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OS X installations and Hard Disk Speed Tools Install
I have two IDE drives on my PowerMac G4 that I have formatted with Intech-USA's Hard Disk Speed Tools 3.4. On a couple of occasions, I have run into serious problems when I have had to reinstall Mac OS 10.1, due to the fact that the OS X installer apparently installs Apple's drivers without allowing the user to choose whether or not to update the drivers (you could do this in previous OS releases).

As a result, when I reboot the computer in OS 9, I am greeted with the alarming news that all of the partitions contained on the drive on which my OS X partition resides cannot be recognized, and I am offered the usual choice between re-initializing and ignoring the message. Obviously, I choose to ignore the message in order to rescue my data.

Read the rest of the article for details on how to safely make the drives usable again...
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Installing software within an enclosing folder Install
Many OS X applications are distributed via disk images containing the application, readme files and documentation at the top level of the disk. This can be inconvenient because it requires you to create a new enclosing folder on your hard drive before copying the files.

In OS 9, dragging the disk image to a folder would create a new subfolder with the same name and contents as the disk image, but this no longer works in OS X. However, you can control-click on the disk image to use the new copy and paste files feature of OS X to accomplish the same result.

[Editor's note: Actually, it's even easier than that. Simply option-drag the disk image to the location where you'd like it installed, and it will create a new folder with the same name as the disk image.]
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Invisible swap partition and OS 9 updates Install
I've created a separate swap partition for OS X and made it invisible (with File Buddy). This worked OK until I wanted to update OS 9.1 to OS 9.2.1. The installer crashed after the first window.

Making the swap partition visible again did the trick for the installer.
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Save a copy of system upgrade packages Install
Software Update has a 'Save As...' command that will let you save packages to a location on your hard drive- quick and easy if your install fails for some reason, or if you want to be able to install across networked machines without spending the time downloading it from Apple's website [if the file has even been posted] or the software update system. The function will be greyed out until the installation is completed, and you must choose to save the upgrade before you quit Software Update.

[Editor's note: This hint has been adjusted to reflect the much easier way of saving upgrades as discussed in the comments below. The original long technical way of accomplishing the same thing is listed in the remainder of the article.]
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New QuickTime codecs available Install
This may be old news, but I haven't seen it anywhere else yet ... Vasantha C. sends along word that the On2 and ZyGoVideo QuickTime codecs are now available.

To get them, open the QuickTime pane in System Preferences, select the 'Update' tab and then select Install new 3rd-party QuickTime software. Then click 'Update Now...' and wait for it to tell you your software needs updating. Then click 'Custom' and select the new components you want to install.

Oddly enough, QuickTime told me that my software was current, but I went ahead and hit the Custom button anyway. I was somewhat surprised when not only the two codecs were listed, but a QuickTime Update as well. I installed all three without any problems.
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Fix 'Error -108' after installing HP drivers Install
After installing version 1.2 of HP's DeskJet drivers for Mac OS X, I noticed that I was not able to select my DesktJet 842c printer from the Print Center application; I would receive an "unknown error" -108 after attemping to do so. I discovered that the problem was with the file permissions on files within the Print package; the HP DeskJet installer had stupidly changed them without telling me.

If you're affected by this glitch, read the rest of the article for the solution...
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Installation tip for FireWire drives Install
If the Installer won't show your external FireWire drive, try reformatting it with the Disk Tools program on the Installer disk first. You may need to do this even if you were able to boot OS 9 from the drive.

Whether it's a good idea to install to FireWire is another question ...
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From OSX to geek toy: The Sequel Install
I have updated my OS X Install and Customize Tips to include compatibilities with 10.1. Some hacks will not work on the new version, and in several cases, one needs to reapply tips. The modification for multiple icon sizes fails on 10.1 and I am yet looking to re-hack it. Meanwhile, the added notes on 10.1 should be read if you plan to upgrade.

[Editor's note: This is a very nicely done page with detailed explanations of many useful OS X hacks and tips that should be considered during installation and setup. Well worth a visit...]
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Save drive space during Dev Tools install Install
If (like me), you're installing the Developer Tools just to get the compiler and you have no intention of developing Mac software, you can save a large amount of drive space during the installation. Once the installer has launched and you've hit "Continue" a couple of times, you'll see a button for a Custom installation. Click that and then deselect the Developer Documentation. The documentation requires about 270mb of drive space. You can also uncheck the "WebObjects" item (the last one in the list) unless you're developing older WebObjects applications. You could also choose to uncheck the Developer Examples, which consist of source code snippets for use in developing.

I turned off all three during the install, and haven't noticed any issues in using the new 10.1 compiler as of yet. If you do have issues, you can simply re-run the installer and re-enable those pieces you'd like to add back in.
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Things to watch for when upgrading to 10.1 Install
When you upgrade from 10.0.4 to 10.1 using the CD, there are a few things that may occur:

1) Your Internet Explorer and Late Breaking News icons will turn into question marks (meaning they are now referencing obsolete pointers). You can just drag these off to the desktop to erase them, and drag the new Internet Explorer 5.1 icon from Applications onto the dock. <confirmed by Apple Support>

2) The Preferences for Address Book becomes grayed-out and inaccessible. Moving/deleting the old plist and restarting the application to create a new one doesn't solve this problem. <confirmed by Apple Support>

3) I have been unable to compile anything since the upgrade (compiling main(){return(0);} errors with "/usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/libSystem.dylib load command 6 unknown cmd field") <under investigation by Apple Support>

Note: at this moment the new Developer Tools CD will only be available to people who pay their $20 or buy a 10.1 package after Saturday {i.e., not for free giveaway in stores} and is currently unavailable for download -- I only had the old Developer Tools installed before the upgrade.
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