet
The driver of the Speedtouch USB ADSL modem was listed as an incompatible product. I have managed to fix it. English readers will find more information on this forum.

It turned out to be a new behaviour of the instalaltion service, which seems more regarding about version number format and matching, so I believe other drivers may suffer from the same problem. If the
kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/yourDriver.kext 
command in a Terminal reports an error about MODULE_VERSION, you might be able to fix it with the same solution.

[Editor's note: The forum link above is to the entire forum; I did a search there on Jaguar and found this page which contains the actual Jaguar fix instructions.]
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