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Installing just the printer drivers Install
When I installed OSX for the first time, I deselected the "Additional Printer Drivers" option to save drive space. However, when I purchased an Epson 777i last night, I didn't have the OSX drivers I needed, and you can't download them from Epson.

If you try to run the OSX installer from the CD-ROM, it prompts you to startup from the CD. If you start up from the CD and run the installer, it wants to reinstall ("update") the entire system. The solution is to double-click on the installer Package on the CD-ROM, located at:

Mac OS X Install CD/System/Installation/Packages/AdditionalPrinterDrivers.pkg

This launches an installer which just installs the additional printer drivers.

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System installation tips Install
I recently went through hell to get OS X installed on my Dual G4 450. Having read most of the public message boards (macfixit, macnn, apple, macaddict etc) looking for answers, I thought I would impart some of my hard won knowledge to the greater readership of macosxhints.

If you are getting kernel panics or installer error messages that say "could not write file to disk/archive" during your install, you may have problems with RAM or 3rd party devices.

For more great installation tips from Yuri, read the rest of the article!
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Uninstalling a file that modified the apps folder Install
[Editor's note: See the comments for a discussion on how to resolve this issue]

I installed an application that came as a .pkg file. By installing the application it altered something in the application folder where the new application was placed. It locked the folder. And now i'm unable to edit in it. I'm not even able to create new folders in it.
Now i'd like to get trash the installed application but it's locked as everything in that folder. I can open everything in the folder but that's about. For some reason the administrator only gets the "read only" privileges. The application was jCalendar by the way.

I hope someone can help me out.
Thanx Med
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Remove foreign language files to save disk space Install
[Editor's note: I have replaced the original method listed here with a much safer version. The "find" command line hack removes some Epson and Apple files that also end in ".lproj".]

If you plan on using your machine for only English (or only one of the other languages), you can safely remove the foreign language files (*.lproj) from your drive, freeing up over 200mb of space. "Since EBCDIC" posted a script in this MacFixit forum thread that does the trick.

Read the rest of the article for the how-to!
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OS X files installed into OS 9.1 directory? Install
[Editor's note: See the comment for the answer to identifying the installed files]

I took the lazy route: used a clean partition for the OS X install but used my 'everyday' System 9.1 on the other of the two partitions for the Classic environment. Now I'm rethinking this strategy, or lack thereof, and I'd like to put a minimal OS 9.1 on the same partition as OS X for the purposes of running in Classic mode. No problem there, but I'd also like to clean out my 'everyday' 9.1 of OS X files and extensions: Is there a list of these files and their locations somewhere?
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Installing OS X final over the Public Beta Install
[Editor's note: See the comments for evidence as to why a clean install is probably the best way to install the Final...]

Is it safe to install OSX on top of OSX public beta without losing stuff ? Looks like I'll be upgrading on Monday, as Apple UK failed to deliver on the release date.

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Installing v10.0 on a Beige G3 Install
If you're having problems installing OS X v10.0 on a Beige G3, you're not alone. It appears they may be susceptible to issues surrounding 3rd party hardware and/or previous OS X installs. This thread on the MacNN forums has a good discussion on how to get it installed and running, and discusses some of the issues people are facing.

As is usually the case with situations like this, some are reporting no problems at all; others are having a very difficult time getting OS X installed.
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Help for new OS X users Install
Over on the MacNN boards they started one forum topic specific to new OS X users. You can read about things like partitioning, what is Aqua, where things are, what is the terminal, and more. However, the MacNN boards are currently being updated with new bulletin board software, and the thread is not available. But they were nice enough to move the thread to this page so that you can read it until the boards return. They have some good info, so check it out if you're new to the world of OS X!
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Old Macs w/G3 cards: Beware of overclocking Install
Don't overclock your CPU with Mac OS X!

I had a terrible time installing OS X on my 7500 with a G3 upgrade card. I had strange random crashes during the installation, strange random error messages during the installation. If the installation did happen to complete, OS X would crash randomly or just stop booting.

The problem was that I had overclocked my XLR8 G3 upgrade card. The XLR8 upgrade card has switches that can change the CPU clock speed by very small increments. This allows you to set the fastest possible CPU speed, but if you set it too high the machine will crash or become unstable. I had overclocked the G3 rated at 300 up to 333 Mhz. It worked great with Mac OS 9.04, but that high speed did not work with Mac OS X. Amazingly, I had to lower the G3 speed down to 266 for it to work reliably with OS X.

The explanation is that OS X uses CPU instructions that are never used by Mac OS 8 or 9, such as for protected memory. The PC version of the Linux installation guide gives the same warning for the same reason.

This may have nothing to do with the article in the System section about enabling the backside cache in older Macs upgraded with a G3. All these problems occurred before I enabled the backside cache.
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Problems after install Install
Has anybody had the problem of Setup Assistant hanging after you enter all your email / network info and it gets to the "Configuring System..." step?

The system doesn't actually lockup, you can still quit the program. But OS X doesn't allow you to bypass the Assistant because I would assume use must setup the administrator account the first time.

I have installed several times. I've allowed it process overnight, but the Assistant never moves its progress bar past 10%.

My system is a beige G3/300 with the SCSI card that required the patch (done). It has 256M memory and I've installed OSX to a 4gig drive.

Any thoughts?
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