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Use Gmail to send iPhone email on EDGE and wi-fi iOS devices
If you are like me and noticed that not all your emails were being sent when you were on a wi-fi network because of SMTP server settings for local networks, or you noticed that emails set to send via AT&T's SMTP server would only send when connected to the EDGE network (or you're paranoid about sending email via AT&T servers), you can use Gmail as your master SMTP server that will work over both Edge and wi-fi.

I noticed this issue when setting up my work email with the iPhone. My work email only uses the local SMTP of our ISP. My immediate solution was to use AT&T's SMTP server But I noticed that this would only send if I was solely on the EDGE network. So if I were at home and I was connected to my wi-fi, I would have to turn off my wi-fi on the iPhone and get on the EDGE network to respond to a work email. I found this annoying.

My solution was to use Gmail's SMTP server with an account that I have there, and then use Gmail to spoof my return address so that the emails would appear to come from my work address.
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Send iPhone email in languages other than English iOS devices
In the first version of the iPhone, keyboard input is limited to ASCII English. For a workaround to allow additional languages and characters in simple emails, point the iPhone browser at this site. The javascript virtual keyboards available there cover French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Greek, Brazilian, and Swedish.

Just enter your text via the onscreen keyboard, then click the E-mail button.
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Use iSync to sync some data with iPhone iOS devices
You can use iSync instead of iTunes to sync up your iPhone. There's no need to add the iPhone as a device within iSync. It already seems to be there, it's just hidden. Obviously, iTunes controls what is synced, but iSync seems to find changes make to your address book and calendar just fine.

I haven't tested it with transferring of music or video, and I would be surprised if those items synced. To do quick syncs of other data, though, I added iSync to the menu bar and disabled auto-syncing of the iPhone when it is plugged in and launches iTunes. Now there's no delay in waiting for iTunes to launch in order to perform a simple sync of my calendar or address book.
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Use Proximity to detect an iPhone's presence iOS devices
Every iPhone review I've read (and I've read a lot) has stated in no uncertain terms that Bluetooth only works with Apple's hands free headset. But after reading this tutorial, I decided to see what I could find. It turns out that Proximity can find, and lose, my iPhone.

I've only tried triggering a few simple AppleScripts, but it has potential. I've noticed that the iPhone never stops searching for devices (well, the spinner in Bluetooth settings never stops), and this may seriously reduce battery life, but I've gotten inconsistent results at best. Running scripts is nowhere near as useful as a true wireless sync, but it's a step in the right direction.

[robg adds: The linked blog entry contains some pretty useful scripts to run with Proximity.]
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Some web apps seem to work in airplane mode iOS devices
I noticed that if i've loaded up Diamenty (a Bejeweled clone; i have mixed feelings about that) and switch into airplane mode, the game still seems to run just fine. I haven't tested this extensively, but I spent five minutes with it in airplane mode, and it seemed to work just fine.

So if you're about to embark on a flight, you might load up a few iPhone games on Safari pages, switch to airplane mode, and see if they continue to work.
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Scan calendar events via tap and drag iOS devices
Want to quickly scan your appointments for a month in the iPhone's calendar? Touch and hold your finger on a day (in month view), then just drag your finger around the screen. As you move from day to day, the bottom section of the screen will update with that day's events. This is a great way to quickly scan your upcoming activities with just one tap.
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Scroll iPhone web pages up and down via double-tap iOS devices
I looked through the manual, but didn't see this documented. We all know that you can scroll a web page on the iPhone by dragging, and you can zoom in/out by double-tapping. What I discovered is that if you first double-tap on a column (like those found on many news pages or standard web pages), the screen will zoom in to fit the whole column (that part, most people probably already know). From that point, though, you can double-tap in the lower ¼ of the screen to scroll down a nice amount for reading. Double-tapping in the upper ¼ of the screen will scroll up.

I find that when reading some pages, it's easier to scroll in this manner, because if I try to drag-scroll, I inevitably end up dragging the column left or right, and messing up my margins. This does take a little bit of experimentation to get right, but it's definitely faster once you've gotten the hang of it.
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Relocated apps may cause iPhone sync problems iOS devices
I noticed that iTunes kept locking up when I was syncing my iPhone -- to the point where I had to physically reset the iPhone (I have my iPhone set to sync everything). After some digging, I remembered that I had placed Address Book, iCal, Safari, and Mail in a subdirectory of the Applications folder. What happened is that during the sync process, iTunes was looking for the Address Book, but it couldn't find it where it expected it to be, which seems to then cause the iPhone to crash.

Once I put all the applications back in their original install locations (the top level in the Applications folder), the sync process worked without hanging.
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Work around an iPhone to iCal new event sync issue iOS devices
As I wrote on my weblog, there's a bug when you create new events on your iPhone and synchronize them back to your Mac. They'll end up in the wrong calendar if you sync "All calendars." I work around the bug by synching "Selected calendars," but selecting all of them.
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A workaround to sync video podcasts on iPhone 1.0 iOS devices
If your daily downloads of podcasts fits on your iPhone, you don't need this tip. For a 1.0 release, the iPhone has a lot of features and may very well be "the best iPod ever," but it's still missing some functionality that existing iPods have.

One major oversight is the lack of video playlists. On an iPod with video, you can create a playlist to hold recent podcasts, and it will contain both audio and video podcasts you have downloaded. They will all sync to the iPod just fine, and if you go in to Music » Playlists to access those playlists, the iPod will play the audio of all files inside. Allowing "video" files to show up in the audio-only playlist may be a bug, but this "feature" allows you to listen to audio of videos you have without needing to power up the screen (for when you might want to just listen to a vidcast or TV show audio). The bonus is that you can also go in to Videos » Playlist, and then the list will play audio files, but switch on the video when it his a video file.

That might be a useful tip on its own, but on the iPhone, this does not work. On the iPhone, you get a Playlists section, but it contains only audio files. Thus, if you have a playlist called Recent Podcasts that contains both audio and video files on iTunes, it syncs fine and works on an iPod with video, but it will only sync the audio files on an iPhone. (This may be a bug fix or feature removal, depending on how you see it.)

Even if the playlist contained tons of vidcasts, they won't sync to the iPhone automatically. You have to specifically enable those podcasts using the rules of the Podcast tab of iTunes when connected to the iPhone, which is rather limited. (ie, "all unplayed," "recent of specific podcasts," and so on). So if you have the Leo Laporte podcast (which can generate six or more podcasts in a day), using "3 most recent" will miss some of those, and give you extras of monthly/weekly podcasts (which your iPhone may not have room for).
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