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iPad Charging Other Hardware
Just in case people are not aware, although an iPad connected to a computer displays 'Not Charging' (this is the case on my MacBook Pro, with or without power cord and on my MacPro) the iPad is actually charging albeit slowly, works great overnight.

[crarko adds: My understanding is that there is enough power provided by the USB port to charge the iPad when it goes into sleep mode. That's obviously not the case while it's syncing with iTunes so it shows the 'Not Charging' message. Macworld ran an article covering the topic of iPad charging that gives a great detailed explanation of what is going on.]
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Swap Opt and Command Keys on a Logitech K800 Other Hardware
This hint details how you can swap the Command and Option keys on the Logitech K800 lighted wireless keyboard. This hint is necessary because the K800 does not respect the Modifier Keys settings under System Preferences » Keyboard.

To accomplish this you will need an older utility, a previous staple before its functionality was incorporated into the Keyboard pref pane, called Double Command.

First, download and install Double Command. Then, go into the Double Command pref pane and specify 'Command Key acts as Option Key' and 'Option Key acts as Command Key.'

Now, and this is the backwards-seeming part (Necessary if you have a portable. Otherwise, you can skip.) Go to System Preferences » Keyboard, and select 'Modifier Keys...' In this dialog box, use the pulldown to select your built-in keyboard on your laptop, and configure the Option Key to act as Command, and the Command Key to act as Option. The reason for this last step is to restore the normal behavior of your laptopís built-in modifier keys.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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A fix for a USB scanner not found issue Other Hardware
For a while I have been trying without success to scan directly from my iMac. Surfing the web suggests I am not the only Snow Leopard user who has experienced the problem of getting a Mac to recognise an all-in-one USB printer/scanner.

The troubleshooting tips from the Apple knowledgebase article USB and FireWire Quick Assist did not provide the solution. However, one of them made me think there might be another type of device causing a conflict. I got my iMac, running Snow Leopard 10.6.5, to recognise my USB connected HP Photosmart C7280 by removing two unconnected cell/mobile phones from my computer's list of paired Bluetooth devices.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. The relationship between USB and Bluetooth is something to be on the lookout for when troubleshooting peripheral problems in general.]
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iPad: Indirectly save a file from iWork to Dropbox Other Hardware
In iWork for the iPad, there are options to transfer documents by email, sharing on, copy to iDisk, copy to WebDAV, or send via iTunes to a USB connected computer.

An option which is not available, but often very useful, is to get the document into Dropbox for sharing. There is not an easy way to do this if you don't have a computer handy to connect with.

There is a somewhat complicated way, documented in the Dropbox help forums, made by user Krissi B.
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Catch the iPad start screen after app purchase Other Hardware
Something I dislike about purchasing an app on the iPad is that there is no queue system in the App Store, so if you want to purchase a few different apps, you type in your password on the first app to download it, and the App Store closes and the the Home screen slides away taking you far from the App Store icon to rest at the page where your new app will live. One solution is multitasking on iOS 4, or even folders (if all your icons are in folders and you only have one or two pages then its not difficult to swipe back to the App Store) but you can't do this on the iPad (yet).

Something I've discovered is that after the App Store closes, right as the screen is about to swoosh you away to Page 11, if you quickly put your finger down and 'hold on' to the Home page, you won't move away and when you let go, you'll stay put and you can immediately click on the App Store again while the program downloads and installs. It is slightly faster than waiting to go to the end page and then clicking the Home button to go back.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. This problem should become moot in a month or so when iOS 4.2 comes out for iPad.]
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Set the language of apps in a jailbroken iOS device Other Hardware
This hint works for apps that have different languages available and choose one depending on the OS's default language settings. For example you want to have iOS localized to German but have Plants vs. Zombies in English.

Go into the filesystem (via SSH or PhoneDisk) to the application's folder (e.g. /Users/Applications/ALOTOFNUMBERSANDCHARACTERS/NameOfTheApplication).

If there are folders like en.lproj or de.lproj (these are the localization resources) you can easily swap their names. So, if you want the English app on a German device, rename the en.lproj into en.lproj.bak and the de.lproj into en.lproj.

Next time you start the app it should be English, or whichever language you selected.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. It's a reasonable thing to want to do, and I checked to see if the iPhone Configuration Utility allowed for this; it doesn't. The apps themselves can allow for overriding the default language as a preference, but I don't know of very many that do. This may be the only way to accomplish this at the moment for the others.]
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How to bulk select photos on an iPad Other Hardware
Recently I needed to delete 2,000 photos from my iPad manually. Manually clicking on each photo to select it for deleting would take forever. So I figured out this combination of gestures to do it faster.
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Use additional buttons of Logitech gaming mice Other Hardware
Logitech sells several button-laden gaming mice, but does not provide any software support for them on the Mac. Worse, applications like USB Overdrive and SteerMouse are unable to detect many of the buttons on said mice, severely limiting their utility. For instance, on the Wireless Gaming Mouse G700, four of the buttons are tied up with on-the-fly DPI switching, profile switching, and battery status and cannot be changed on the Mac side.

The solution is to hook up the mouse to a Windows system (or use Boot Camp) and install the Logitech Setpoint software for Windows. After the software is installed, simply open the gaming mouse application and set the preset for each of the buttons to the 'generic button' setting. Save your settings and unplug the mouse. Now, when you hook it up to your Mac, all buttons should now be visible to Steermouse and USB Overdrive, as well as the Expose and Spaces Preference panes, allowing you to assign them in any way you please.

This same technique may be effective with non-gaming mice as well, but I have not tried it (Logitech has different configuration applications for gaming and non-gaming mice).

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Keyboard mapping for Kensington presenter Other Hardware
I do presentations, and I purchased a Kensington Presenter to assist with them. This worked great with Keynote, but I also wanted to use it for iPhoto, without success. The device sends only a page-up & page-down and iPhoto wants left & right arrows.

I found a utility called KeyReMap4MacBook. It took a few messages back and forth with the author and now it works this way: the page-up is seen as a left arrow and a page-down is seen as a right arrow and only in iPhoto. The response of the author was quick and good. The changes were included in this build, and I'm not sure if they have been merged into the general release. I think that the Apple remote may function the same way, but haven't tried it.

Another feature of KeyReMap4MacBook is that it can display key codes for a key press. There are versions for 10.6 and 10.5/10.4.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. There is a warning from the software developer to uninstall other key mapping programs before installing this one.]
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Use Apple's Magic Mouse in Tiger 10.4 Other Hardware
This hint links to a third party driver for the Apple Magic Mouse. It's still in beta but works great. It works for all operating systems from 10.4 on. Their Preference pane/driver offers greater functionality for the Magic Mouse than the native Apple driver.

With this driver your Magic Mouse has four buttons instead of two, each button can be assigned a different task for single finger clicks and for double finger clicks. There is a three finger click option but it is restricted to only the front of the mouse or the back as three fingers are too wide to fit in only one button space. Each of these click combos can also be assigned a separate function for soft taps instead of clicks. You can even remap the virtual edges of the buttons if, for example, you need a wider space to click because your right finger tends to wander and could use the additional room.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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