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Possibly fix an intermittent left mouse button problem Other Hardware
Periodically, and for no apparent reason, the left mouse button would quit working on my USB Mighty Mouse. Unplug and plug, still inoperative. So I tried another non-Apple mouse, still inoperative. When this happens, the right mouse button works and could activate menus, but I couldn't click on things (I used a right-click and the arrow keys as a workaround to activate menu items). If I restarted the machine, the left mouse button would work for a while. Eventually, though, the problem began to occur immediately on boot. AppleCare suggested things like resetting the PMU, PRAM, etc., but to no avail. Their next solution, on this relatively new and unadulterated Mac, was to reinstall the system software -- not something I was anxious to do, nor did it make sense on this new Mac!

After some digging, I found the solution. It turns out that the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard were enabled, and a nearby Bluetooth mouse had a near-dead battery - I didn't even know there was a Bluetooth mouse nearby. So I disabled Bluetooth while the problem was happening (i.e. not after a restart), and the problem disappeared -- my left mouse button works again. I've had this same problem when I bring my computer to work -- perhaps someone else's Bluetooth device (maybe even a phone?) has been interfering.

In short ... check if Bluetooth is active and look for any nearby devices if you're having odd troubles with a wired mouse.
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Play iPhoto slideshow from slim aluminum keyboard Other Hardware
When in iPhoto, you can quickly play a slideshow (presumably with the most recent settings) by hitting the Play key in the top row of the new, thin aluminum Apple keyboard.
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Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse Drivers for Mac Other Hardware
If anyone is looking for separate Mac Drivers for the Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro and Intellimouse, try this link. On that screen set (1) to Desktop Set, (2) to Microsoft Wireless laser Desktop for Mac, (3) to Mac OS 10.2.x-10.5.x, and (4) to your preferred language. (This URL should take you to the US download page for both keyboard and mouse drivers.)

I discovered the URL link for the separate keyboard and mouse software by accident when looking at the Microsoft 6000 Laser Mouse. My previous attempts at trying to find Microsoft input software only managed to find software for the combined keyboard/mouse, but this download page let me only install software for the mouse without the keyboard.
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10.5: Avoid possible Time Capsule interference Other Hardware
If you're having intermittent connectivity issues (causing Time Machine backups to fail, internet connectivity problems, and network storage access to fail) with your Time Capsule unit, radio interference may be the cause (802.11b/g compatibility is the default setting).

To solve this, click the Manual Setup button (for your Time Capsule) in AirPort Utility, and then change the Radio Mode (on the AirPort tab) to 802.11n only. While I was talking to tech support about my problems, they also suggested that I purchase a cordless phone that won't interfere with the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Finally, as I do still have 2.4GHz Macs in the house, I activated the wireless mode (2.4GHz) on my router, and then changed the Connection Sharing pop-up (on the Internet tab in AirPort Utility) to 'Off (Bridge Mode),' on the advice of tech support.
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Make an external numeric keypad work in OS X Other Hardware
If you have an external numeric keypad, and it's detected in OS X but doesn't work correctly -- beep sound when used with iCal; closes the tag window in iTunes instead of typing year or track number; etc. -- here's a potential solution.

Press and hold Num Lock key on your numeric keypad first, then connect it. You can then release the key. Press it again if the Num Lock status LED on your numeric keypad isn't on. It should work perfectly at this point.

If this doesn't work, another tip I read on some forum somewhere is to try to press the Num Lock key on your already-connected numeric keypad for more than four seconds.
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Add AirPort Extreme suport via a wireless USB adapter Other Hardware
I have tried and failed to purchase a PCI Express wireless card that has 802.11n capabilities for my Dual Core G5. So instead, I purchased a D-Link USB DWA-140 wireless dongle, knowing that all their chipsets so far have worked with the AirPort Extreme. Just plug it in and download the driver from the chipset manufacturer Ralink. (I used RT28xx: -- 5MB download.)

Once installed, you will need to restart. Configure the new network location (in the Network System Preferences panel), and then find the app called USBWirelessUtility that has been installed. It's as easy as that!
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Stream internet radio directly on Apple TV Take 2 Other Hardware
A friend wanted to be able to play internet radio on his Apple TV. So I tried the first idea I had and amazingly it works. I've tried this on my Apple TV 2.0.; I'm not sure if it works with the first-gen Apple TV's, however. S here's how to get your favorite internet radio stations to stream through your Apple TV:
  1. In iTunes, go to your favorite radio station under Radio, drag it to a new playlist. (I then added a regular song just in case, but it'll probably work without doing this.) If you're getting your internet radio from the web, use the Advanced menu to Open Stream, then copy that to your playlist.
  2. Add as many radio stations you want to the playlist.
  3. Make sure this new playlist syncs with your Apple TV.
  4. On your Apple TV, navigate to the new "radio" playlist you made.
  5. Select the stream you want to play and you're ready to go. I turned off my Mac for a sec just to make sure it wasn't getting the music from there -- it's been switching to different songs as I write this, so I'm pretty sure it works.
[robg adds: We covered radio station playlists in this hint, but never the use of streaming radio stations directly on an Apple TV.]
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Recover from a purple screen in Apple TV Take 2 Other Hardware
If your TV screen goes purplish after installing the Apple TV Take 2 software update, there's no real problem; it's simply an incorrect setting. Your Apple TV is sending YPrBr, but your TV is expecting RGB.

To fix it, go into Settings and choose Video, go down to the HDMI and click, and it will change.
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Possibly repair a non-functional built-in iSight Other Hardware
I suffered an inexplicable loss of (built-in) iSight funtionality after installing Boot Camp, Parallels, and applying a system update. I don't know exactly what caused the problem, but I tried all the possible fixes I could find (zap PRAM, reset PMU/SMU, reinstall Tiger/Leopard, etc.), but none worked for me.

When I first received my iMac (17", 1,8Ghz, 2Gb RAM), the iSight would show up as iSight in System Profiler. Then, when I noticed it wasn´t working anymore, it was listed as a Vendor Specific product. I found a post where someone reflashed their iSight firmware in Linux with the Apple-supplied firmware (in the Core Services folder), and this fixed his problem for good. Unfortunately, I wasn´t able to contact him or replicate his procedure. I was getting pretty desperate at this point (it had been about three weeks since I discovered the problem) until I found this comment, which led me to this page, where I found the solution.

On the site is a small iSight patch that you drop in the top-level Library » StartupItems folder. This solved my iSight problem. I admit that I don´t really use my iSight very much, but I just can´t stand the feeling of having something not working "just because."

I would really like to find out how many people have returned their Macs to a service center to have their iSights replaced, when in fact it seems to be a software fault of some kind. I know it will not be the same for everyone, but this has worked for me, and I am very grateful to Matt for his research and easy StartupItems fix.

[robg adds: If you choose to try this fix, be aware that you're installing a kernel extension that could do nearly anything. Searching the net, however, feedback has been positive from those who have installed the extension, so it seems like a good fix to a problem I've heard about from more than one person. I have not, however, tested this one myself.]
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A shell control script for PowerMate Other Hardware
I got a PowerMate for my birthday this year, and immediately tried it out with AppleScript. I wrote a small shell control script for the device that seems to work with any version of the software (I happen to be using 1.5.1, which is the out-of-the-box version). Here's the code: To use, put the script in your $PATH, chmod it to 755, and invoke with the command line.

Note that this script is more of a resource hog than other applications that change the Powermate settings dynamically (MenuMeters, Cee Pee You), probably because of the AppleScript/shell scripting used. But this script could be useful to many of those who want an easy way to interface with the device with any number of programs.

[robg adds: Not having a PowerMate, I don't have any way to test this one (nor am I sure what it does!).]
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