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Straighten a bent Epson CD/DVD printer feeder tray Printers
Since you're taking hints about printers now, I thought this would be a good time to convey my CD/DVD tray tip for Epson printers. The trays usually have a clear plastic lip glued to the front-end, and it inevitably gets dinged. Much of the time when people complain that their tray isn't feeding, it's just a problem with this little piece of plastic getting bent and jamming the printer.

It's easy to fix. Just heat it a little and flatten it out against a flat surface like a desk. Ever since I did this, my tray feeds right through. And my friends have tried it with similar results. For my own tray, I used a lighter to soften the plastic and then used a metal ruler to carefully flatten it out against my desk.

There are probably other ways to do this if you don't like working with an open flame. Using a hair dryer on high is probably much safer -- and if you aren't handy with a lighter, the hair dryer is undoubtedly a much better choice, as the lighter can easily melt the lip or damage the tray, itself.

If you are uneasy about using fire or a heat to do this job or if you aren't prepared to buy a replacement tray if you screw up then don't do it -- safety first!
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CD/DVD printing on Epson Printers Printers
The Epson printers that have CD/DVD printing capabilities have four arrows (triangles) that must be lined up -- two on the tray and two on the carrier. The arrows on the tray are difficult to see. Painting the arrows on the tray with white fingernail polish makes the arrows very visible. You should mask the arrows first, so as not to get the fingernail polish on other parts of the tray.

[robg adds: OK, it's clearly not an OS X hint. But it's related to using hardware with the system, so I thought I'd run it as test. Now that we have the ability to rate the hints, it'll be easy to tell if this is the kind of thing people like or not. I haven't seen these printers, but one concern might be a transfer of some of the polish onto your blank CDs; perhaps that's not an issue, though, based on the tray's design.]
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